Sunday, October 31, 2004

Fashionable Fitri would love to do comedy

AF2’s Fitri Zainal Abidin is known to have a “passion for fashion”.
The budding fashion designer would love to dabble in acting, too.
He said: “Acting is something I have long wanted to do. If I had a choice, my pick would be comedies.”
Fitri describes himself as one with a great sense of humour, and thus feels at home starring in comedies.
“Versatility is important to me. If a recording artiste can also act and manage a business, that is a plus factor for him,” he said.

Fitri Suka Berlakon Dalam Komedi

Fitri (AF2), seorang penyanyi dan pereka fesyen, mempunyai minat untuk berlakon dalam siri komedi.
Fitri berkata: "Saya gemar berlakon dalam komedi sebab saya ni seorang yang suka buat lawak.
"Seseorang penghibur haruslah "versatile".
"Adalah tidak salah untuk menjadi penghibur serba boleh. "Versatility" adalah "plus factor" kepada semua penghibur."


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