Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Novel 6 - IF @ Sutera Harbour With William Hung

The first novel with all 24 Akademi Fantasia participants teaming up with the 12 Malaysian Idol finalists and 9 American Idol top threes.

This novel is narrated by Nemo, the central character of the Idol Fellowship tales.
Nemo is a cuddly Persian cat belonging to Khairul Nizam Wahi, the second placer for the first season of Akademi Fantasia.
Khairul or Khai is the Runners-Up Vice President of the Idol Fellowship.
Nemo is a magical cat. He can teleport all Idol Fellowship members to any place they want.
The IF is a gathering of all 24 AF participants, 12 MI finalists and 9 AI top threes.

Saipul Bakeri is in his bedroom with Nemo. He is the fifth placer in the Malaysian Idol contest. He is spending two nights at the Sutera Harbour Resort Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
This hotel is the city’s most luxurious.
The AF 24 and MI 12 are to perform together for the first time in the hotel the following day.
Saipul asks Nemo to take him where he has been.
In a flash, Saipul is teleported to the summit of Mount Serapi in the west of Kuching, his hometown.
Saipul says: “This must be the abode of Sejinjang.”
Just then, the one who is nicknamed Princess Sejinjang appears. She is AF season two eighth placer Nurul Hamid, a close friend of Saipul, who also hails from Kuching (The Cat City).
“What are you doing here, Nurul?” asks Saipul.
“I’m clueless, Saipul. Nemo brought me here when I touched him. Perhaps we should move on to Farah’s favourite mountain,” says Nurul.
In a flash, Nemo teleports Saipul and Nurul to Mount Santubong, in the east of Kuching.
“Hoi! Apa U buat ni, Saipul. Jangan intip kak (Please stop spying at me, Saipul),” says Farah.
Farah is nicknamed Princess Santubong by her Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol friends.
Santubong and Sejinjang are fairies who protect the two high, coastal mountains that sandwich Kuching city.
They are characters in Bruneian mythology during Hindu times.
Farah’s real name is Farah Diana Anuar. She is the Akademi Fantasia season two’s fourth placer.
Not a Sarawakian, but a Kuala Lumpur-born, Farah is the best friend of Nurul.
Both Farah and Saipul are 19 (Saipul is 18, sorry), while Nurul is 22.
Nurul tells Farah: “Nemo brought us here.”
Farah replies: “He brought me here, too. Perhaps, it would not be a bad idea if Nemo brings us to one of his favourite mountain getaways outside our country.”
Saipul’s feet get wobbly. “No way,” he says.
Nurul and Farah hold Saipul’s nervous hands. Farah strokes Nemo.
The four of them disappear, and reappear at the Yellow Mountains in Anhui, China.

At the Yellow Mountains, Saipul, Nurul and Farah emerge on one of its highest peaks, the Brightness Peak which is 1680 metres high. Nobody is around, but the three of them.
“Amazing view. This is a dream come true,” says Nurul.
“I’ve entered the paintings on my wall I think,” says Farah.
“It’s freezing. But it’s a splendid view from here,” says Saipul.
Nurul pinches Saipul’s nose. “We’ve just got a bleeder,” she says.
Farah tells Saipul: “Saipul, I don’t think you are used to drastic climatic change. Let’s get to a warmer place, the pine forest below us.”
Nemo teleports Farah, Nurul and Saipul to the pine forest.
Coincidentally, Fitri Zainal Abidin (AF season two’s number 11) and Anding Zaini (AF season two’s number 10) are taking a walk in the forest.
Fitri tells Anding: “Perhaps you can do a home video here.”
Anding says: “Not this time. I just wanna take a break.”
They meet Saipul, Nurul and Farah.
Fitri says: “Poor Saipul. He’s not used to the weather. Keep him warm, Farah and Nurul.”
“We are. We are,” says Farah. Nurul and Farah both have their hands on Saipul, and Nurul continues to pinch Saipul’s nose.
Adi Fashla Juraimi (AF season one’s number 11) and Sahri Sarip (AF season one’s number 6) arrive in the pine forest.
A few minutes later, Zarina Zainoordin (AF season two’s number 9) and Edlin Rahim (AF season two’s number 12) arrive.
Azza Suhaimi (AF season one’s number 12) and Atie Abu Bakar (AF season one’s number 10) come right behind them.
Zarina tells Saipul: “Relax, Saipul. Don’t worry. Santubong and Sejinjang around means you are in safe hands.”
Edlin says: “In other words, you can rely on Nurul and Farah. They love and care for you.”

