Monday, October 02, 2006

Novel 17 - Jamal's Eden In The East

Meow! This is Nemo.

This novel pays tribute to Stephen Oppenheimer's book Eden In The East which talks about the Malaysian Continent being the cradle of human civilisation.

Jamal Abdillah speaks to Zahid Baharuddin, Elliza Razak, Daniel Lee, Dina Nadzir, Alif Satar, Zaihanee Zainal Abidin (Zai), Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai), Asmawi Ani (Mawi), Salima Habibi, Haziq Rosebi, Alif Azfar Ishak, Lokman Mutalip, Shahmeen Shah Halim Shah (Ameen), Malisa Janudin, Zulkefli (Kefli) Idir, Fuad Azri, Bob Usop and Rosma Sidik.

They are gathered in a living room inside Farhan Azizan's secret world.

Jamal, a much-loved Malaysian pop star who hails from Zahid's hometown Teluk Intan in Perak state, is an anti-drug ambassador of Malaysia.

Jamal says: "Guys, I've just found Eden In The East. Follow me."

Elliza asks Zahid: "Bang, I hope it's OK."

Zahid replies: "Don't worry, Baby. Abang Jamal knows what he is talking about."

Jamal tells the Idols from Perak state to assemble in the central park of Teluk Intan, the original capital of the state.

Those from the other states also have to assemble in the central parks of the original capitals of their states.

Those from Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Sarawak and Sabah, assemble in Kangar, Sungai Petani, George Town, Klang, Seremban, Melaka, Muar, Pekan, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Baru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, respectively.

The Idols from America are made to assemble outside the United Nations building in New York.

Jamal tells Nemo: "Nemo, please take us to Eden."

Nemo says: "Meow!"

When the Idols open their eyes, they find that they have not moved at all.

However, things around them have changed drastically.

Jamal's SMS reads: "Meow! Abang Jamal, you have seen Eden once when you asked me to take you there.

"But Eden is not coming back until you guys help restore balance in the universe.

"Please bring Zainal Alam Kadir, Shuib Taib, John Tiong, Richard Tan, Hafidah Samat, Zulkarnain Taib and Farihad Mahmud with you."

Kelly Clarkson tells Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken in New York: "Look at this, guys. The UN building has changed."

The American Idols observe that all the flags outside the UN building are at half mast except those from China, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, and the developed world also known as The West.

Martin Sheen approaches Zahid and friends. He says: "Guys, R U OK? I'm the head of your district council."

Zahid says: "Hi, Mr Martin. Have a nice day. C U later."

Dina, who comes over from Johor Baru, says: "Love The West Wing."

When he leaves, the Malaysian Idols bite their lips.

Dina says: "Oh, my God. What has happened?"

Elliza hugs Zahid, and he does the same.

She gets emotional. "Bang! Why this happens, bang?!"

Clay sends a SMS to Zahid. He tells the Idols to meet at the UN building.

At the UN building, Kelly sends a SMS to American president George W. Bush.

He appears in hologram form.

He says: "Good morning humans. I hate to say this, but the world, except for China, Cuba, Venezuela and Vietnam, is firmly under me.

"I have successfully erased the memories of Muslims, Africans and other Third World peoples.

"America trustees all developing countries outside China, Cuba, Vietnam and Venezuela.

"There is no more chance for terrorism and evil cultures to thrive."

Faizal Tahir says: "Superman will make U pay for this, Mr Bush!"

Kaer says: "We are more powerful than U think!"

Nana taps Kaer. She says: "Sayang, I think I know how this happened."

She looks at her uncle, Zainal Alam Kadir, and his old pal Zulkarnain Taib.

Zainal says: "Yes, I did it. But it was all an accident.

"Zul stole my HP when I was in the toilet at home."

Zul says: "Guys! I can explain this. I did not do something to make us all suffer forever.

"Nemo would never have allowed it in the first place."

Farhan and Idayu tell Nana: "Perhaps, Zul has a point."

Kaer asks Zul: "OK, Mr Zul. What did you actually do?"

Zul explains: "A few months ago, I was hospitalised with hypertension. I am OK now.

"I was unconscious for slightly more than a day.

"While unconscious, I met a man, who resembled me. He said he was Sunan Ahmad, my famous ancestor.

"When I returned to work, I sneaked into Zainal Alam's house.

"He was then in the toilet.

"I sent a SMS to Nana and she lent her powers to Zainal Alam.

"When I went home that night, I wished for Bush to be all powerful.

In his living room, in Farhan's secret world, Mawi sits with his friends from Malaysian Nasyid groups and soloists.

