Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What The Seniors Say

In English Only.

What the seniors from reality television say.

* Zulkarnain (Nine) Jaafar, lead singer of Coco and finalist of One In A Million 3:
Hazama has been in the lead since he joined and I'm certain he will win.

* Salma Asis, winner of Mentor 5:
Lena is hardworking and consistent. She takes the competition seriously and is very entertaining.

* Khai Wahi of Akademi Fantasia 1:
It’s 50:50 for Hazama and Fina. Advantage, Hazama.

* Rosma Sidik of Akademi Fantasia 1:
It’s either Hazama or Fina, but Hazama has the edge, because of his experience.

* Zarina Zainoordin of Akademi Fantasia 2:
Hazama has a strong fan base and is a seasoned entertainer. Only Fina can beat him.

* Kefli Idir of Akademi Fantasia 3:
I think Hazama will win hands down due to his consistent performances.

* Ekin Rahman of Akademi Fantasia 3:
Lena has been very consistent and entertaining. She has my vote.

* Nora Daud of Akademi Fantasia 4:
I’d love to see Lena win, but she’s got competitors in Hazama and Fina.

* Diddy Muhid of Akademi Fantasia 4:
Hazama looks like the crowd favourite, but Azri can spring surprises.

* Shawal Ruslan of Akademi Fantasia 5:
It’s going to be a close fight between Fina and Hazama, but I believe she will win.

* Gadaffi (Dafi) Ismail Sabri of Akademi Fantasia 5:
Fina is a super singer who has what it takes to win. She raised the standards of the competition.

* Ika Rahim of Akademi Fantasia 6:
I’m all for Fina. She has an awesome vocal range and is natural on stage.

* Nadia Hasnan of Akademi Fantasia 6:
Fina is our next big star and I’m sure she will win.

* Saida Tarudin of Akademi Fantasia 6:
Hazama has all the advantages on his side.

* Toi Baharom of Akademi Fantasia 6:
Hazama is a clear winner.

* Nas Adila Mohd Dan of Akademi Fantasia 7:
I’m sad that Erul is out. Fina is the finalist to beat.

* Zizi Tahil of Akademi Fantasia 7:
Lena has a strong fan base and that’s her biggest advantage. She takes the contest seriously.

* Ain Basir of Akademi Fantasia 8:
Lena is a versatile singer with a great voice. She has the making of a champion.

* Shahril Saleh of Akademi Fantasia 8:
Azri is the dark horse in the competition. He may be the surprise winner.

* Maulana Mohamad of Akademi Fantasia 8:
I’m an Erul and Fina fan, and I’m sure she will win.

* Adira Suhaimi of Akademi Fantasia 8:
Lena rocks. Her powerful voice and strong fan base will help her win.

* Ema Suhaimi of Akademi Fantasia 8:
I’m a Lena fan. She is a gem waiting to be discovered.