Fitri says: “I’m glad to be in China during the 600th year of Malaysia-China friendship ties.”
Anding says: “Yes, the peoples of Malaysia and China have a common root in the Tibetan highlands, the source of the mighty Yangzi.”
Malaccans Sahri and Edlin tell Fitri that Malaysia-China ties actually began much earlier than the last 600 years.
“The number 600 is merely to commemorate ties between ancient Malacca and China. Ancient Malacca is the first literal account of our nation’s past, and it is by no means the first,” says Sahri.
Anding, a Sarawakian from the Melanau tribe, says: “Nurul and Saipul, your ancestors were the biggest birds nest exporters to China long ago.
“Brunei was China’s main birds nest supplier in the early times.”
Nurul tells Anding: “Perhaps your ancestors supplied sago to China.”
Anding says: “Definitely. That is why the Fujian folks made their way to Sibu during British colonial rule. Our friend, John Tiong, the entertainment writer, is from them.”

Saipul is finally home in the hotel, outside his room. Nurul has released his nose from her iron grip.
Saipul takes the card key from his pocket to open the door.
Nurul, Farah, Fitri, Anding, Sahri, Adi, Azza, Atie, Edlin, Zarina, Nija Tahar (AF season one’s number four) and Liza Ismail (AF season one’s number five) are with him.
“Drat! My hands are frozen,” says Saipul.
“I can’t open the door!”
“Relax, Saipul,” says Nurul.
Nurul, Farah, Azza, Atie, Edlin, Zarina, Nija and Liza stroke Saipul’s back to calm him down.
“Try again,” says Farah.
Saipul finally opens his room door.
“My hands must have been frozen atop the Yellow Mountains,” he says.
“Can we come in,” asks Nija, jokingly.
“Nija!” says Liza.
“No way, folks. Only Nemo can enter,” says Saipul.
“See you later, folks.”

In another room Fahmy Zakaria (MI number 10) and Fazly Zainal (MI number 12) peek out of their window to look at the swimming pool below.
They see popular recording artiste and Malaysian Idol judge (Paula Abdul of Malaysia) Fauziah Latiff (affectionately called Kak Gee) swimming.
“Wow!” says Fahmy to Fazly. “Isn’t this a great view?”
Fazly says: “She’s got an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini.”
Fahmy says: “No lah! She doesn’t.”
Azizi Mohamad (AF season one’s number three) knocks on their door.
Fazly opens the door.
Azizi tells Fazly and Fahmy: “OK, the show is over. Let’s go down and meet Kak Gee. But first, let’s meet Vick, Victor, Andrew, Zamil, Fitri, Anding, Adi and Sahri in the jacuzzi and spa.”
Azizi, Fahmy and Fazly join Vick Teo, Andrew Tan, Zamil Idris and Victor Lee of MI, and Fitri, Anding, Adi and Sahri of AF in a hot bath.
“This is the greatest dip I have had,” says Azizi.
“Too bad I cannot share my butterscotch ice-cream with you guys.”

Fauziah Latiff comes out of the changing room and takes a seat at a table opposite the swimming pool.
With her is Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai), his cat Nemo, and his closest American Idol friends, Jasmine Trias, Diana DeGarmo, Nicole McKibbin and Kimberley Locke.
Nemo sits on Khai’s lap. After a while, the cat jumps on Diana’s lap.
Diana hands over Nemo to Khai. And Khai passes his pet on to Jasmine, Nicole, Kimberley and Fauziah.
Gee tells Khai not to be worried and bothered by media gossip. She says: “You get the worst of it in the West, Khai. So, take it all with a pinch of salt.”
Gee also tells Khai to avoid looking sour-faced before the camera, and to always smile.
She asks Jasmine how the American Idols find Khai. Jasmine replies that Khai is decent and loveable, but he needs to toughen up more.
Diana chips in playfully, and says that Khai can be a bit of a flirt. Jasmine tells Diana to shut up.
Jasmine and Diana rub Khai’s back. Gee holds Khai’s hands, assuring him of her moral support.