One of them, Aqil Hayy, tells Mawi: "Brother, I don't know how could this happen. But what we all believe is, God is putting our faith to the test."

The members of leading Nasyid groups Raihan, Rabbani and Hijjaz nod in agreement. Likewise those from Mawi's own group Warriqissalam.

Salima Habibi, Haziq Rosebi, Alif Satar, Alif Azfar Ishak, Shahmeen Shah Halim Shah, Lokman Mutalip, Malisa Janudin, Kefli Idir, Fuad Azri and Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai) tell Mawi that they will help him defeat Bush and restore the dignity of the Ummah.

Haziq receives a HP call from his old pal Nadia Rusali. She tells him: "Adik, U can do it. Muah!"

Siblings Linda and Diana Rafar, who are singers and actresses from Mawi's home state of Johor, and siblings Ain and Ikin Rahmat, who are also singers and actresses from Johor, contact Mawi's HP.

They tell him that he is the chosen one who can save the world from Bush's hegemony.

Khai receives a HP call from Singaporean singers Taufik Batisah, Ferhad and Sylvester Sim.

They wish Khai, Mawi and his friends all the best in their mission to save humanity.

Syafinaz Selamat appears before Khai and tells him: "This is going to be a difficult task, and there will be trouble.

"But I am confident U guys will make it.

"Just stay united."

Her friend Noraniza Idris, another famous Johorean singer, appears and reminds them to take care of themselves.

Nana tells Kaer: "Sayang, U gotta use your powerful memory now. We R all depending on U."

Kaer says: "But Kak, please remember to brush your hair."

Nana says: "Don't worry. I will. And to help U, I'm calling all West Malaysian celebrities over.

"Felix, Yazer, Mas, EJ, Lotter, Rich, Linda, Marsha, Velvet, Adam, Ekin, Nora, Azam, Nikki, Rydee, Saiful, Nurul, Amy, Dayang, Adam Alli, Amirul, Anding, Bob and Reza will call the East Malaysian celebrities over."

Zila Seeron tells Kaer: "Bang. It won't hurt. We R all here for U."

Farhan, Sufiah Mohamad Noor, Farah Zulkifli, Xerra Zaimi, Nita Hamzah, Akma Abdullah, Idayu Yaakob, Anny Shariff, Mimi Shamsuddin, Aliya Abu Hassan, Faizal Ramly, Faizal Tahir, Diddy Muhid, Nik Aidil Nik Zamri, Ashvin Nair, Awal Ashaari, new artistes Liyana Jasmay, Intan Ladyana, Lydia Ibtisam, Anita Baharom, Akma Che Mat, Harnida Khausar, Siti Fazurina, Siti Elizad, Juliana Ibrahim, Raihan Zaki and Safina Sahidan, and the TV and radio presenters of Malaysia agree.

Akma tells Kaer: "Don't worry, twin. It'll be all right."

Saleem Majid, a dear friend of Faizal Ramly, who underwent drug rehab with Jamal, appears before him.

Saleem and the two Faizals are from Terengganu.

He says: "Hi, Faizals. Hi, Jamal. I had a dream last night. It told me, follow U guys and U will be cured.

"And U will cure others."

Jamal tells Saleem: "Did Mr Yunus Fathi, our rehab counsellor, agree to it?"

Saleem says: "Yes. He's very much a believer."

Farah looks at Saiful and Nurul, with a smile. She says: "Amazing indeed. Follow Nemo and you will be safe."

Nurul says: "Actually, Adik, Nemo gets his powers from the Almighty."

Amylea and Amy nod in agreement.

Farah smiles. "U R right, Kak."

Mawi asks Nemo to take him to the Malaysian prime minister and his deputy in Putrajaya.

He appears before them in their office.

Kelly tells the American Idols: "Guys and gals, let's contact all Western celebrities. We need their help for this mission impossible."

Jaclyn Victor and Suki Low, both from Kelly's circle, tell their members to work closely with the American, British and West European stars.

Dina, Zahid and Khai speak to Mawi. They tell him to make sure the PM and DPM are all right.

Nemo meows at Khai and tells him that there is a grave danger in town.

"What is it, Nemo?" asks Khai.

A text message appears in Khai's HP courtesy of Nemo.

It says that Osama Bin Laden and all his dead henchmen have been revived by Bush to spread terror to the ends of the earth.

Osama had been killed when Bush bombed Afghanistan.

But Bush's men took a strand of hair from all the terrorists they killed, and cloned these monstrous people.

Kelly Clarkson receives a call from Colombian superstar Shakira and America's Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek.

The trio tell the Idols that they should meet up with Hugo Chavez.

Chavez meets the Idols somewhere in Caracas, Venezuela.

