Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Introducing The Idol Fellowship

The Idol Fellowship is NOT anything formal. It's merely a "sembang" (friendly gathering) of Malaysian Idols, American Idols and Akademi Fantasia Idols in the world of fiction.

They are all sweet, decent, friendly and humble people. Formality is totally lacking in the IF. The IF members share the same hopes, thoughts and sometimes, dreams.

The IF has no fixed venue. They meet anywhere they want to. They have no agenda. The only thing about them which we know is their humanity and their honesty with each other.

Despite being very informal, the IF lives by 10 rigid rules:
1 No homosexuality in the IF.
2 No romance in the IF.
3 No drugs, booze and smoking in the IF.
4 No pornography in the IF.
5 No violence in the IF.
6 No racism or extremism in the IF.
7 No sexism in the IF.
8 No rivalry and backbiting in the IF.
9 No crude words in the IF.
10 No heroes or villains in the IF.

Nemo, the pet Persian cat of Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai), is the rock of the IF. He unites them and his special powers protect them as much as they can.

Here are the IF members:

Akademi Fantasia season one

Vince Chong - A decent every-man who believes in universal brotherhood.
He is a very Malaysian person, who befriends all races and faiths in the country.
Fun-loving and compassionate, Vince is also very forgiving towards those who offend him.
Vince will always stand up for those who have helped him, and despises back-stabbers and racists.
Vince is from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital.

Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai) - A cat lover, Khai is the owner of magical Nemo, the Persian cat which teleports the Idol Fellowship members to any place they want.
Khai is sweet and sensitive, and devoted to all his friends.
Khai is from Johor Baru, the third largest city in Malaysia, which is connected to Singapore.

Azizi Mohamad - Nicknamed the butterscotch haired rocker from Kuantan, Azizi is reserved, but reliable. He loves to swim in Bali Hai Island, near his hometown.
The island is better known as Tioman Island. It was the site chosen as fictitious Bali Hai Island for the film South Pacific.
Azizi is close to Vick Teo, and guides him along the rocky road of stardom.

Nija Tahar - Sweet and fun-loving Nija is from Pontian, the southernmost town in West Malaysia.
She is a close friend of Khai, whose hometown is linked to hers.
Nija playfully peeps at Andrew Tan, a harmless gesture which Liza Ismail does not approve.
Nija, Liza, Zarina and Edlin have been given the power of radiation (heat transmission) by Nemo.
They do not feel cold when others find the climate freezing, and they can keep their fellow members warm by merely touching them.
The four of them also have the power to cure Andrew of his headaches.

Liza Ismail - Reserved and friendly Liza is from one of the wettest towns in Malaysia, Taiping.
She is very close to Nija, and they are both optimists who bring sunshine to the Idol Fellowship.
Liza always tries in vain, to stop Nija from playfully peeping at Andrew.

Sahri Sarip - He hails from the historic city of Melaka, and is very proud of Malaysia’s cultural heritage.
Sahri is a very Malaysian soul who believes in the interconnectedness of all Malaysian races and faiths.
Nicknamed the Hamster Guy, for his love of sunflower cooking oil, Sahri has the power to understand foreign languages, a power which is also in the hands of Anding Zaini.

Nana Mahzan - A DJ from Muar, near Johor Baru, Nana is a loving, caring and forgiving person. She is very sisterly towards Kaer Azami, and always encourages him to be brave. She is a niece of Zainal Alam Kadir, the entertainment writer who is a friend of the IF.

Nana has "mermaid power", which means she can breathe underwater easily.
She also provides her foster brother, Kaer Azami, with a photographic memory, so long as she does not forget to brush her hair every day.
Everything Nana wishes for comes true, so long as her wishes are for the benefit of others.

Rosma Sidik - Rosma and Azizi both come from Kuantan. Rosma is a fun-loving and witty character. She enjoys the company of Zahid Baharuddin and Bob Usop, and she brings cheeky Bob down to earth.

Rueben (Burn) Thevandran - Vince’s best friend from Kuala Lumpur. Burn is a reserved, friendly and funny person. His presence has a tickly and positive effect on Mas Ghani.
Burn is capable of controlling time, and this is a power which he shares with Nurul Hamid.

