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Novel 20 - Adam & The Legend Of Monsopiad

Meow! This is Nemo, the dreamy and magical cat.

I’ve just taken Adam Mat Saman, Akademi Fantasia 2’s handsome Kadazan-Dusun hip hop singer and actor, into my world of fantasy.

In the world of fantasy, Adam and some Sabahan reality show stars appeared in a special play about the great Kadazan-Dusun chief or Hoguan Siou, Monsopiad, who is one of his forefathers.

They starred in the play jointly organised by the state governments of Sabah and Selangor. The play was staged in the Shah Alam Museum’s Auditorium in the Selangor state capital, Shah Alam.

Adam starred as Monsopiad, the tragic hero, with lovely Nora Daud and Noni Zainuddin as his first and second spouses respectively.

Nora’s cousin Fiq Halim starred as her elder brother and Monsopiad’s deputy chief, while Rydiana Rahim starred as Monsopiad’s mother.

Popular Sabahan hip hop star Atama or Ambrose Mudi starred as his father, while TV host Daphne Iking starred as his father’s sister.

Nikki Palikat and Candy Clement played his aunts, both Bobohizans or Kadazan-Dusun healers.

Farish Aziz, Rydee’s cousin, played the sultan of Brunei, while their cousin Azharina Azhar played the sultan’s first wife. Ekin Rahman played the sultan’s second wife.

Ebi Yaimal played the sultan’s younger brother and prime minister.

Felix Agus played the chief of the northern Kadazan-Dusuns while Linda Nanuwil and Marsha Londoh played his daughters.

Lotter Edin played the chief of the southern Kadazan-Dusuns with Velvet Aduk and Rich Gimbang as his younger siblings.

Yazer Yusof played the Murut chief with Mas Ghani as his elder sister.

Azam Yakob played the sultan of Sulu, the chief of the Bajaus, with Balkish Khan, Pija Yasin and Yanie Julkarim as his wives. Farha Jasmen played his brother-in-law and prime minister.

Here is how the story goes.

More than 300 years ago, Monsopiad was born in Penampang. His village was called Kuai.

On the day of his birth, the sacred Bugang bird made its nest atop the house of his father, Dunggou.

Dunggou and his wife Kizabon saw the nest as good omen. They believed once their son grew up, he would become a mighty warrior who would unite the Kadazan-Dusun people of Sabah.

Each time Kizabon bathed Monsopiad, she would bathe the baby Bugang birds with him, and return them to their nest after the bath.

She did so until the birds became adults and were ready to fly.

Kizabon and Dunggou believed that their son would become invincible if the birds bathed with him.

Sometimes, Kizabon’s elder sisters, both priestesses, would tell her things she did not like to hear.

They told her that Monsopiad was capable of extreme goodness, but a day will come when he turns to the Dark Side.

Monsopiad’s hometown Penampang was always harassed by rival Kadazan-Dusun clans from the north and south.

The soldiers of these clans robbed his village and killed many of the men who fought in self-defence.

Monsopiad was trained by his mother’s father, the chief of Penampang, as a soldier.

He quickly proved to be a skilful fighter, and was appointed the military commander of the Penampang Kadazan-Dusuns.

One day, when Monsopiad was tilling rice in his family’s rice field, two women from a neighbouring village visited him, and teased him for working too hard.

They said it was pointless to work hard, as most of the harvest would be stolen by the clans from the north.

Monsopiad scolded them, and said: “If that’s the case, life is not worth living. I might as well cut your heads off now!”

The older of the two women complained to her elder brother that Monsopiad threatened her.

The elder brother said: “I believe he is a man of honour. He wants us to think positively and not give up like cowards.”

Monsopiad turned up at their house and apologised for his harsh words. Both women soon sought his forgiveness.

Penampang had to pay protection money to both the Kadazan-Dusun chief of the north and his southern counterpart.

It was never free from harassment from the war-mongering chiefs.

But Monsopiad soon changed the fate of the Penampang Kadazan-Dusuns.

He slaughtered many of the most brutal warriors from the north and south, and took their heads.

Within 10 years, Penampang had become the dominant Kadazan-Dusun clan in Sabah.