Zahid Baharuddin (AF season two winner), Dina Nadzir of Malaysian Idol, and Rosma Sidik (AF season one eighth placer) are sipping sugar cane juice at the Sugar Bun restaurant in Beach Street, Kota Kinabalu.
This is a regular IF meeting place.
Nemo appears, and Rosma picks him up. Rosma asks Nemo where is Khai, and after stroking the cat, she sees Khai at the poolside with Gee, Jasmine, Diana, Nicole and Kimberley.
“How’s Khai, Rosma?” asks Zahid.
“He is in safe Hawaiian and Mexican hands,” Rosma replies, with a smile.
Zahid smiles back. He says: “I knew it. Jas and Di always hang out with him.”
Zahid shows Dina his orange teddy bear, with an Akademi Fantasia tag around its neck.
Dina in return shows Zahid her green teddy bear with a Malaysian Idol tag around its neck.
They both turn to Rosma and ask her: “What colour is your teddy?”
Rosma says: “Perhaps, beige, or chocolate brown. Zahid, I can conclude that you love fresh orange, and Dina, I see you have been drinking alfalfa juice.”
“Amazing,” says Zahid.
“Right on target,” says Dina.
Zahid asks Rosma: “Where is Bob? I have not seen him the whole day.”
Rosma replies: “He is now having a swim with Rueben (Thevandran, AF season one ninth placer).”

Bob Usop (AF season two fifth placer) and Rueben enter the lift after their swim in the hotel swimming pool and head to Vince Chong’s room (Vince is the AF season one winner).
Vince, who has been surfing the Net, greets them at the door.
Bob and Rueben hand Vince a Don McLean CD.
Bob says: “Vince, you will love the song dedicated to you, Vincent.”
“Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Burn,” Vince says. “I’ll meet you guys at dinner later. I don’t feel too well right now.”
Rueben reminds Vince that American Idols William Hung, Camile Velasco, Tamyra Gray, Latoya London and Jennifer Hudson, and Australian Idol Guy Sebastian, will be joining them.
Likewise with Malaysian Idol hosts Su Kui Jien (Jien) and Aleya Yahya, and AF host Aznil Nawawi.

In the Beach Street Japanese restaurant, Adam Mohamad Saman (AF season two third placer) and his fellow Sabahans Nikki Palikat (MI sixth placer) and Rydee Rahim (MI ninth placer) are seated at a table with Kaer Azami (AF season two sixth placer), Nana Mahzan (AF season one seventh placer) and Sufiah Mohamad Noor (MI 11th placer).
Adam tells Nikki and Rydee that Kaer shares a similar name with his younger brother, Kaer Mohamad Saman.
Kaer asks Adam if he would like to participate in the entertainment quiz show Filusic shown on 8TV, the country’s newest private television channel.
Adam replies: “No way, Kaer. I don’t have as good a grasp of entertainment information as you do.”
Nikki and Rydee stroke Adam’s back. Nikki tells Kaer: “Adam is just nervous. If the three of us are in the show together, he might thrash us nicely.”
Nana tells Nikki and Rydee: “This is what happened to Kaer when the three of us were in Filusic together last week. Kaer was a bundle of nerves.”
Sufiah tells Nikki and Rydee that Kaer was very nervous when he was in the show, and she and Nana had to stroke him a lot to calm him down.
She says: “At the end of the day, Kaer beat us flat. In the second round, he went on a winning spree.”
Kaer says: “I won a William Hung T-shirt which read, I Have No Professional Training”.
Adam asks Kaer: “Where is it now?”
Kaer says: “At home.”
Adam tells Kaer that they will be meeting William later in the evening.

Brunei’s most famous twins, television presenters Paula Malai Ali and Jenny Malai Ali move over to Kaer’s table. Jenny is the host of Filusic. She tells Kaer: “Relax, Kaer! You are doing great.”
The Malai Ali twins hold Kaer’s hands. “Take care of him, Sufiah and Nana,” they tell Kaer’s team mates.
Nana introduces the Malai Ali twins to Adam, Nikki and Rydee.
“Perhaps you should invite the Sabahan trio to your quiz show,” she says.
Rydee says: “You might have a feeling of deja vu. Adam is equally a bundle of nerves.”
Adam protests. “No, I’m not,” he says.
“Cool it,” says Nikki, holding Adam’s hand. Rydee also clutches Adam’s hand.
Paula asks Nana: “How is Mr Zainal Alam Kadir doing?”
Nana replies: “Kaer and I performed with him recently. He is always full of surprises.”
Kaer says: “Yes, I did a duet with Zainal Alam Kadir, and I did not feel nervous at all.”
The eight of them subsequently pose for a photograph in Beach Street before returning to the hotel.
Nikki and Rydee congratulate Kaer for being the only Malaysian entertainer to cool down Kelly Clarkson and Diana DeGarmo with his very presence before them.