Atie Abu Bakar - She is from Bentong, a town which houses the famous Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia’s only getaway with a casino.
Atie believes in the middle path, and balances tradition and modernity in her daily life.
She has the special power, thanks to Nemo, to make individuals keep quiet by merely touching them or touching Genting Highlands' hotels, and restoring their voices with the second touch.
Atie is a big fan of Saipul Bakeri.

Adi Fashla Juraimi - Sahri’s best friend. He is from Kuala Lumpur, and believes in doing his best in everything, be it music or business.
Nemo has given Adi Fashla the special power to communicate with departed cats of Zainal Alam Kadir.

Azza Suaymi - Atie’s best friend, Azza is a model from Kuala Lumpur who aspires to be more versatile than she is today. Reserved, reliable and honest.
Nemo has given Azza the special power to create rabbit photographs out of a snap shot of Adam, and cat photographs out of a snap shot of Saipul.
Azza can also delete images from photographs, besides damaging the bank cards and identity cards of evil people.

Akademi Fantasia season two

Zahid Baharuddin - Zahid, from Kuala Lumpur, is a fun-loving and slightly rebellious person with a heart of gold.
He loves rap music, soccer, teddy bears and the colour orange.
Zahid is very close to Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Justin Guarini, Bob Usop and Dina Nadzir.

Linda Nanuwil - The season two member who is most devoted and protective of Vince.
Compassionate, playful and honest, Linda looks up to Vince, Jaclyn Victor and Kelly Clarkson as her foster siblings.
Linda hails from Ranau, near the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest mountain in the Borneo state of Sabah.

Adam Mohamad Saman - Sweet and sensitive Adam hails from the Sabah state capital, Kota Kinabalu.
His favourite hang-out, the Sugar Bun restaurant at Beach Street in the state capital, is a regular Idol Fellowship meeting place.
Adam is a big fan of rap music, and is especially close to Nikki Palikat and Rydee Rahim, who are both from Kota Kinabalu.
He loves carrot juice, and is nicknamed the Sugar Bun Bunny by Nikki and Rydee.

Farah Anuar - Famous for her hand phone ring tone “Breep! Breep!”, Farah is a fun-loving, optimistic and brave young lady from Kuala Lumpur.
She is capable of setting off alarm systems by the mere click of her hand phone.
Farah is very close to Nurul Hamid and Saipul Bakeri, who are both from Kuching.

Bob Usop - This Sarawakian is playful and cheeky, and always greets his friends with the punchline “Mesra!” which means “Happiness!”.
Bob is close to Zahid and Rosma. He loves to drink Horlicks, and occasionally plays practical jokes on Idol Fellowship members from Malaysia.
He is a prankster with a heart of gold, and he is generous to a fault.

Kaer Azami - Kaer, from Kuala Lumpur, is an architecture student who doubles as an entertainer.
Sweet, sensitive and at times nervous, Kaer has a fighting spirit which drives him to excel in what he enjoys doing.
He is close to Nana Mahzan and Sufiah Mohamad Noor, whom he regards as his foster sisters.
Kaer has a calming effect on Kelly Clarkson and Diana DeGarmo.
He also has a photographic memory, so long as Nana Mahzan does not forget to brush her hair.

Mas Ghani - She is a single mother from Tawau, the third largest town in Sabah, and she helps her parents run a food stall in their hometown.
Mas’ family has an interesting history. Her ancestors were taken from Sabah to the Cocos Islands in Australia during colonial times, but later made their way home.
Mas is a close friend of Linda. While she may not be the best of entertainers, she is loving and kind, especially to Vince and Burn.

Nurul Hamid - Farah’s best friend, Nurul is very protective and loving towards Saipul Bakeri, who is also from her hometown, Kuching.
Nurul and Burn both have the power to control time.
Nurul is very environment conscious, and Saipul learns a lot about the real world from her.

Zarina Zainoordin - She is Khai’s old friend from Johor Baru, and she has an aunt who was once a famous recording artiste.
Zarina is very poetic, and is good at reading the minds of others.
Andrew is always comforted by her words of wisdom.

Anding Zaini - He is an aspiring film maker from Kuching, Sarawak. He is also very knowledgeable about Asian peoples and cultures.
Anding is very close to Edlin Rahim, Victor Lee and Fitri Zainal Abidin.

