Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Last Novel - Saving A Dangerous Man

In English only.

Meow! This is Nemo's last novel and it is all about my good friend Dennis Chua who helped me with my posts.

One day, popular actors Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Rusdi Ramli and Zizan Nin are in a living room within Nemo's mysterious world beyond mysterious doors in their homes.

Nemo is with them.

So are their HPs.

They are talking about the movies, local and foreign, screened this year.

Stephen says: "Zizan and Rusdi, I salute you guys. You played to great statesmen brilliantly in Tanda Putera."

"Thanks," reply Zizan and Rusdi.

"And our good friend Esma Daniel did a biopic on Zaiton Sameon."

Stephen says: "Nadia Aqilah, who acted with me in Puteri Gunung Ledang was fantastic."

Stephen calls an old friend Daniel Craig: "Congrats DC. Skyfall is awesome. Regards to Adele. She's a brilliant singer."

Daniel Craig replies: "Cheers guys. Sir Sean and the other ex-007s wish u guys the same. He loves Malaysia and enjoyed himself in Entrapment."

Stephen gets a call from Jeremy Renner.

"Hey Steve! Be prepared for more of Bourne. Matt Damon, Edward Norton and I will be back. And catch me in Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters with Gemma of Clash Of The Titans."

"Cool. I hope to see the next Avengers. The first was awesome," says Stephen.

Greyson Chance and Justin Bieber appear.

Stephen, Rusdi and Zizan say: "U 2 are the hottest guys to visit Malaysia. All the hotties luv U."

Bieber says: "Greyson's the next Daniel Craig in music. He's an alpha male."

Greyson says: "And Bieber's the new George Michael. He's an alpha Malaysian apple."

Bieber and Greyson then say that Vince and Burn are hotties' favourites par excellence.

"The hotties heal them," says Bieber.

"Yup, including our new AI stars Jessica Sanchez, Erika Van Pelt, Elise Testone, Shannon Magrane, Skylar Lane and Holly Cavanagh," says Greyson.

"And those lovely entertainers from West and East who visited Malaysia, including Part Of Me," says Bieber.

Greyson says that Bieber was not well earlier this year but thank goodness, CRJ, SG, TS, VH and one Avenger healed him.

Nemo says: "Have you guys watched The Guardians? You are them."

"Soon," the humans reply.

"Definitely better than Wrath Of The Titans, Bait, The Cold Light Of Day, Resident Evil: Retribution, Battleship, Ice Age 4, What To Expect When You Are Expecting, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 3, Man On A Ledge, Universal Soldier, Stolen, Ghost Rider 2, Paranormal Activity 5, Taken 2 and The Expendables 2."

They all agree that Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh was great as Suu Kyi in The Lady.

In comes Seth McFarlane and his alter-ego Ted.

"Greetings. My dear friend here promises to be a nice little teddy bear today," says Seth.

Ted says: "Greetings. Today we just gotta sit here and talk about showbiz as much as we can. Local and foreign showbiz.

"We have a friend out there who is very sick. We have to keep him alive by chatting about showbiz.

"His illness is making our usual guys in the Fellowship sick, if Nemo has not told you.

"And don't worry about Mark Wahlberg. He'll be coming later with the Fellowship."

Aaron Kwok and the two Andy Laus (Lau Tak Wah and Lau Cheng Wan) show up.

Aaron says: "Guys, did you check out Cold War?"

Stephen says: "Yes, it's a great movie. Congrats to you and the rest of them. Zainal Alam Kadir always says Delicious Aaron and Delicious Andy."

Aaron says: "He cooks up the delicious Master Chef series Malaysia."

Ted says: "You guys are horror fans? This year we got quite a few scary ones, e g Sinister, House At The End Of The Street and the milked-to-the-max Paranormal Activity 5."

Rusdi says: "Not really, but it's good to see horror once in a while.

"And funny horror with good lessons, such as Transylvania Hotel, Dark Shadows, Cabin In The Woods, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Watch, Frankenweenie and Paranorman.

"Not to mention our Hantu Dalam Botol Kicap, Bisikan Syaitan, Hantu Gangster, Hantu Air, Kami Histeria, Hantu Kapcai, Seram Sejuk, Halim Munan, Momok 3 and Jangan Pandang-Pandang."

Zizan says: "As my namesake Zizan Razak who will be here soon says, gangster and ghost are the flavour of the moment in Malaysian cinema.