The following evening, the Malaysian Idol and Akademi Fantasia joint concert is held at the Sutera Harbour Resort.
Among the guests at the concert are the Sabah state chief minister Musa Aman and his deputy Joseph Pairin Kitingan, who hails from Nikki Palikat’s ancestral home, Tambunan.
Fauziah Latiff is also present, and she sits with Nana Mahzan’s boss from Era Radio, Kudsia Kahar, who was also the main judge in Akademi Fantasia.
Aznil, Aleya and Jien are the joint hosts for the evening.
William Hung makes a guest appearance, and he performs an English song popularised by the late Malaysian king of pop Sudirman Arshad (the Freddie Mercury of Malaysia, who died in 1992).
It is called A Thousand Million Smiles.
Many people are moved by Hung’s rendition of Sudirman’s hit song which won him the award of Asia’s Number One Entertainer in 1989.
Even Hung’s critics, Kudsia and Gee, are moved to tears. Hung is known for singing out of tune, but he surprisingly hits all the right notes in his first Malaysian performance.
American Idol’s Latoya London, Jennifer Hudson, Camile Velasco and Tamyra Gray also make guest appearances.
Likewise with Australian Idol Guy Sebastian.
Aznil tells Jien and Aleya: “The presence of the Idols from America and Australia is the ultimate Kejutan (Surprise), as we in AF always say.”
At the end of the concert, Musa and Kitingan shake hands with all the entertainers.

After the concert, the AF and MI entertainers join the 9 AI top threes, and surprise visitors Hung, Gray, London, Hudson, Velasco and Sebastian at the poolside restaurant.
The hosts and Fauziah Latiff also join them.
Kelly and Fantasia tell Velasco, Hung, Gray, London and Hudson about Vince. Guy says that he is a family friend of Rueben, Vince’s long time friend from AF season one.
Trias and DeGarmo introduce Velasco to Khai and Nemo.
Hung also greets Adam, and tells him that he, too, is a “rabbit” (carrot lover).
Gray, London and Hudson tell Vince he is very romantic, and hug him lovingly.
Velasco also tells this to Khai, and hugs him tightly.
“The pussycat king is a magnet for the Manila maidens,” says Diana.
“No, Di. Khai, Camile and I were hatched from the same nest,” says Jasmine.

Back in Vince’s bedroom, Bob has a talk with Vince. Bob apologises for dedicating Vincent to Vince.
He says he did not realise that the song was about suicidal Vincent Van Gogh.
“Sorry, Vince. Vincent was actually for Kirk Douglas and Tim Roth, not you,” says Bob.
“It’s OK, Bob. I was just plain hyper-sensitive,” says Vince.
Bob invites Vince to join him, Zahid, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and Justin Guarini in the Italian restaurant of the hotel, but Vince says he is expecting some visitors and might not be able to go to the restaurant.
The visitors later turn up in Vince’s bedroom. They are Kelly, Fantasia, Linda, Jaclyn and Mas.
Vince tells them: “I really was moved by William Hung’s performance. For the first time in my life, Hung made me cry. He was great.”
Jaclyn says: “It’s OK to shed tears once in a while, Vincey.” She hugs Vince tightly. Kelly, Fantasia, Linda and Mas also hug Vince.
“Thanks for supporting me, Kelly, Fantasia, Linda, Jaclyn and Mas,” says Vince.
“Anytime you need us, Vince,” says Kelly. “As I said, we are Vincey’s Angels.”
Rueben (Burn) Thevandran appears in Vince’s room.
“Anybody for Italian cuisine?” he asks.
Mas looks at Rueben and smiles. “Kenyang dah (sorry, we are full),” she says.