Fitri Zainal Abidin - A fashion designer from Kuala Lumpur, Fitri loves Japanese food and music, as well as peach tea.
Fitri is also a defender of Malaysia’s cultural heritage and reads a lot about the country’s tourist attractions.
He believes in being a goodwill ambassador for the nation.

Edlin Rahim - Edlin, from historic Melaka, is an art lover, and a very open-minded person.
She is very close to Zarina, and excels in interpreting Zarina’s proverbs to Andrew.
She is an old school mate of Andrew in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Idol

Jaclyn Victor - Vince regards Jaclyn, or Jac in short, as a great friend who is disciplined and self-driven.
If there is any member of the Idol Fellowship who can make Vince happy in his saddest moments, it is Jac.
Jac is protective of Vince and points out his shortcomings.
She encourages him to be kind to everybody who is kind to him, and she shares his loving and forgiving nature.
She hails from Kuala Lumpur.

Dina Nadzir - Bubbly Dina hails from Johor Baru. Zahid is very close to her, and guides her along the rocky road of stardom.
Dina and Zahid have a love of hip hop music.

Vick Teo - A fun-loving, reliable Idol Fellowship member from Malaysia’s second largest city, Ipoh.
Vick, who is nicknamed Simba, is a hair stylist who does not believe in others dictating how he looks.
He is close to Azizi, who guides him along the rocky road of stardom.

Andrew Tan - Vick’s close friend from Kuala Lumpur. Andrew does not care what others think about his long hair.
Sweet and compassionate Andrew is also close to Zarina, Edlin, Nija and Liza.
Nemo has given him the power to call out the fireflies in all firefly-sighting destinations.

Saipul Bakeri - A sweet, sensitive but rather soft Sarawakian from Kuching. Saipul believes that being a star is a rocky road, and that no man is an island.
Saipul is very close to Nurul and Farah, whom he regards as his foster sisters.
Nurul caresses Saipul whenever he is down, and Farah challenges him to be braver each day.

Nikki Palikat - A sweet Sabahan who is devoted to Adam and Rydee Rahim and enjoys hanging out with them at Sugar Bun. Nikki is soulful and sensitive.
She and Rydee are the two persons emotional Adam confides in.
Nikki is Diana DeGarmo's favourite Malaysian Idol contestant.
She is the only member of the IF who dares to point out Diana's wardrobe flaws.
Nikki's magic word "Get back in, Diana" corrects Diana's fashion flaws.

Zamil Idris - Zamil, from Kuala Lumpur, is close to Fahmy and Fazly. He is a Marc Anthony, James Ingram and Luther Vandross (a k a Fat Louie) fan, and loves cats.

Victor Lee - A hair stylist from Penang, Victor is a reserved and trustworthy friend of Vick, Andrew, Fitri and Anding.

Rydee Rahim - Nikki’s closest friend, Rydee, from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, is protective of her fellow Sabah natives, especially Adam, whom she regards as her foster brother.
She is always ready to help Adam resolve his problems (but not those Adam can resolve himself).
Diana DeGarmo has high regards for Rydee and Nikki, who are intelligent and sociable.

Fahmy Zakaria - Fahmy, from Kuala Lumpur, is playful and funny. He enjoys the company of Azizi, Adi Fashla, Sahri and Fazly.

Sufiah Mohamad Noor - Sufiah is very close to Nana Mahzan and Kaer Azami. She always encourages Kaer to be resilient in the face of adversity.
Sufiah, who excels in self-defence, is nicknamed Sophie Noire (she dresses in black) by Nana and Kaer.

Fazly Zainal - A Kuala Lumpur resident, Fazly is Fahmy’s best friend. He enjoys visiting places, and meeting new friends.

American Idol

Kelly Clarkson - The Idol Fellowship president is Vince’s foster sister number one in the US.
She loves and cares for Vince, and is the one person from the US who understands him most.
Kelly can be rather strict, and has little patience with racists and back-stabbers. She is a fan of Michael Buble and Matt Damon.

Fantasia Barrino - Soulful, compassionate and open-minded Fantasia always has high regards for Vince and Asians. Fantasia is a single mother to her daughter, Zion.

Diana DeGarmo - Bubbly and playful Diana is Khai’s foster sister number two. She is very supportive of Khai, and is Nemo’s second owner.
She takes care of Nemo better than Khai does. Diana can be short-tempered, but is very forgiving. Diana has a calming effect on Kaer and Adam.