One day, as the chief of the north was having dinner with his family, his two eldest daughters told him that they had a dream about Monsopiad’s caring ways.

They said that Monsopiad came to them in their dream, and forgave their clan for harassing his clan.

The chief of the south was told a similar story by his siblings.

Monsopiad soon paid a visit to the chiefs of the north and south of Sabah. He forgave them both.

The sultans of Brunei and Sulu, who were the first and second overlords of Sabah, respectively, recognised Monsopiad as the paramount chief or Hoguan Siou of the Kadazan-Dusuns.

They promised Monsopiad that he could slaughter any of their wayward soldiers or merchants who robbed and plundered the villages of the Kadazan-Dusun people.

The chief of the Muruts also recognised Monsopiad as the leader of the Kadazan-Dusuns.

One day, Monsopiad went to a hill somewhere in the interior of Penampang.

There, he found a brightly coloured fruit and ate it. A squirrel took a bite of the fruit.

Monsopiad showed the fruit to his faith healer aunts. They were shocked that he ate it.

“The fruit is poison. It will destroy you, but not before we are destroyed,” said the elder of his two aunts.

Monsopiad soon became a very cruel king. He extracted excessive tax from all the Kadazan-Dusun clans in Sabah, and killed men who dared to speak up against him.

He also chopped their heads off and kept their skulls in his house.

One day, Monsopiad visited his ailing mother. She told him that she did not recognise him any more.

“You are just not the Monsopiad I used to know. Why are you harming your own family? Please stop this killing. Or we will all be cursed,” she said.

Kizabon was later visited by the two Bobohizans. They told her: “He will be done with very soon. It is the beginning of the end for him.”

Monsopiad soon had a bad dream. He dreamt that all the brave men in Sabah waged war against him.

And he could not lift a sword. All the swords he attempted to lift became very heavy.

When he woke up, his dream came true. He lost his superhuman strength, as a result of his obsession with power and fame.

Monsopiad’s two wives, the women who teased him years ago, entered his room. They felt his temperature, and found that he was not well.

The younger of the two offered him a herbal drink, but he said “no”.

Just then, his brother-in-law entered the house. He threatened Monsopiad with a sword.

“Traitor! It is time for you to die,” said the brother-in-law.

Monsopiad’s elder wife kicked her brother’s crotch. The chief and his two spouses fled their house and headed for the hill in the interior of Penampang.

On the hill, Monsopiad saw a dead squirrel. It was the same squirrel he met earlier, and it had just bitten a piece of the fruit he took home earlier.

Monsopiad plucked a fruit from the tree and decided to eat it.

Both his wives wanted to take a bite, but he scolded them.

They soon realised that he wanted to die, and hugged him tightly. They screamed and cried, begging him not to commit suicide.

The sultan of Brunei’s younger wife could not sleep. She told him that something terrible was happening to chief Monsopiad.

The sultan of Sulu’s wives also felt uneasy and dreamt that Monsopiad was dying.

The sultans, their wives and their prime ministers visited Monsopiad’s village.

The chiefs of the north and south, now Monsopiad’s vassals, and their families, also went there.

They were also joined by the Murut chief and his sister.

Monsopiad’s brother-in-law greeted them and told them that Monsopiad had left for the hill in the interior of Penampang.

The sultans and their entourages visited Monsopiad’s mother and aunts. Eventually, everyone decided to head for the hill, to rescue Monsopiad.

When they arrived, Monsopiad was resting in the arms of his wives. They were crying, and caressing him.

The sultans’ wives also cried, and embraced him, kissing his face and hands as his life ebbed away. Likewise the two children of the northern chief, and the Murut chief’s sister.

Kizabon embraced her son. She said: “Monsopiad, I forgive you. Please come home to your people.”

Monsopiad said: “Mother, I was wrong. I have hurt all of you so bad. My time has come and I have to go.”

Monsopiad’s aunts approached him, and told him that he would always be a hero to the Kadazan-Dusun people.

So, Monsopiad died that day. He was given a heroes’ burial atop the hill where he died.

The natives of Sabah forgave Monsopiad, and renamed the village of Kuai in his honour.

Monsopiad’s descendants are aplenty and are prominent in public life today.