Novel 6 - IF @ Sutera Harbour Bersama William Hung

Saipul Bakeri berada di bilik hotelnya bersama Nemo, kucing sakti milik Khai.
Hotel tempat tinggal Saipul ialah Sutera Harbour Resort Hotel di Kota Kinabalu.
Kesemua 12 member AF1 dan 12 member AF2 serta 12 finalis MI akan berkonsert bersama di hotel ini pada keesokan harinya.
Saipul menyuruh Nemo membawanya ke tempat yang disukai oleh kucing itu.
Dengan serta-merta, Saipul dibawa oleh Nemo ke puncak Gunung Serapi di barat bandaraya Kuching, iaitu kampungnya.
Saipul berkata: “Ini mesti tempat tinggal Puteri Sejinjang.”
Dengan serta-merta, Nurul Hamid muncul. Dia adalah kakak angkat Saipul yang juga berasal dari bandaraya Kuching. Nurul digelar Puteri Sejinjang oleh rakannya dari AF dan MI.
“Apa kak buat di sini?” tanya Saipul.
“Kak pun tak tahu, Saipul. Nemo bawa kak kat sini bila kak sentuhnya tadi. Ayuh, marilah kita jumpa Farah di Gunung Santubong,” kata Nurul.
Dengan serta-merta, Nemo membawa Saipul dan Nurul ke Gunung Santubong di timur Kuching.
“Hoi! Apa U buat ni, Saipul. Jangan intip kak,” kata Farah.
Farah digelar Puteri Santubong oleh rakannya dari AF dan MI.
Santubong and Sejinjang adalah dewi dalam mitos Melayu Brunei di zaman Hindu. Mereka adalah penjaga Gunung Serapi dan Gunung Santubong dalam mitos Melayu Brunei. Nurul memberitahu Farah: “Nemo bawa kamek ke sini.”
Farah berkata: “Nemo bawa aku ke sini juga. Mungkin Nemo boleh bawa kita orang ke tempat istirehatnya di luar negara.”
Saipul mulai berasa takut. “No way,” katanya.
Nurul dan Farah memegang tangan Saipul. Farah membelai Nemo.
Mereka berempat terus muncul di Gunung Kuning (Huangshan) di Anhui, China.

Di Huangshan, Nurul, Farah dan Saipul muncul di atas puncaknya yang kedua tertinggi iaitu Brightness Peak (Puncak Gemilang Cahaya ialah namanya dalam Bahasa Malaysia yang diberikan oleh Farah sempena lagu “Menuju Puncak” iaitu lagu tema Akademi Fantasia).
Puncak Gemilang Cahaya itu 1680 meter tingginya.
“Hebatnya. Ini satu mimpi yang menjadi realiti,” kata Nurul.
“Ini betul-betul macam saya masuk sebuah lukisan,” kata Farah.
“Sejuknya. Tapi sungguh indah pemandangannya,” kata Saipul.
Nurul memicit hidung Saipul. “Adik kamek ni berdarah,” katanya.
Farah memberitahu Saipul: “Saipul, perubahan iklim ni betul-betul mengganggu kamu. Ayuh, mari kita pergi ke hutan pain di bawah tu. Ia lebih panas iklimnya.”
Nemo membawa Farah, Nurul dan Saipul ke hutan pain.
Kebetulannya, Fitri Zainal Abidin dan Anding Zaini sedang bersiar-siar di hutan pain.
Fitri berkata: “Anding, mungkin kau boleh buat home video di sini.”
Anding menjawab: “Not this time. Saya nak relaks hari ni.”
Mereka berjumpa Nurul, Saipul dan Farah.
Fitri berkata: “Kesian Saipul. Iklim ni terlalu sejuk untuknya. Buatkan dia panas, Farah dan Nurul.”
“Kami memang sedang memanaskannya,” kata Farah. Nurul dan Farah mengusap badan Saipul. Nurul masih memicit hidung Saipul kuat-kuat.

Adi Fashla Juraimi dan Sahri Sarip muncul di hutan pain. Tak lama kemudian, Zarina Zainoordin dan Edlin Rahim muncul, diikuti oleh Azza Suaymi dan Atie Abu Bakar.
Zarina berkata: “Relax, Saipul. Jangan bimbang. Santubong dan Sejinjang akan jaga kamu.”
Edlin berkata: “Maksudnya, Nurul dan Farah menyayangi kamu, Saipul, dan mereka akan sentiasa menjaga Saipul.”

Fitri berkata: “Aku sungguh gembira melawat China tahun ni kerana tahun ni adalah ulang tahun ke-600 hubungan diplomatik antara Malaysia dan China.”
Anding berkata: “Ya, orang Melayu dan China berasal dari titik yang sama iaitu Pergunungan Himalaya di Tibet yang juga punca Sungai Yangzi.”
Anak jati Melaka, iaitu Sahri dan Edlin memberitahu Fitri bahawa hubungan diplomatik Malaysia-China sebenarnya lebih daripada 600 tahun lamanya.
“Nombor 600 itu hanyalah untuk mengenang kedatangan misi pertama Maharaja China ke negeri Melaka. Empayar Melayu dan China sebenarnya sudahpun bersahabat baik lama sebelum Melaka dibuka,” kata Sahri.