He tells them that he had a strange dream in which 10 magical stones had to be retrieved by Malaysian pop king Jamal, in order for Bush to be stopped.

Only Jamal can handle the stones. They have to be deposited in the Centre Of The Universe for Bush to be stopped.

Taylor Hicks tells Clay: "Mr Chavez is nicer than I thought. Looks like many things we read in our papers back home can only be taken with a pinch of salt."

Kelly tells Vince, Linda and Marsha that Chavez, most Latin Americans and a sizeable number of Canadians and Americans have their roots in the natives of Sabah, East Malaysia.

These Americans include herself, Nicole McKibbin, Diana DeGarmo, Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, Shakira, Hayek, Lopez, Argentinian soccer star Diego Maradona, Chavez (a dear friend of Maradona), and pop king Michael Jackson.

Velvet Aduk and Karen Tan tell Kelly that it could be possible that Malaysia is the Centre Of The Universe in Chavez's dream.

Marsha contacts composer and pop star M. Nasir, the principal of Akademi Fantasia 3. She asks the meaning of the word Nusantara, which is an alternative name of Malaysia.

Nasir, who is having a drink with his old pals from rock and folk band Kopratasa, and with veteran musicians Ramli M S and Ramli Sarip (both Akademi Fantasia principals), tells her that it means Middle Kingdom.

Marsha tells Velvet and Karen that they could well be right.

She says: "We've got Mr World Mawi and Mr Universe Zainal Alam Kadir."

Velvet says that perhaps, they have to deposit the stones in the garden of the sultan of Johor's palace.

Vince says: "You've got a point, Velvet. Khai once told us that Johor was Malaysia's ancient centre, and the centre of Johor has to be the palace."

Jaclyn says: "Yes, Dina told me the same thing, too."

Mawi receives a call from singers Waheeda and Bienda. They tell the Idols that Nemo appeared in their dreams, and scratched on the ground in the Johor palace gardens.

He contacts Jaclyn.

Diana DeGarmo is with Adam Mat Saman, Rydee Rahim, Nikki Palikat, Ekin Rahman, Nora Daud, Azam Yakob, singers Pija Yasin, Naufara Yasin, Yanie Julkarim, Fiq Halim, Balkish Khan, Gracie Ehtah, Rachel Ansibin, Eyza Shariff (sometimes called Eyza Shahrim), Ayu Damit, Awin Awang, Syira Adilun, Aifa Mobil, Dayangku Intan, Dewiyana Awang, Azharina Azhar, models Ava Vanja and Rini Arshad, and TV presenters Farish Aziz (Rydee's cousin), Paula Malai Ali, Jenny Malai Ali and Shanna Avril.

She tells them that Chavez's pal Evo Morales contacted her and provided good information on the stones based on a dream he had.

The 10 stones are to be found in 10 different places around the planet.

Two are located in holy cities, one in the heart of the world's greatest empire, one in Frank Sinatra's ancestral home, one in Bob Marley's ancestral home, one where Hugh Jackman lives, one where the Great Reformer is buried, one in the capital of Chapati, one in Leslie Cheung's home, and one at the most famous muddy river.

Ekin says: "Let me guess. The muddy river is KL."

Nikki says the holy cities are Mecca and Jerusalem.

Adam says Frank's home is Rome.

Rydee says Jackman's home is Sydney.

Nora says Leslie's home is Hong Kong.

Azam says the Chapati capital is New Delhi.

Diana herself thinks Addis Ababa, capital of Africa, is Bob Marley's ancestral home.

The Malai Ali siblings HP Evan Sanders, their dear friend who is an MTV VJ from Indonesia.

He tells them that he will send his co-star Jessica Iskandar from the Indonesian romantic film Dealova over to their room.

Jessica is a dear friend of Nikki and Adam. She acted with Adam and diva Ning Baizura, who arrives shortly with the KRU brothers, in a film called Diva.

Ning tells Adam: "I know the answer to the one on the empire. It's London."

Jessica appears and cuddles Adam, Nikki, Rydee, Ekin and Nora.

She tells them that the country's hottest film stars and singers were all approached by Nemo.

The cat told them that the Reformer's name was Jamaluddin and his home is Kabul.

"The Indonesian entertainment world is right behind U guys and gals," she says.

Ning and Norman Halim of KRU wish her well, and say that the Malaysian entertainment industry is supporting the Idols and their mission, too.

Saiful Yusof (Apek) and his sidekicks from the TV series Agent 016 appear. He says: "Let's call it Mission 1511, after Felix Agus' and Marsha Londoh's new film which is a Malaysian-Indonesian production."