One of them is Aima Bajerai, who founded the Monsopiad Cultural Village five years ago at the site which was his house.

Her paternal cousin is Fauziah Latiff, the Paula Abdul of Malaysia.

The Cultural Village is a living museum of Kadazan-Dusun culture.

Novel 20 - Adam & Legenda Monsopiad

Meow! Ini Nemo, si kucing magik yang suka bermimpi.

Saya baru bawa Adam Mat Saman, jejaka tampan berbangsa Kadazan-Dusun dari Akademi Fantasia 2 yang pandai nyanyi hip hop dan pandai lakon, ke dalam dunia fantasi.

Di dunia fantasi, Adam dan beberapa rakan senegerinya dari dunia rancangan nyanyian realiti berlakon dalam pertunjukan pentas mengenai hidup Monsopiad, seorang pahlawan dan pemimpin atau Hoguan Siou kepada kaum Kadazan-Dusun.

Monsopiad juga merupakan nenek-moyang Adam.

Bebudak realiti Sabah ini berlakon dalam pementasan yang dianjurkan oleh kerajaan negeri Sabah dan Selangor. Ia berlangsung di Auditorium Perpustakaan Shah Alam di Shah Alam, Selangor.

Adam membawakan watak Monsopiad, hero yang tragis, manakala jelitawan Nora Daud dan Noni Zainuddin menjadi dua orang bininya.

Sepupu Nora, Fiq Halim menjadi abangnya yang juga timbalan Monsopiad, manakala Rydiana Rahim menjadi ibu Monsopiad.

Bintang hip hop Sabah yang popular, Atama atau Ambrose Mudi menjadi ayah Monsopiad, manakala hos TV Daphne Iking menjadi kakak ayahnya.

Nikki Palikat dan Candy Clement menjadi makciknya, iaitu Bobohizan atau dukun kepada masyarakat Kadazan-Dusun.

Farish Aziz, saudara bau bacang Rydee, menjadi sultan Brunei, manakala seorang lagi saudara Rydee dan Farish iaitu penyanyi Azharina Azhar menjadi isteri pertama sultan. Ekin Rahman menjadi isteri kedua sultan.

Ebi Yaimal menjadi adik sultan dan juga bendahara Brunei.

Felix Agus menjadi ketua Kadazan-Dusun utara manakala Linda Nanuwil dan Marsha Londoh menjadi anaknya.

Lotter Edin menjadi ketua Kadazan-Dusun selatan manakala Velvet Aduk dan Rich Gimbang menjadi adiknya.

Yazer Yusof menjadi ketua Murut dengan Mas Ghani sebagai kakaknya.

Azam Yakob menjadi sultan Sulu, iaitu ketua kaum Bajau, dengan Balkish Khan, Pija Yasin dan Yanie Julkarim sebagai isterinya. Farha Jasmen menjadi adik ipar dan bendaharanya.

Jalan ceritanya seperti ini.

Lebih 300 tahun dahulu, Monsopiad dilahirkan di Penampang. Kampungnya bernama Kuai.

Pada hari kelahirannya, burung Bugang yang suci mendirikan sarang di atas bumbung rumah ayahnya, Dunggou.

Dunggou dan isterinya Kizabon percaya sarang burung itu petanda yang baik. Mereka percaya anak mereka akan menjadi pahlawan agung yang menyatupadukan orang Kadazan-Dusun yang berpecah-belah.

Setiap kali Kizabon memandikan Monsopiad, dia akan memandikan anak burung itu sekali dan meletakkan mereka kembali ke dalam sarang.

Kizabon memandikan burung itu sehingga mereka dewasa.

Kizabon dan Dunggou percaya anak mereka akan menjadi gagah perkasa dan kebal dengan tenaga burung itu.

Kadang-kadang, dua orang kakak Kizabon yang menjadi Bobohizan akan memberitahunya berita buruk yang tidak disukainya.

Mereka berkata Monsopiad mampu menjadi orang yang berguna, tetapi lambat-laun, dia akan menjadi jahat dan zalim.

Kampung Monsopiad iaitu Penampang selalu diserang oleh famili Kadazan-Dusun yang bermusuhan dari utara dan selatan Sabah.

