Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Congrats, Suki

Congrats to Suki Low, champion of One In A Million (OIAM), the reality show
that replaces Malaysian Idol this year.

And congrats, too, to second-placed Faizal Tahir and third-placed Alif Satar.

OIAM may be back next year on 8TV, in the event that Simon Fuller and Simon
Cowell fail to set a reasonable price for the Malaysian TV station to
organise a third Malaysian Idol season.

Tahniah, Suki.

Tahniah kepada juara One In A Million (OIAM) Suki Low, naib juara pertama
Faizal Tahir dan naib juara kedua Alif Satar.

OIAM menggantikan Malaysian Idol di rangkaian televisyen Malaysia 8TV tahun

Ia mungkin diteruskan tahun depan jikalau Simon Fuller dan Simon Cowell tidak
menawarkan harga berpatutan untuk 8TV bagi menganjurkan musim ketiga
Malaysian Idol.


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