Anding yang berketurunan Melanau berkata: “Nurul dan Saipul punya nenek moyang adalah pengeksport sarang burung terbesar ke China pada zaman dulu.
“Brunei adalah pengeksport sarang burung utama ke negara China.”
Nurul berkata: “Mungkin nenek moyang Anding mengeksport sagu ke negara China.”
Anding menjawab: “Memang betul, Nurul. Itulah sebabnya orang China akhirnya berhijrah ke Sarawak. Kawan kita dari The Malay Mail iaitu John Tiong adalah berketurunan orang Fujian yang berhijrah ke Sibu, pusat industri sagu.”

Saipul muncul kembali di hotelnya dan berdiri di luar biliknya.
Nurul baru sahaja melepaskan hidung Saipul dari cengkamannya.
Saipul mengambil kunci berbentuk kad dari sakunya untuk membuka pintu biliknya.
Nurul, Farah, Fitri, Anding, Sahri, Adi Fashla, Azza, Atie, Edlin, Zarina, Nija Tahar dan Liza Ismail berdiri bersamanya.

“Drat! Tanganku sudah beku,” kata Saipul.
“Aku tak boleh buka pintu!”
“Relax, Saipul,” kata Nurul.
Nurul, Farah, Azza, Atie, Edlin, Zarina, Nija dan Liza mengusap belakang badan Saipul untuk menenangkannya.
Saipul berjaya membuka pintu biliknya.
“Bolehkah kami masuk?” kata Nija secara lawak.
“Nija!” kata Liza.
“No way, folks. Hanya Nemo boleh masuk,” kata Saipul.
“See you later, folks.”

Di bilik yang lain, Fahmy Zakaria dan Fazly Zainal memandang keluar dari tingkap untuk melihat kolam renang di tingkat bawah.
Mereka melihat Fauziah Latiff (Kak Jee) yang sedang berenang.
“Wow!” kata Fahmy kepada Fazly. “Bestnya!”
Fazly berkata: “She’s got an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini.”
Fahmy berkata: “No lah!”
Azizi Mohamad mengetuk pintu Fahmy dan Fazly.
Fazly membuka pintu.
Azizi berkata: “OK, the show is over. Marilah kita turun untuk berjumpa Kak Jee. Sebelum itu, mari kita jumpa Vick, Victor, Andrew, Zamil, Fitri, Anding, Adi Fashla dan Sahri di jacuzzi dan spa.”
Azizi, Fahmy dan Fazly pun menemani Vick Teo, Andrew Tan, Zamil Idris, Victor Lee, Fitri, Anding, Adi Fashla dan Sahri dalam bilik jacuzzi.
“Inilah mandian yang paling hebat saya pernah alami,” kata Azizi.
“Too bad saya punya ais krim butterscotch tak dapat menemani kita.”

Fauziah Latiff keluar dari bilik salinan dan duduk di sebuah meja berdekatan dengan kolam renang.
Bersamanya ialah Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai), Nemo, Jasmine Trias, Diana DeGarmo, Nicole McKibbin dan Kimberley Locke.
Nemo duduk di atas paha Khai. Tak lama kemudian, Nemo melompat ke atas paha Diana.
Diana memulangkan Nemo kepada Khai. Khai memberikan Nemo kepada Jasmine, Nicole, Kimberley dan Fauziah.
Kak Jee menasihati Khai supaya jangan terpengaruh oleh gosip media. Katanya: “Di negara Barat, gosipnya jauh lebih dahsyat daripada gosip di sini.”
Kak Jee juga menasihati Khai supaya jangan bermasam muka dan sentiasa senyum di depan kamera.
Kak Jee bertanya kepada Jasmine macam mana sikap Khai di depan member American Idol. Jasmine berkata bahawa Khai adalah seorang yang baik hati, jujur, mesra dan peramah, tetapi dia harus bersikap lebih berani.
Diana mengejek Khai, dan mengatakan bahawa Khai seorang “flirt”. Jasmine menyuruh Diana diam.
Jasmine dan Diana mengurut belakang badan Khai. Kak Jee memegang tangan Khai, dan memberitahunya bahawa Khai akan sentiasa mendapat sokongan moralnya.