Jasmine Trias - Khai’s foster sister number one. She understands Khai the most, and Khai always confides in her whenever he is feeling down. Jasmine is sweet and compassionate, but can sometimes be sarcastic.

Ruben Studdard - The Velvet Teddy Bear is very much as his name describes him.

Clay Aiken - Ruben’s best friend has a keen interest in everyone he socialises with. He is a caring social worker who helps autistic children.

Justin Guarini - Forthright and slightly rebellious, Justin believes in being himself. He loathes back-biting persons.

Nicole McKibbin - A single mother to her son, Tristan, Nicole is a quiet but reliable friend of Azizi, Vick and Khai.

Kimberley Locke - Another silent but reliable friend of Azizi, Vick and Khai. Kimberley is also called K Lo. She occasionally pokes fun at Ruben, and Nicole does not approve of this.

Kenali Kekawan Idola (IF)

IF bukanlah persatuan formal tetapi gang "sembang" untuk member-member Malaysian Idol, American Idol dan Akademi Fantasia dalam dunia fiksyen.

Semua membernya manis, baik hati, mesra, jujur dan rendah diri. Tidak ada formaliti dalam IF. Member-member IF semuanya mempunyai misi dan visi yang sama dalam hidup.

IF tidak ada HQ. Member-membernya berjumpa di mana saja. IF tak ada agenda. Tetapi mereka semua mendukung nilai-nilai murni dan kemanusiaan. Member-member IF saling menghormati antara satu sama lain bagaikan saudara dalam sebuah keluarga.

Cerpen-cerpen IF tertakluk kepada 10 peraturan yang ketat:
1 Tiada unsur homoseks.
2 Tiada unsur romantik.
3 Tiada dadah, rokok ataupun arak.
4 Tiada bahan lucah.
5 Tiada keganasan.
6 Tiada rasisme atau ekstremisme.
7 Tiada seksisme.
8 Tiada sengketa atau tikaman dari belakang.
9 Tiada kata-kata kasar.
10 Tiada hero atau penjahat.

Nemo, kucing Persian milik Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai), adalah tulang belakang IF. Nemo menyatupadukan semua ahli IF dan melindungi mereka dengan kuasa saktinya.

Inilah member IF:

Akademi Fantasia Musim Satu

Vince Chong - Seorang pemuda yang merendah diri dan juga pendukung nilai kemanusiaan sejagat.
Vince berjiwa Malaysia dan bersahabat dengan semua bangsa dan kelompok agama.
Seorang yang penyayang, mesra, lucu dan mudah memaafkan orang.
Vince sentiasa membantu orang yang baik terhadapnya dan membenci orang yang menikam dari belakang serta orang yang rasis.
Vince berasal dari Kuala Lumpur.

Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai) - Seorang pencinta kucing yang memiliki Nemo, kucing Persian yang sakti.
Khai seorang yang manis, mesra, sensitif dan menghormati kawan.
Khai berasal dari Johor Baru.

Azizi Mohamad - Digelar penyanyi rock berambut butterscotch, Azizi seorang yang pendiam dan rajin. Azizi suka berenang di Pulau Tioman, berdekatan dengan kampungnya, Kuantan.
Azizi berkawan baik dengan Vick Teo dan banyak memberinya nasihat yang berguna.

Nija Tahar - Seorang gadis yang periang dan comel dari Pontian Kecil.
Nija adalah kawan baik Khai, serta peminat setia Andrew Tan.
Nija suka mengintip Andrew secara "playful", tetapi ini tidak disukai oleh Liza Ismail, kawan karibnya.
Nija, Liza, Zarina dan Edlin telah diberi kuasa untuk memanaskan orang lain dengan hanya menyentuh orang itu. Kuasa ini telah diberikan kepada mereka berempat oleh Nemo.
Mereka juga boleh menyembuhkan sakit kepala Andrew.

Liza Ismail - Seorang yang mesra dan pendiam, berasal dari Taiping.
Seperti Nija, kawan rapatnya, Liza adalah seorang yang optimis dan sentiasa berfikiran positif.
Liza tak suka Nija mengintip Andrew, tetapi selalunya akan mengalah kepada kawan karibnya.