"We had Kepong Gangster, Berani Punya Budak, Taikun, Balistik and Budak Pailang.

"And from overseas, Little Wolf Nicholas Tse in The Viral Factor and The Bullet Vanishes, and Mel Gibson in How I Spent My Summer Vacation."

Rusdi says: "Nicholas is Zed Zaidi's good friend."

Enter Aaron Aziz and Adi Putra of Singapore.

Aaron and Adi say with a smile: "We know."

Aaron Kwok says: "Wow! Adi, you did the Malaysian version of The Vow."

Adi says: "Yes, it's Aku Terima Nikahnya."

Aaron Aziz says: "I became Malaysia's Jack Sparrow and Maximus in the romantic comedy Ngorat."

The Singaporeans say that there have been a few good remakes of old movies, notably Azura, Dredd, Spider-Man, Three Stooges, Snow White, Mirror Mirror, Dark Knight, Total Recall and Superman."

Rusdi says: "Too bad the new Azura did not do good. I liked it."

Zizan says: "Box office is not good this year. Many films are ready for TV that's why."

The Andy Laus say: "Not too good in HK either."

Aaron Kwok says: "Congrats Malaysians on Dain Said's new movie Bunohan. Best film in the TV3 Awards and it's the second Malaysian film to enter the Oscars."

Zizan says: "Great acting by Faizal Hussein, Pekin Ibrahim and Zahiril Adzim who will be here soon."

Rusdi says: "Syamsul Yusof's kid brother Syafiq directed his first film SAM. Lovely."

Zizan says: "And top actor Shaheizy Sam continues to sizzle in Adnan Sempit 2, SAM, 8 Jam, Aku Ada Kau Ada.

"Likewise Remy Ishak in Aku, Kau Dan Dia, Hantu Kapcai, Jiwa Taiko and 29 Februari.

"And Gavin Yap in Seefood and War Of The Worlds: Goliath which won big overseas."

Stephen says: "Not forgetting Sepah in Sepah The Movie, Zizan Razak in Untuk Tiga Hari, Hantu Kapcai, Jangan Pandang-Pandang, Mael Lambong, Cinta Kura-Kura and Baik Giler.

"And Nabil Ahmad in Cinta Beruang.

"And our new kid in town Rykarl Iskandar in Ajiboy and Balistik.

"And Kamal Adli in Gerimis Mengundang The Musical, Gerimis Mengundang The Movie, Salam Cinta and PE3, with newly-wed Farid Kamil who also did great in Hantu Gangster with his wife Diana Danielle."

Aaron Aziz says: "Tomok is doing great. He had his first leading roles in Mantera and Istanbul Aku Datang, with Lisa Surihani and Aizat Amdan, who is also marking his film debut.

"It is Lisa's year. She's great in Tun Siti Hasmah The Musical, her first musical.

"Congrats to her and Yusry Halim, the newly-weds."

Adi Putra says: "Another member of Nemo's fellowship who is in his acting debut is Aweera. Playing a bad boy in Left Wings with Ebi Yaimal as the hero.

"Akim Ahmad starred in Hoore Hoore with his good friend Kilafairy. It's a Datuk Sudirman Arshad tribute movie.

"Akim and Tomok also had cameos with Sofazr in Jiwa Kacau."

Aaron Aziz says: "Marsha Londoh, Ebi Yaimal, Felix Agus and Yazer Yusof are great Sabahan actors, in cameo roles.

"Marsha was with me in Ngorat. Her dear friend Jaclyn Victor is not only a great singer but also a great actress."

Adi Putra says: "Hazama Azmi also made his acting debut in Apa Celop with the brilliant Taiyuddin Bakar, Shafie Naswip's brother in Mukhsin.

"And Red Films which did Istanbul Aku Datang also did Astro's very own version of Mind Your Language, Oh My English starring Zain Saidin, Adibah Noor and Harun Salim Bachik.

"Red is also the force behind this year's National Day's short films on Astro titled My Hometown.

"Brilliant Sharifah Amani is one of the directors. Likewise Nadira Illana of Kota Kinabalu."

Tomok calls Stephen.

He says: "Hey guys, did you see our good friend Beto Kusyairy in Chow Kit The Movie?

"He was with me in Istanbul Aku Datang and he stopped the traffic in that city."

Stephen says: "How can we forget him? He's one of our most versatile stars, and a very nice man too.

"Another great guy who is doing well is Pierre Andre, the cat lover behind X.