Saiful Yusof and his sidekicks ask Adam about Kaer, Nana, Vince and Jaclyn.

Adam sends his Idol pals SMS messages, telling them to expect a visit from the king of Malaysian comedy and his sidekicks.

Mawi receives a call from his friend, actor Que Haidar. Que tells Mawi to support his new film Cinta (Love) for the Best Film award in the coming Malaysian Film Festival.

Sharifah Amani and her mother Fatimah Abu Bakar give Farah Anuar and Amylea Azizan a call.

They tell Farah and friends to give the film support, too. Both of them acted in it.

Amylea and Farah reply: "Right on, Incredibles!"

Farah tells Amylea: "I've gotta wonderful idea. Let's get the water from the magic river in Bujang Valley."

As soon as they get a bottle of water from the river, they tell Nemo to brush himself on it.

Amirul and Amy approach the bottle.

He says: "Nemo, I wish this water will rain down on this planet and destroy all terrorists.

"Let the water plant the song of Babe in the ears of every terrorist."

She says: "And let it melt them."

Zainal tells them: "Here's my good pal Azman Ahmad of The New Straits Times. Let his favourite word be planted in the minds of every terrorist."

Amirul HPs Zila and Daniel and tells them to multiply the message.

Saiful suggests that Amy's hornbill avatar attacks every terrorist.

She agrees and tells Nemo to make the water bring a multitude of hornbills to the terrorists.

Mawi tells Salima and Haziq that he has to go to the toilet.

There, he contacts the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He says he will work with them.

Mawi then contacts Kaer and Nana and tells them his plan.

He says: "Keep it secret from the others."

John Tiong knocks on the door.

"Coming," says Mawi.

Shuib Taib comes up to John.

He asks if John has seen Mawi because he has something important to tell Mr World.

Mawi emerges from the toilet and greets Shuib and John.

Shuib says: "Mawi, I've just got a call from Amr Dhiab.

"He says that he has received news from the US CIA that Osama and Company have polluted the water supply of every nation and planted bombs in every building on the planet.

"Amr received this news from the stars of Bollywood such as Salman and Shah Rukh Khan.

"They in turn got the news from Nemo when they visited Kuala Lumpur a few days ago."

Mawi calls Khai and says: "Wow! Your cat is really World. He knows everything and talks to everybody."

Khai says: "No, actually, he gives our friends in the entertainment world the power to dream of ideas to help us.

"And the power to detect bad guys whom we all fear."

Mawi gets in touch with the CIA again. He is told to steal all the 10 stones.

Mawi tells Jaclyn that he will collect the stones and transfer them to Jamal.

He then contacts Daniel and Zila. He asks them to lend their powers for a short while.

Half an hour later, Mawi returns with the stones. He approaches Jamal, Saleem, Faizal, Zahid, Dina and Elliza.

Teen rocker Ikhwal Hafiz Ismail, from Zahid's hometown, is with them.

Ikhwal tells Zahid: "Is Mawi sure that he's got the right stones?"

Zahid commends Ikhwal for his maturity. He says: "I'm sure he has. If they are the wrong stones, our pussycat will tell us."

Jamal says: "They are the wrong stones. I have a terrible feeling they are the wrong stones."

Saleem says: "I don't think they are either."

Khai and Jasmine contact Mawi. They tell him that they have intercepted news that the terrorists have planted explosives inside every single building on the planet.

"Oh, no! This is serious," says Mawi.

He contacts Nana and Jaclyn.

Nana tells him: "I guess it's time to activate our destructive satellite, called The Rock.

"To all our friends in the entertainment world, I give them the powers of my circle's members."

Vince and Karen receive calls from Chinese film stars Gong Li, Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi. The film stars thank the Idols for roping them in to help thwart Bush and Osama.

Daniel is also thanked by the same stars, who include his idol Jay Chou. Chou also sends his best wishes to Adam and members of his circle.

Bush gets a visit from Saiful Yusof, in the form of his alter-ego, Lizard Man. He is joined by AC Mizal and Adlin Aman Ramlie, as their alter-egos the Ginger Twins, and Aznil Nawawi, as Dr Clone.

“You will pay for this, Mr Bush!” they say.

Bush points to a rubber band on his desk. The Malaysian super heroes disappear.

Just then, Mr Bean appears. Bush says: “Oh, no! Not you again!”

He HPs Blair and asks him to remove Rowan Atkinson’s anti-hero.

Ekin, Adam, Nora, Rydee and Nikki tell Azam: “Great job, Along! You made Mr Bush very sick!”