Sahri Sarip - Berasal dari Melaka, Sahri amat bangga dengan khazanah budaya negara.
Sahri berjiwa Malaysia dan mendukung perpaduan dan persamaan antara kaum di Malaysia.
Sahri digelar Hamster Guy, kerana menyukai minyak masak bunga matahari. Sahri juga boleh memahami setiap bahasa di dunia. Kuasa ini juga adalah milik Anding Zaini.

Nana Mahzan - DJ dari Muar ini seorang yang penyayang dan mudah memaafkan orang. Nana amat menyayangi Kaer Azami dan menganggapnya sebagai adik angkat. Nana banyak memberi nasihat berguna kepada Kaer, dan menggalakkannya memberanikan diri. Nana adalah anak saudara Zainal Alam Kadir, seorang penulis hiburan yang berkawan baik dengan IF.
Nana mempunyai "mermaid power" iaitu kebolehan bernafas di bawah laut.
Nana juga boleh membuatkan memori Kaer Azami menjadi "fotografik", asalkan dia memberus rambutnya setiap hari.
Setiap impian Nana akan menjadi kenyataan, asalkan impian itu adalah untuk kebaikan semua.

Rosma Sidik - Rosma berasal dari Kuantan. Dia suka bergurau dan adakalanya amat tajam lidahnya. Rosma amat menghormati Bob dan sentiasa membantunya bila bermasalah.

Rueben (Burn) Thevandran - Kawan karib Vince dari KL. Burn seorang yang pendiam, lucu dan mesra. Burn amat dihormati oleh Mas Ghani kerana kebijaksanaannya dan kejujurannya.
Burn mempunyai kuasa mengawal masa, dan kuasa ini juga dimiliki oleh Nurul Hamid.

Atie Abu Bakar - Berasal dari Bentong, dekat Genting Highlands. Atie mengamalkan kesederhanaan dalam hidupnya, dan mengimbangkan nilai-nilai Timur dan Barat.
Nemo telah memberikan Atie kuasa untuk mengunci suara orang yang berbuat jahat. Atie boleh mengunci suara seseorang dengan hanya menyentuhnya, ataupun menyentuh hotel-hotel di Genting Highlands.
Sentuhan kedua Atie akan memulihkan suara orang tersebut.
Atie amat meminati dan menyayangi Saipul Bakeri.

Adi Fashla Juraimi - Kawan karib Sahri. Berasal dari KL. Adi Fashla bercita-cita untuk berjaya dalam bidang bisnes dan muzik.
Nemo telah memberikannya kuasa untuk berkomunikasi dengan roh kucing-kucing milik Zainal Alam Kadir.

Azza Suaymi - Kawan karib Atie. Azza seorang model dan hos rancangan masak-masak dari KL. Azza seorang yang pendiam, jujur dan rajin.
Nemo telah memberikannya kuasa untuk menghasilkan gambar arnab apabila mengambil gambar Adam, dan menghasilkan gambar kucing apabila mengambil gambar Saipul.
Azza boleh membuang imej dari semua jenis foto, serta mencacatkan kad ATM, IC atau lesen yang dimiliki oleh orang jahat.

Akademi Fantasia Musim Dua

Zahid Baharuddin - Zahid, dari Kuala Lumpur, seorang yang periang dan berjiwa rebel. Zahid juga amat baik hati dan suka menolong orang.
Zahid adalah peminat lagu rap, bolasepak, teddy bear dan warna oren.
Zahid amat akrab dengan Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Justin Guarini, Bob Usop dan Dina Nadzir.

Linda Nanuwil - Seorang yang amat menyayangi Vince, Kelly Clarkson dan Jaclyn Victor, serta menganggap mereka sebagai saudara angkatnya.
Linda seorang yang periang, mesra dan jujur dari Ranau, dekat kaki Gunung Kinabalu.

Adam Mohamad Saman - Seorang yang manis, periang dan sensitif, berasal dari Kota Kinabalu.
Dia suka bersembang di restoran Sugar Bun di Beach Street, KK. Tempat ini adalah antara pusat meeting IF yang terpopular.
Adam menyukai muzik rap dan berkawan rapat dengan Nikki Palikat dan Rydee Rahim.
Adam juga menyukai jus kerot dan digelar Arnab Sugar Bun oleh Nikki dan Rydee.

Farah Anuar - Terkenal dengan bunyi “Breep! Breep!” dari HP miliknya. Farah seorang yang optimis, periang dan berani. Dia berasal dari Kuala Lumpur.

