Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Luther Vandross' Death A Great Loss - Sufiah

Luther Vandross' death is a great loss to the music industry, says Malaysian Idol Season 1 finalist Sufiah (Opie) Mohd Noor.
Sufiah said that Vandross, who recently died of a heart attack aged 54, was a legend in R&B music, who influenced an entire generation of R&B singers.
"Luther's death has left a void which will not be easy to fill," she said.

Kematian Luther Vandross Kehilangan Besar Kepada Industri Muzik - Sufiah.

Kematian penyanyi legenda R&B Luther Vandross, 54, akibat sakit jantung baru-baru ini, disifatkan oleh Sufiah Mohd Noor sebagai kehilangan besar kepada industri muzik.
Finalis Malaysian Idol Musim 1 itu berkata Vandross adalah seorang "guru" kepada ramai penyanyi R&B masa kini.
"Kehilangan Luther Vandross akan amat dirasai oleh semua penyanyi R&B di seluruh dunia. Beliau sukar dicari ganti," katanya.


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