Mentor stars Khatijah Hassan (Kat), Nabil Damanhuri, Alynn Lajis, Fahmy Jaafar (Dina’s cousin), Iwan Roslan, Zarul Hisham and Nana Muhammad, visit Khai, Zahid, Dina, Elliza, Daniel, Alif, Zai, Mawi, Salima and Haziq.

They are joined by Saiful Yusof’s pals from the Senario comic troupe Azlee Jaafar (Fahmy’s brother), Wahid Mohamad, Mazlan Ahmad, Shamsul Azhar Alaiddin, Yasin Yahaya, Illya Buang Shaharum, Hamdan Ramli and Farouk Hussain.

And by members of Ruffedge including Nana Muhammad’s hubby Syed Hussain Syed Mustaffa.

Film stars Sheila Rusly, Sharifah Shahirah, Sharifah Haslinda, Erma Fatima, Umie Aida and Betty Rahmad also drop by.

The visiting celebrities tell Khai and Mawi that the water supply in Kuala Lumpur has been contaminated and they have to do something to save KLites.

Mawi says: “Don’t worry. Everything is under control. There is no poison in the water.”

Erma, Umie and Betty contact Mas Ghani and Burn Thevandran. They ask the duo to send Elliott Yamin into the water.

Elliott tells Burn and Mas he is ready to take a dip in the Selangor River. He does so, and finds that it is merely contaminated with Vitamin C.

Lotter and Felix transform into bees and fly into the water. They find it very tasty.

Rich Gimbang and Yazer Yusoff introduce Lotter and Felix to members of Rich’s band Estranged.

Jaclyn gives Rich a call on his HP. She says: “Hi, Estranged! You guys really bowled me over during the Era Radio Awards.”

Nabil and Khai have slight headaches, but Kat and Malisa remove their pain.

“Thanks,” says Khai. He asks Kat how’s her brother-in-law Suhaimi Abdul Rahman or Amy Search, the Malaysian king of rock.

She replies that he and his actress daughter Nabila Huda Suhaimi are currently meeting members of Queen and other international rock bands in London.

Vonzell Solomon, Nadia Turner, Paris Bennett and Lisa Tucker tell Burn, Atilia Sarani, Trish De Cruz, Trish’s cousins Rachel and Dianne Guerzo, Emily Jane Wong, Felix, Lotter, Rich, Yazer and Mas, that they will fortify all Idols with firewalls lest the terrorists try to destroy them.

Rich HPs rocker Ellyana Emrizal and asks how she is keeping. She tells him she is now with Kaer, to help back up his photographic memory powers.

The Malaysian film beauties including Fasha Sandha, Fazura, Rita Rudaini and Nisdawati Nazaruddin, have been roped in by Nana to help her and Kaer.

Both Rita and Nisdawati, who recently had a tiff, have since made up. The duo hugged Kaer and were cured of their anger towards each other.

Farah Zulkifli’s pals Abby Suhaimi and Erna Rosli are also helping Nana and Kaer. Likewise with Akma’s fellow Kuala Kangsar celebrities Nanu Baharuddin, Zehra Zambri and Juliana Ibrahim.

Farhan tells Anny, Aliya and Mimi that they possess her powers and act as her back-up.

The same it is with singers Saer Ze, Leez Rosli, Liya Khairul and Tasha Nordin.

Faizal Ramly and Faizal Tahir, who possess similar powers, tell Awal Ashaari that he is their back-up.

Prominent husband-and-wife film stars Rashidi Ishak and Vanidah Imran, and Norman Hakim and Abby Abadi, have been roped in to help Daniel. They are to back up Daniel’s powers of multiplying the Idols’ avatars.

Daniel is also helped by singers Fauzi Wahab, Winnie Kok, Loke Wan Ching and Cindy Chang.

Saiful, Nurul, Farah, Amy, Amylea, Amirul, Dayang, Adam Alli, Atie and Azza, have been joined by “Mrs Incredible” Fatimah Abu Bakar and her children, Malaysian Idol hosts Cheryl Samad and Soo Kui Jien, Mentor stars Hidayah Othman, Dewi Liyana and Nabiella Nazari, and the bulk of Kedah and Sarawak sweeties.

And hot shot stars Faizal Hussein and Rosyam Nor, who are cousins.

The guests have been given the powers of Amy and Amylea. Dayang, too, has similar powers.

Talented musicians Eric Moo, Shanon Shah and Az Samad help Zamil and his circle. Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti join the same circle, as do the Pop Shuvit, OAG and Pretty Ugly members.

The Shuvit boys tell Zamil that they hope Malaysian TV and radio stations will give more room for Indie music.

Optimistic Zamil says he is very sure the stations and the government will be grateful for their help in saving humanity from terrorists.