Farah mempunyai kuasa untuk membunyikan semua sistem alarm dengan HP miliknya.
Farah amat akrab dengan Nurul Hamid dan Saipul Bakeri, kedua-duanya dari Kuching.

Bob Usop - Seorang anak Sarawak yang periang dan suka mengusik kawan.
Bob terkenal dengan panggilan “Mesra!”.
Bob amat akrab dengan Rosma dan Zahid, dan sukakan minuman Horlicks. Bob adalah seorang pemuda yang berhati mulia serta sentiasa menolong orang dalam kesusahan.

Kaer Azami - Kaer, dari Kuala Lumpur, adalah seorang pelajar bidang arkitek yang juga seorang penyanyi. Kaer seorang yang manis manja, sensitif dan kadangkalanya, penakut.
Kaer seorang yang tak mudah putus asa dan mempunyai semangat juang yang tinggi.
Kaer amat akrab dengan Nana Mahzan dan Sufiah Mohamad Noor, dan menganggap mereka sebagai kakak angkatnya.
Kaer boleh menenangkan Diana DeGarmo dan Kelly Clarkson dengan hanya muncul di depan mata mereka.
Dia juga mempunyai memori yang fotografik, asalkan Nana memberus rambutnya setiap hari.

Mas Ghani - Seorang ibu tunggal dari Tawau yang membantu menguruskan gerai makanan milik ibu bapanya.
Keluarga Mas berketurunan orang Melayu Kepulauan Cocos di Australia. Orang Melayu Cocos adalah berketurunan orang asli Sabah yang dibawa untuk bekerja di kepulauan milik Australia itu.
Mas adalah kawan karib Linda. Mas amat menghormati dan menyayangi Vince, Burn dan Jaclyn.

Nurul Hamid - Kawan karib Farah dan kakak angkat Saipul. Nurul amat penyayang dan protektif terhadap Saipul, yang juga berasal dari Kuching.
Nurul sentiasa memberikan tunjuk ajar yang berguna kepada Saipul, terutamanya ilmu berkenaan alam sekitar.
Nurul mempunyai kuasa untuk mengawal masa, dan kuasa ini juga adalah milik Burn.

Zarina Zainoordin - Berasal dari Johor Baru, dan anak saudara kepada seorang penyanyi pop tahun 1980an.
Zarina sukakan puisi dan pandai membaca minda seseorang.
Andrew sentiasa mendapat nasihat berguna dari Zarina.

Anding Zaini - Bercita-cita untuk menjadi penerbit filem yang berjaya. Anding berasal dari Kuching dan amat gemar membaca.
Anding berkawan rapat dengan Edlin Rahim, Victor Lee dan Fitri Zainal Abidin.

Fitri Zainal Abidin - Seorang pereka fesyen dari KL. Fitri juga seorang penggemar masakan Jepun dan teh peach.
Fitri amat bangga dengan warisan budaya Malaysia dan bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang duta keamanan negara.

Edlin Rahim - Berasal dari Melaka dan amat menggemari seni lukis. Edlin seorang yang liberal dan toleran.
Dia amat rapat dengan Zarina, dan pandai menterjemahkan puisi dan kata-kata hikmah Zarina kepada Andrew.
Edlin adalah rakan sekolah Andrew di Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Idol

Jaclyn Victor - Vince amat menghormati Jaclyn dan menganggapnya seorang kawan yang berdisiplin dan profesional.
Jaclyn sentiasa memberi nasihat yang berguna untuk Vince dan sentiasa mengambil berat tentang kesihatannya.
Jac menyayangi Vince serta menganggapnya sebagai adik angkat. Dia sentiasa menggalakkan Vince menimba ilmu dan berbuat baik kepada semua orang yang bersikap baik terhadapnya.
Jaclyn berasal dari KL.

Dina Nadzir - Seorang yang periang dan manis, berasal dari Johor Baru. Zahid amat menghormati Dina dan memberikannya nasihat yang berguna untuk mencapai kejayaan dalam bidang seni.
Dina dan Zahid menggemari lagu hip hop.

Vick Teo - Seorang yang suka main-main dan periang, berasal dari Ipoh.
Vick adalah seorang stylis rambut dan amat akrab dengan Azizi.