"He will be back in Strawberi Cinta with the equally brilliant Yana Shamsudin.

"She is the top actress from Sarawak, just as Tony Eusoff who plays Shah in Goliath is the top actor from there."

"One of Pierre's and his younger brother Mikhail's good friends and co-stars Nuremy Ramli acted in Hanya Aku Cinta Kau Seorang, a romantic comedy with a semi-tragic twist."

Tomok says: "Aiman Gilfie or Alex Yanz who loves playing gangsters played a good guy for once in Aji Noh Motor. Good for him."

Aaron Kwok says: "Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the new Robin has been big this year. He did great in Looper with Bruce Willis and Premium Rush with the new General Zod, Michael Shannon.

"I also love Wreck It Ralph, The Life Of Pi, The Lorax, Hunger Games and John Carter, books made into movies for the first time."

Andy Lau Cheng Wan says: "Brave is great. As for the third outing of Madagascar, I say make it the last."

Seth says: "The guys you talked about will be making their way here soon. Joseph just SMS-ed me."

Ted says: "Guys, while I'm the king of the box office in Malaysia this year, guess which play's the king of the stage this year."

Aaron Aziz and Adi Putra say: "Nadirah of course. Our dear friend Alfian Saat's. He's coming too."

Ted says: "Some of the hotties who came to KL this year included CP and J Lo. Vincent and Rueben know them well.

"This man we are helping interviewed CP and Kyle of The Click Five, both of whom will be coming soon."

Kelly Clarkson sends Ted a message. It's also signed by her good friends Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games and new British artiste Ellie Goulding.

And the winning team of Pitch Perfect.

"Guys, don't worry. Our friends Vince, Burn, Khai, Adam Mat Saman, Kaer, Amirul, Saiful Bakeri, Dafi, Nubhan, Akim, Iwan, Alif Kadim and Erul will be all right.

"All of us will be here soon, including AI's newest grads DeAndre, Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Han Heejun, Colton, Jeremy, Holly, Skylar, Jessica, Shannon, Elise and Erika.

"And the 'dangerous man' will be all right, too."

Tomok says: "Shila Amzah is the most talked about member of our gang this year. She won us gold in Asia Wave in China."

Andy Lau Tak Wah says: "Yes, Alan Tam proclaimed her the winner."

Andy Lau Cheng Wan says: "As for Datuk Lee Chong Wei, he had Suki Low serenade his victory dinner."

Aaron Kwok says: "Yes, she was also in the Malaysian Olympics theme song with Shila."

Stephen says: "Where's Shahir?"

Tomok says: "He's studying. He'll be here too. With PSY and the stars of Mentor 6."

Tomok also says Edlin Rahim, Andrew Tan and Farah Asyikin Zulkifli are lecturers in private colleges but they also entertain fans from time to time.

Nemo's gang and all showbiz personalities who have appeared in the past stories of Nemo arrive.

"Welcome everybody," says Nemo, as he introduces the people in the living room to them.

"This is the last Nemo novel but I will update this blog from time to time with help from my friend whom you have all come to help today."

Nemo says the Nemo novels began with an idea from his friend eight years ago.

His friend was inspired by Vick Teo's diary during Malaysian Idol 1.

"In the first novel, I brought the American Idol stars and Akademi Fantasia stars together in their dream world.

"I'm a magical cat who brings people together in their dreams.

"To access me, you have to befriend the American Idol, Malaysian Idol, Akademi Fantasia and One In A Million stars and they will add you as their friends.

"Once they have added you, you are in my network and you can access each other using all the functions I created and put inside your HPs."

Nemo says that all the Nemo novels are about dreams which his human friends encounter.

They have zany and crazy adventures in his dream world.

They have superpowers too.

But all good things must come to an end.

Aznil Nawawi tells Nemo: "It's always great to have you around, Nemo."

Nemo says: "And vice-versa, Aznil."

Dennis Chua Eow Seong appears.

He says: "Thanks guys and gals. Thanks for believing."

Stephen says: "No problem Dennis. We all have our medical mishaps."

Along and Angah say: "Don't worry. If anybody disturb you, kita sailang itu pailang!"

Kelly Clarkson tells everyone: "A minute of silence in memory of Michael, Whitney, Andy Williams and all the greats who left us recently."

Everybody has a minute of silence.

Kelly, Fantasia and Carrie Underwood then wish everybody a great year ahead.

Nemo says: "Meow!"