His close pals from Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) greet the Indie bands.

Edlin Rahim, Zarina Zainoordin, Liza Ismail and Nija Tahar lend Andrew Tan a bit of their powers of radiation.

Edlin says: “Just blow at your fingers. Don’t worry. It won’t burn you.”

Adam tells Sabahan singer Ambrose Mudi, Fiq Halim of Mentor, Akademi Fantasia prelude contestant Haider Ariff, and his own Edsco band mates Ijan Tahir and Sabhi Saddi that they will have Ekin’s and Nora’s powers.

Sahri and Fazly tell Ayu Baharuddin of Mentor, their old pal, that she will have their powers as well as Ekin’s and Nora’s.

Actresses Wong Sze Zen and Amber Chia who are with Vince and Linda contact Vick Teo.

They tell him that this mission is far scarier than their film Nephesh Seed (Seed Of Darkness).

Nana's fellow singer from Muar, Johor, Nieyl Zailani, of Mentor, taps Diddy Muhid, and asks him if he knows composer Ajai's new HP number.

Nieyl's mentor is Nurul Wahab, the ex-wife of Ajai.

Diddy readily gives Ajai's new number to Nieyl.

He says: "That will be one sushi meal at Sushi King in Mid Valley Megamall."

She smacks his hand gently.

"I'm only joking, Nieyl!"

She replies: "So am I!"

Vince's fans, young actresses Liyana Suradi and Dilla, contact him. They decide to help Karen and Velvet defeat the terrorists by borrowing their powers.

Syed Rizal Alwi of Mentor contacts Karen and asks if she is all right.

She replies: "Don't worry, Rizal. We can handle it."

Rizal is a dear friend of Bob, Anding and Reza.

Osama and his terrorists click the central button in their magical hideout. They expect to blast every building on the planet to smithereens.

Kelly tells Nana to activate The Rock.

Bush tells the CIA director to bust The Rock at the touch of a button.

The Rock explodes.

However, the powers of the Idols are unleashed on Bush and his madcap supporters, as well as on Osama and his madcap supporters.

Kelly tells Nana: "How on earth did our Rock explode?"

Mawi explains: "I pulled a fast one on Bush. He wanted me to thwart our plan. So I told Nana and Kaer to have The Rock explode."

Kaer says: "The moment it exploded, its powers hit Bush, Osama and their henchmen."

Nana says: "Bush and his men will now lose their memories. As for Osama, he is finished, with many of his violent followers.

"As for his non-violent followers, they meet the same fate as Bush."

Kaer collapses. He has absorbed all information around the planet on Bush and Osama.

The beauties in his living room, both from his circle and from the local entertainment industry, press him gently.

Nana tells them: "Don't worry. He'll be all right." She hugs him tightly.

Vince also collapses, and is gradually revived by the beauties in his circle, and those from the international entertainment industry.

Likewise with Adam, who is revived by his circle's beauties and Indonesia's Jessica Iskandar.

And Amirul and Saiful, who are revived by the beauties of their circle, and the sweet Kedah and Sarawak stars.

Alam tells his journalist friends: "Don't U think it amazing that U can zap all the baddies at one go?"

Hafida says: "Truly amazing!"

Shuib nods in agreement.

John Tiong asks: "I wonder who is Nemo actually."

Alam says: "Maybe, a good ancestor reborn as a good cat. Maybe, a nephew of my departed cats Woogie and Creamy, who were so good to me."

Adi Fashla calls for Woogie and Creamy. They appear and come up to him and Zamil.

The cat spirits greet the journalists, too.

Luciano Pavarotti and Andre Bocelli greet Zamil. He greets them in return.

Pavarotti and Bocelli call him Emilio Puccini.

Vince slowly recovers. Daphne Iking and Amber Chia introduce him to Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls.

They tell him that they are happy to have helped the Idols stop terrorists on both sides of the divide.

The Black Eyed Peas, Atomic Kitten, the Hilton siblings, Nicole Richie, her father Lionel Richie, and the Dixie Chicks also greet Vince and friends.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas tells Vince that she'll be appearing in more movies the coming year.

Taylor, Clay, Ruben, Mandisa, Justin, Bo and Chris ask Mawi if the 10 stones are real.

He says: "They are not real. They were duplicated by the great magicians Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale."

Bale and Jackman appear. The Idols thank them.

Mawi hands over the real stones to Jamal and Saleem. The duo, with Nemo's help, plant the stones in all the right places.

They plant the stones in the centres of government of all the said locations.