Zahid Baharuddin, Dina Nadzir dan Rosma Sidik sedang menikmati minuman air tebu di restoran Sugar Bun di Beach Street, Kota Kinabalu.
Tempat ini adalah tempat sembang popular IF.
Nemo muncul, dan Rosma mengangkatnya. Rosma bertanya kepada Nemo ke mana perginya Khai, sambil membelai bulu Nemo.
Rosma dengan serta-merta melihat Khai sedang bersembang dengan Jasmine, Diana, Nicole, Kimberley dan Fauziah.
“Macam mana Khai, Rosma?” tanya Zahid.
“Khai dijaga oleh orang Hawaii dan Mexico,” jawab Rosma, sambil tersenyum.
Zahid juga tersenyum. Katanya: “I knew it. Jas dan Di selalu bersembang dengannya.”
Zahid menunjukkan kepada Dina teddy bearnya yang berwarna oren, dengan tag Akademi Fantasia diikat pada lehernya.
Dina menunjukkan kepada Zahid teddy bearnya yang berwarna hijau, dengan tag Malaysian Idol diikat pada lehernya.
Mereka bertanya kepada Rosma, apakah warna teddy bearnya.
Rosma menjawab: “Saya suka teddy bear warna coklat dan juga panda bear hitam-putih. Hitam-putih itu warna negeri Pahang, tempat asal saya.
“Zahid, saya rasa U suka jus oren. Dina, saya rasa U suka jus alfalfa hijau.”
“Memang betul,” kata Zahid.
“Tepat sekali,” kata Dina.
Zahid bertanya kepada Rosma: “Mana dia si Bob? Zahid tak nampak dia hari ni.”
Rosma menjawab: “Dia sedang berenang bersama Burn.”

Bob Usop dan Burn Thevandran memasuki lif setelah habis berenang. Mereka menuju ke bilik Vince Chong. Vince yang sedang melayari Internet berjumpa dengan Burn dan Bob di pintunya. Bob dan Burn memberikan sebuah CD Don McLean kepada Vince.
Bob berkata: “Vince, lagu berjudul “Vincent” adalah khas untukmu.”
“Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Burn,” kata Vince. “I’ll meet you guys at dinner later. I don’t feel too well right now.”
Burn memberitahu Vince bahawa peserta American Idol William Hung, Camile Velasco, Tamyra Gray, Latoya London dan Jennifer Hudson, serta Australian Idol Guy Sebastian, akan bersama mereka apabila makan malam di restoran hotel nanti.
Mereka juga akan berjumpa dengan hos MI, Soo Kui Jien (Jien) dan Aleya Yahya, serta hos AF Aznil Nawawi.

Di restoran Jepun Beach Street, Adam Mohamad Saman, Nikki Palikat, Rydee Rahim, Kaer Azami, Nana Mahazan dan Sufiah Mohamad Noor sedang minum di sebuah meja besar.
Adam memberitahu kawannya bahawa dia mempunyai seorang adik bernama Kaer Mohamad Saman.
Kaer mengajak Adam menyertai kuiz hiburan “Filusic” di 8TV.
Adam berkata: “No way, Kaer. Adam tak pandai dalam kuiz berbentuk hiburan.”
Nikki dan Rydee mengurut belakang badan Adam untuk menenangkannya. Nikki memberitahu Kaer: “Adam ni takut. Jika kami bertiga masuk Filusic, Adam sure boleh kalahkan Rydee dan saya.”
Nana berkata: “Kaer pun sama juga. Semasa saya bersamanya dan Sufiah di Filusic, Kaer ni amat takut dan panik.”
Sufiah berkata: “Saya dan Nana kena urut belakang badannya untuk tenangkannya.
“Tetapi apabila sampai Second Round, Kaer mulai konfiden dan menjawab soalan dengan agresifnya, sampai menang.”
Kaer berkata: “Saya telah memenangi T-shirt William Hung yang mempunyai mesej “I Have No Professional Training”.”
Adam bertanya: “Di mana T-shirt tu?”
Kaer menjawab: “Di rumahlah.”
Adam memberitahu Kaer bahawa mereka akan berjumpa William Hung beberapa jam kemudian.
Pasangan saudara kembar glamour dari Brunei, Paula Malai Ali dan Jenny Malai Ali berjumpa dengan Kaer, Adam, Nikki, Rydee, Sufiah dan Nana. Jenny iaitu hos “Filusic” berkata: “Relax, Kaer. U R doing great.”
Paula dan Jenny memegang tangan Kaer. “Take care of him, Sufiah and Nana,” kata Jenny dan Paula.
Nana memperkenalkan Jenny dan Paula kepada Adam, Nikki dan Rydee.
Nana berkata: “Mungkin Jenny boleh mengajak Nikki, Rydee dan Adam masuk pertandingan Filusic.”
Rydee berkata: “Sejarah akan berulang, Jenny. Adam ni panik sangat.”
Adam berkata: “No! Adam tak panik lah.”
“Cool it,” kata Nikki, memegang tangan Adam. Rydee pun memegang tangan Adam.
Paula bertanya kepada Nana: “How is Mr Zainal Alam Kadir?”
Nana menjawab: “Kaer dan saya menyanyi bersamanya baru-baru ini. Dia tu penuh dengan surprise.”
Kaer berkata: “Ya, saya berduet dengan Zainal Alam Kadir, dan saya tak panik. Dia tu hebat.”
Mereka berlapan kemudiannya berposing untuk gambar di Beach Street sebelum pulang ke hotel.
Nikki dan Rydee memuji Kaer kerana kebolehannya menenangkan Diana DeGarmo dan Kelly Clarkson dengan hanya muncul di depan mereka.