Pahlawan dari famili musuh ini selalu merompak harta penduduk Penampang dan membunuh askar yang mempertahankan kampung itu.

Monsopiad dilatih menjadi askar oleh datuknya sebelah ibu yang merupakan ketua kaum Kadazan-Dusun Penampang.

Dia belajar dengan cepat dan muncul sebagai askar yang handal serta panglima perang Penampang.

Pada suatu hari, ketika Monsopiad mengerjakan sawah keluarganya, dua orang wanita dari kampung terdekat mengejeknya kerana bekerja keras.

Mereka berkata kerja keras tidak mendatangkan hasil sebab musuh dari utara akan merampasnya.

Monsopiad memarahi mereka dan berkata: “Jika saudari bercakap benar, maka saya pancung kepala saudari sekarang!”

Wanita yang lebih sulung itu mengadu kepada abangnya dan berkata Monsopiad mengugut untuk membunuhnya.

Abang wanita itu berkata: “Abang percaya Monsopiad seorang yang mulia. Dia mahu kita berfikiran positif dan jangan jadi pengecut.”

Monsopiad muncul di rumah mereka dan memohon maaf atas kata-kata kasarnya. Kedua orang wanita itu turut meminta maaf.

Penampang selalu kena membayar ufti kepada pemimpin Kadazan-Dusun di utara dan selatan Sabah.

Pemimpin itu selalu menyerang dan merampas harta penduduk Penampang.

Tetapi Monsopiad telah membuatkan orang Kadazan-Dusun Penampang menjadi kuat dan handal.

Dia membunuh ramai penyangak dan penyamun dari utara dan selatan Sabah, dan memotong kepala mereka.

Dalam masa 10 tahun, Penampang menjadi famili Kadazan-Dusun yang terkuat di Sabah.

Pada suatu hari, semasa ketua Kadazan-Dusun utara sedang makan malam bersama keluarganya, dua anak perempuan sulungnya berkata mereka bermimpi bahawa Monsopiad seorang penyayang dan mengampunkan mereka.

Adik ketua Kadazan-Dusun selatan turut menceritakan mimpi yang sama kepada abang mereka.

Monsopiad melawat ketua Kadazan-Dusun utara dan selatan dan mengampunkan mereka serta pengikut dan famili mereka.

Sultan Brunei dan Sulu, iaitu pelindung kepada kaum Kadazan-Dusun, mengiktiraf Monsopiad sebagai ketua agung atau Hoguan Siou kaum Kadazan-Dusun.

Mereka meminta Monsopiad membunuh semua penyamun Bajau dan Brunei (Kedayan) yang mencuri harta dan membunuh orang Kadazan-Dusun yang tidak berdosa.

Ketua kaum Murut turut mengiktiraf Monsopiad sebagai ketua kaum Kadazan-Dusun.

Pada suatu hari, Monsopiad mendaki sebuah bukit di pedalaman Penampang.

Di sana, dia menemui sejenis buah yang cantik warnanya dan memakannya. Seekor tupai turut memakan buah itu.

Monsopiad menunjukkan buah itu kepada dua orang makciknya yang menjadi dukun. Mereka berasa terperanjat.

“Buah itu ada racun. Ia akan memusnahkan kamu, tapi kita akan hancur sebelum kau hancur,” kata makciknya yang lebih tua.

Monsopiad menjadi seorang raja yang zalim. Dia mengenakan cukai yang tinggi ke atas orang-orangnya dan membunuh semua orang lelaki yang melawan cakapnya serta memotong kepala mereka.

Dia menyimpan tengkorak mereka di rumahnya.

Pada suatu hari, Monsopiad melawat ibunya yang sakit. Ibunya berkata dia telah berubah menjadi orang yang jahat.

“Anakku, kau bukan Monsopiad yang aku kenali. Mengapa kau membunuh keluargamu? Tolong berhenti. Kita semua akan hancur,” katanya.

Kizabon kemudian didatangi oleh dua orang kakaknya yang berkata: “Dia akan mati tak lama lagi. Kehancurannya sudah tiba.”