Saiful rests in a living room. Sharifah Amani, Sharifah Aleya (her elder sister), Sharifah Aryani (her younger sister), Cheryl Samad, Aznil Nawawi, Soo Kui Jien, Atie, Nurul, Farah, Azza, Amy, Amylea, Dayang Nurfaizah, Erema, Camelia, Deja Moss, Hidayah, Dia Fadila, Dewi, Nabiella, Adam Alli Kawi, Amirul, and Siti Fazurina are with him.

The beauties feel his temperature, and find that he is all right.

Atie says: "Adik, does it still hurt?"

Saiful says: "Not when Kak Atie is around."

Nurul smacks Saiful gently.

Amylea says: "Saiful, I'm so happy that you didn't nose-bleed. I'm always terrified if that happens."

Amy says: "Me, too, honey."

Katharine McPhee and Kellie Pickler speak to Vince in another living room. They tell him that they have just seen Bush on TV, announcing something very shocking.

Bush, on CNN, says that American foreign policy is set to take a different course.

Jamal and Saleem are greeted by Ako Mustapha and Jehan Miskin. They also greet the other Idols.

"Thank God you and the Idols have done it," says Jehan.

"No, thank God WE have all done it," says Jamal.

"Your prayers and faith in God won the day, too."

Saleem says: "He answers prayers."

The Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol and One In A Million crew greet the Idols and thank them for a job well done.

Freddie Fernandez and Ahmad Izham Omar tell Jaclyn and Vince: "We knew you guys would do it. Happy New Year and have a great year ahead," says Fernandez.

Karen Tan meets an up-and-coming singer from Sabah, Karen Kong, a protege of Johan Farid Khairuddin, who is a dear friend of Adi Fashla and Zamil.

She introduces Karen Kong to Vince, Jaclyn, Linda and Marsha. She embraces them.

Jaclyn says: "Like your hit song, Hello Kitty. So like JFK."

Karen Kong smiles. "Hello Kitty IS JFK," she says.

Jamal and Saleem take the Idols to Teluk Intan, Jamal's hometown.

He asks Nemo: "Is Eden here yet?"

Nemo sends him a SMS message: "Count to 10, everybody!"

After 10 seconds, the Idols open their eyes and find that there are many mountains and forests to the west of Teluk Intan, which is very near the Straits Of Melaka.

Nemo then creates floating force fields and the Idols enter these force fields.

Jamal and Saleem receive their own force fields, too.

The Idols, Nemo, Jamal and Saleem float over Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor and the Philippines.

They find that the lost continent of Atlantis is really the Malaysian sub-continent.

The South China Sea has become a mass of mountains, rivers and forests. So has the Melaka Straits. And the Sunda Straits.

Jogjakarta has become the new port of South-East Asia. Singapore remains a thriving commercial centre.

Nemo brings them to the site of Kota Gelanggi near Johor Baru. To their surprise, the Idols find the fort rebuilt.

TV presenter Mahadzir Lokman tells the Native Malaysian Idols of West Malaysia that their ancestors, the ancient kings of Malaysia, lived in Kota Gelanggi, thousands of years ago.

"Come in, ladies and gentlemen," he says.

Inside the fort, the Idols meet Sunan Ahmad. He says: "Please read my HP's SMS."

"Atlantis is your home. It was a great place, but sadly, it was sunken by the Great Flood of Noah's time.

"You are all Atlanteans. Atlanteans are noble people. Please be Atlanteans at all times.

"If you guys want to keep a solemn promise, allow Zul to go around the world and universe."

Khai smiles and looks at Mawi.

Nana smiles and looks at Zainal Alam Kadir.

Zulkarnain Taib walks around both Mawi (World) and Zainal Alam Kadir (Universe).

Sunan Ahmad says: "Thank you, may God bless you always."

Back in Farhan's secret living room, Jamal and Saleem thank the Idols.

"We feel liberated because we got connected to our true origins.

"We will tell all Native Malaysians to get connected to their true origins. Only then will they break out of their bad habits and become great humans," says Jamal.

Zahid and Elliza wish them well. "May the Lord be with you guys always," says Elliza.

Kelly and her circle, as well as Burn's circle, welcome DJ Xandria Ooi and MTV VJs Amanda Griffin, Sarah Tan and Denise Keller into their living room in Farhan's secret world.

The DJs and VJs tell Kelly that they will readily help the Idols in their future missions to better humanity.

Kelly says: "Happy New Year 2007 everybody. Remember those who aren't here. May we meet them again some day."

Novel 17 - Jamal Bertemu Kayangan Di Timur

Meow! Ini Nemo.

Novel ini diilhamkan oleh buku Stephen Oppenheimer, Eden In The East, yang menerangkan bahawa Alam Melayu adalah permulaan tamadun manusia.

Jamal Abdillah sedang berbual dengan Zahid Baharuddin, Elliza Razak, Daniel Lee, Dina Nadzir, Alif Satar, Zaihanee Zainal Abidin (Zai), Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai), Asmawi Ani (Mawi), Salima Habibi, Haziq Rosebi, Alif Azfar Ishak, Lokman Mutalip, Shahmeen Shah Halim Shah (Ameen), Malisa Janudin, Zulkefli (Kefli) Idir, Fuad Azri, Bob Usop dan Rosma Sidik.

Mereka sedang berbual di sebuah bilik tamu dalam dunia ajaib Farhan Azizan.

Jamal, seorang raja pop Malaysia yang amat disayangi, serta rakan kampung Zahid dari Teluk Intan di Perak, adalah duta anti-dadah Malaysia.

Jamal berkata: "Guys, abang baru saja jumpa Kayangan Di Timur. Mari ikut abang."

Elliza berkata kepada Zahid: "Bang, Baby harap ni OK."

Zahid menjawab: "Jangan risau, Baby. Abang Jamal tahu apa yang dia cakap."

Jamal menyuruh Idola dari Perak berkumpul di dataran bandaran Teluk Intan, iaitu ibu negeri Perak yang asal.

Idola dari negeri lain kena berkumpul di dataran bandaran ibu negeri asal mereka.

Orang Perlis kena berkumpul di Kangar, orang Kedah di Sungai Petani, orang Pulau Pinang di George Town, orang Selangor di Klang, orang Negeri Sembilan di Seremban, orang Melaka di Bandaraya Melaka, orang Johor di Muar, orang Pahang di Pekan, orang Terengganu di Kuala Terengganu, orang Kelantan di Kota Baru, orang Sarawak di Kuching dan orang Sabah di Kota Kinabalu.

Idola dari Amerika kena berkumpul di depan bangunan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB/UN) di New York.

Jamal berkata kepada Nemo: "Nemo, tolong hantar kita ke sana."

Nemo menjawab: "Meow!"

Apabila Idola membuka mata, mereka masih berada di tempat yang sama.

Walau bagaimanapun, persekitaran sudah berubah dengan drastik.

SMS di HP Jamal berbunyi: "Meow! Abang Jamal, anda telahpun berjumpa dengan Kayangan apabila abang suruh saya bawa anda ke sana.

"Malangnya, Kayangan telah pergi dan hanya akan pulang apabila kita semua berganding bahu untuk mengimbangkan alam manusia ini.

"Tolong bawakan Zainal Alam Kadir, Shuib Taib, John Tiong, Richard Tan, Hafidah Samat, Zulkarnain Taib dan Farihad Mahmud."

Kelly Clarkson berkata kepada Taylor Hicks dan Clay Aiken di New York: "Look at this, guys. The UN building has changed."

Idola Amerika mendapati bahawa semua bendera negara di luar bangunan PBB kecuali bendera China, Cuba, Vietnam dan Venezuela, serta bendera negara maju, dikibarkan separuh tiang.

Martin Sheen mendekati Zahid dan kawannya. Katanya: "Guys, R U OK? I'm the head of your district council."

Zahid berkata: "Hi, Mr Martin. Have a nice day. C U later."

Dina, yang datang dari Johor Baru, berkata: "Love The West Wing."

Apabila Martin beredar, Idola Malaysia itu menggigit bibir masing-masing.

Dina berkata: "Oh, my God. Apa dah jadi ni?"

Elliza memeluk Zahid, dan Zahid ikut serta.

Dengan emosi, Elliza berkata: "Bang! Apa dah jadi ni, bang?!"

Clay menghantar SMS kepada Zahid. Dia menyuruh semua Idola berkumpul di luar PBB.

Di bangunan PBB, Kelly menghantar SMS kepada presiden Amerika, George W. Bush.

Dia muncul dalam bentuk hologram.

Bush berkata: "Good morning humans. I hate to say this, but the world, except for China, Cuba, Venezuela and Vietnam, is firmly under me.

Faizal Tahir berkata: "Superman akan ajar kamu, Mr Bush!"

Kaer berkata: "Jangan pandang rendah kuasa kami!"

Nana menepuk Kaer. Katanya: "Sayang, kak tau macam mana ni boleh jadi."

Nana memandang ke arah pak ciknya, Zainal Alam Kadir, dan kawan lamanya Zulkarnain Taib.

Zainal berkata: "Ya, saya yang buatnya. Tapi ini semua kemalangan.

"Zul curi HP saya bila saya dalam tandas di rumah."

Zul berkata: "Guys! