Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Assignments For The AF3 Kids

The AF3 kids will only be released from their academy in August.

When they are out, I would like to assign them the following tasks:

The Gentlemen

- Fuad and Kefli - To pose with Zahid.

- Felix and Yazer - To pose with Burn.

- Reza - To pose with Azizi, Fitri, Anding and Bob.

- Nik Aidil - To pose with distant relative Kaer.

The Ladies

- Akma and Idayu - To pose with Nana and Kaer. Akma and Nana must cuddle the little guy, and Idayu must hug the two lanky ladies from behind.

- Elliza - To pose with Abang Zahid and Abang Khai. Get your hands on them, girl.

- Ekin - To pose with Adam. Once the photo is ready, gonna post it to Ekin, Adam and Rydee.

- Amy and Amylea - To pose with Nurul, Farah, Atie and Azza. Once the photo is ready, gonna post it to all six beauties, and cute Saiful.


Tugasan Buat Pelajar AF3 Setelah Tamat Konsert

Pelajar Lelaki

- Fuad dan Kefli - Pose dengan Zahid.

- Felix dan Yazer - Pose dengan Burn.

- Reza - Pose dengan Azizi, Fitri, Anding dan Bob.

- Nik Aidil - Pose dengan saudara jauhnya, Kaer.

Pelajar Wanita

- Akma dan Idayu - Pose dengan Nana dan Kaer. Akma dan Nana kena peluk si comel Kaer. Idayu kena peluk Nana dan Akma dari belakang.

- Elliza - Pose dengan Abang Zahid dan Abang Khai. Tangkap mereka betul-betul.

- Ekin - Pose dengan Adam. Setelah foto siap, saya akan pos kepada Ekin, Adam dan Rydee.

- Amy dan Amylea - Pose dengan Nurul, Farah, Atie dan Azza. Setelah foto siap, saya akan pos kepada saudari semua, dan juga kepada Adik Saiful yang comel.


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