Monday, May 28, 2012

Akim In Sudirman Tribute Film

English only.

Akim Ahmad is starring with his good friend Shakila Nisha Jangir Khan or Kilafairy in Hoore Hoore a romantic comedy musical based on the songs of the late Malaysian King of Pop Datuk Sudirman Arshad.

Kila is the daughter of veteran singer Rohana Jalil who is also from Johor Baru.

Shafiq Ramadzan is now with Zizi Tahil in popular producer, composer and lyricist Cat Farish Ramli's pop group The Fabulous Cats.

Felix Agus and Ebi Yaimal are starring in the tragic romantic film Gerimis Mengundang (Rain Is Coming) based on a song of the same name by rock singer Zamani of Slam.

The film's lead actor is Afif Tirmidzi's cousin Kamal Adli and the lead actress is Indonesia's Olivia Lubis Jensen.

Dafi Ismail Sabri is now appearing in television series in Indonesia, like his good friend Ashraf Sinclair who is based in Jakarta.

Kaer Azami's fashion brand Kazami is doing well in Indonesia.