Pada keesokan harinya, member AF dan MI berkonsert di Sutera Harbour Resort.
VIP yang hadir di konsert itu ialah Ketua Menteri Sabah Datuk Seri Musa Aman, dan Timbalan Ketua Menteri, Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, yang berasal dari Tambunan, kampung asal
keluarga Nikki Palikat.

Kak Jee pun hadir di konsert itu dan duduk bersama pengkritik AF serta boss ERA FM, Kudsia Kahar.
Aznil, Aleya dan Jien menjadi hos konsert.
William Hung menyanyikan lagu popular Allahyarham Sudirman Arshad berjudul “A Thousand Million Smiles”.
Kudsia dan Gee amat terharu mendengar nyanyian William.
Walaupun William selalunya “out of tune”, kali ini dia berjaya menyanyikan lagu dengan sempurna.
Latoya, Jennifer, Camile, Tamyra dan Guy juga muncul di atas pentas.
Aznil berkata kepada Jien dan Aleya: “Kemunculan AI pada petang ini adalah “kejutan” terbesar untuk semua peminat AF dan MI.”
Selepas konsert, Musa dan Pairin berjabat tangan dengan kesemua peserta AF, AI dan MI.

Selepas konsert, penyanyi AF, MI dan AI makan malam bersama Kudsia, Kak Jee dan hos rancangan dekat kolam renang hotel.
Kelly dan Fantasia memberitahu Velasco, Hung, Gray, London dan Hudson pasal Vince. Guy berkata bahawa keluarganya mengenali Burn.

Trias dan DeGarmo memperkenalkan Khai dan Nemo kepada Velasco.
Hung berjabat tangan dengan Adam, dan memberitahunya bahawa dia juga seorang peminat jus kerot.
Gray, London dan Hudson berkata bahawa Vince amat romantik. Mereka memeluk Vince.
Velasco juga memeluk Khai.
“The pussycat king is a magnet for the Manila ladies,” kata Diana.
“No, Di. Khai, Camile and I were hatched from the same nest,” kata Jasmine.

Di bilik tidur Vince, Bob meminta maaf kepada Vince.
Dia berkata lagu itu tak sepatutnya ditujukan kepada Vince, tetapi kepada Kirk Douglas dan Tim Roth, kedua-duanya pelakon Amerika yang berlakon sebagai Vincent Van Gogh.
“Bob, it’s OK. I guess I was just plain hyper-sensitive,” kata Vince.
Bob mengajak Vince untuk makan bersamanya, Zahid, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken dan Justin Guarini di restoran Itali hotel itu, tetapi Vince berkata bahawa dia berasa amat letih.
Tak lama kemudian, Kelly, Fantasia, Linda, Jaclyn dan Mas muncul di bilik Vince.
Vince berkata: “William betul-betul buatkan saya menangis dengan lagu Sudirman yang dinyanyikannya tadi. Dia tu memang hebat.”
Jaclyn berkata: “Kadangkala, adalah baik untuk menitiskan air mata.” Jaclyn memeluk Vince. Fantasia, Kelly, Linda dan Mas juga memeluk Vince.
“Terima kasih kerana banyak menyokong saya,” kata Vince kepada mereka.
Kelly berkata: “Anytime U need us, Vince. We R Vincey’s Angels.”
Burn muncul di bilik Vince.
“Anybody for Italian food?” katanya.
Mas tersenyum dan berkata: “Kenyang dah.”


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