Andrew Tan - Andrew seorang yang manis, periang dan jujur. Dia amat dihormati oleh Zarina, Edlin, Liza dan Nija.
Andrew mempunyai kuasa untuk memanggil kelip-kelip keluar dari sarangnya.

Saipul Bakeri - Seorang yang manis manja, periang dan lucu. Berasal dari Kuching.
Saipul adalah kawan karib Nurul dan Farah, dan kedua-duanya adalah kakak angkatnya.
Nurul sentiasa menenangkan Saipul apabila dia berasa takut ataupun tidak konfiden. Farah pula sentiasa menggalakkan Saipul memberanikan diri dalam semua hal.

Nikki Palikat - Anak jati Sabah ini berkawan baik dengan Rydee dan Adam. Seorang yang penyayang dan sensitif.
Nikki juga berkawan baik dengan Diana DeGarmo dan merupakan favourite Diana dalam MI.
Nikki adalah member IF yang berani menegur Diana jikalau fesyennya tidak cantik.
Kata-kata sakti Nikki iaitu "Get back in, Diana" akan sentiasa membetulkan fesyen Diana.

Zamil Idris - Zamil, dari Kuala Lumpur, adalah kawan baik Fahmy, Fazly, Adi Fashla dan Sahri. Seorang peminat Luther Vandross dan James Ingram. Zamil juga meminati kucing.

Victor Lee - Seorang jurustail rambut dari Pulau Pinang. Victor seorang yang pendiam tetapi jujur dan suka membantu orang. Victor adalah idola Fitri dan Anding dalam MI.

Rydee Rahim - Kawan karib Nikki berasal dari KK. Rydee amat menyayangi Adam dan menganggapnya sebagai adik angkat.
Diana DeGarmo amat menghormati Nikki dan Rydee kerana kemesraan dan kebijaksanaan mereka.

Fahmy Zakaria - Berasal dari KL. Fahmy seorang yang lucu dan periang. Dia adalah kawan karib Fazly.

Sufiah Mohamad Noor - Sufiah adalah kawan karib Nana Mahzan dan Kaer Azami. Dia sentiasa menggalakkan Kaer memberanikan diri apabila menghadapi cabaran.
Sufiah amat pandai mempertahankan diri dan nickname-nya yang dicipta oleh Kaer dan Nana ialah Sophie Noire (Noire = Hitam).

Fazly Zainal - Berasal dari KL. Kawan karib Fahmy. Seorang yang suka berkawan dengan semua orang di Malaysia.

American Idol

Kelly Clarkson - Presiden IF dan kakak angkat Vince yang utama. Kelly amat memahami perasaan Vince dan sentiasa berbual dengan Vince apabila Vince hadapi masalah.
Kelly agak tegas dan bencikan rasis dan orang yang menikam dari belakang.
Kelly adalah peminat setia Michael Buble dan Matt Damon.

Fantasia Barrino - Seorang yang soulful, penyayang dan liberal. Fantasia amat menghormati Vince dan orang Asia. Fantasia mempunyai seorang anak perempuan bernama Zion.

Diana DeGarmo - Seorang yang periang dan suka bergurau. Diana amat akrab dengan Khai dan Jasmine. Dia juga amat disayangi oleh Nemo.
Diana lebih pandai menjaga Nemo berbanding Khai.
Walaupun Diana seorang yang cepat marah, dia sebenarnya amat penyayang dan prihatin.
Diana amat pandai menenangkan Kaer dan Adam.

Jasmine Trias - Kak angkat Khai yang utama di dunia. Jasmine amat memahami perasaan Khai. Khai sentiasa bincangkan masalah peribadinya dengan Jasmine. Walaupun Jasmine seorang yang comel dan manis, kadangkala dia pandai menyindir orang.

Ruben Studdard - Digelar Teddy Bear Baldu.

Clay Aiken - Kawan karib Ruben. Seorang yang banyak membantu kanak-kanak cacat.

Justin Guarini - Seorang yang berjiwa rebel dan berterus-terang.

Nicole McKibbin - Seorang ibu tunggal kepada anaknya, Tristan. Nicole adalah kawan karib Azizi.

Kimberley Locke - Seorang yang pendiam dan rajin. Juga digelar K Lo. Kimberley kadangkala menyindir Ruben, tetapi ini tidak disukai oleh Nicole.


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