Monsopiad mengalami mimpi seram. Dia bermimpi bahawa semua pahlawan di Sabah menyerang kampungnya.

Dia tidak dapat mengangkat senjata sebab dia amat lemah. Semua senjata menjadi amat berat tatkala disentuh tangannya.

Apabila terjaga dari tidur, Monsopiad mendapati dia benar-benar menjadi lemah dan tidak dapat mengangkat senjata. Kuasa saktinya hilang sebab dia menyalah gunakan kuasanya untuk tujuan yang jahat.

Dua orang isteri Monsopiad, iaitu perempuan yang mengejeknya dahulu, masuk ke dalam biliknya. Mereka mengusap kepalanya dan mendapati suhu badannya naik.

Isteri muda itu memberikannya minuman herba, tetapi dia enggan minum.

Abang iparnya (abang kepada bini tua) muncul. Dia menghunuskan pedang dan mengacukannya ke badan Monsopiad.

“Pembelot! Kau harus mati sekarang,” kata abang iparnya.

Bini pertama Monsopiad menendang anu abangnya. Raja Penampang dan dua orang bininya melarikan diri ke bukit di pedalaman Penampang.

Di atas bukit, Monsopiad mendapati tupai yang dikenalinya itu telah mati selepas memakan buah yang turut disukainya.

Monsopiad memetik buah itu dari pokok dan memakannya.

Kedua orang isterinya mahu memakan buah itu tetapi dia memarahi mereka.

Mereka sedar bahawa suami mereka mahu mati, dan memeluknya sambil menjerit dan menangis. Mereka meminta Monsopiad jangan membunuh diri.

Bini muda sultan Brunei tidak dapat tidur. Dia memberitahu suaminya bahawa sesuatu yang buruk telah berlaku kepada penghulu Monsopiad.

Bini sultan Sulu pun tidak dapat tidur dan ingat Monsopiad akan mati.

Kedua orang sultan, isteri mereka dan bendahara mereka melawat kampung Monsopiad.

Ketua Kadazan-Dusun utara dan selatan, yang menjadi pengikut Monsopiad, datang dengan keluarga mereka ke kampung Monsopiad.

Ketua Murut dan kakaknya pun melawat kampung Monsopiad.

Abang ipar Monsopiad membawa mereka ke rumah ibu Monsopiad, dan berkata Monsopiad dan isterinya telah pergi ke sebuah bukit di pedalaman.

Kedua orang sultan dan rombongan mereka menjenguk ibu Monsopiad dan dua orang makciknya. Semua orang di Penampang menuju ke bukit untuk selamatkan Monsopiad.

Apabila mereka sampai di atas bukit, Monsopiad sedang berbaring dalam pangkuan bininya. Kedua orang bininya memeluk, mengusap dan mencium suami mereka yang sedang nazak, sambil menangis.

Bini sultan Brunei dan Sulu dan anak ketua Kadazan-Dusun utara, serta kakak ketua Murut turut memeluk Monsopiad dan mencium muka dan tangannya.

Kizabon memeluk anaknya dan berkata: “Monsopiad, mak maafkan mu. Tolong balik rumah.”

Monsopiad berkata: “Mak, aku bersalah. Aku melukakan hati kamu semua. Masa ku telah tiba.”

Dua orang makcik Monsopiad mendekatinya dan berkata dia akan sentiasa menjadi wira agung bangsa Kadazan-Dusun.

Monsopiad akhirnya meninggal dunia di atas bukit itu dan diberikan pengkebumian seorang wira di tempat kematiannya.

Penduduk bumiputera Sabah mengampunkan kesalahan Monsopiad, dan menamakan Kuai sempena raja mereka.

Cucu-cicit Monsopiad amat ramai hari ini dan mereka juga menjadi warga Sabah yang berjaya dan terkenal.

Seorang daripada mereka ialah Aima Bajerai, pengasas Kampung Budaya Monsopiad. Kampung budaya itu dibuka 5 tahun lalu di tempat kelahiran Monsopiad.

Aima ialah sepupu sebelah bapa kepada Fauziah Latiff, Paula Abdul Malaysia.

Kampung budaya itu ialah muzium budaya kaum Kadazan-Dusun.


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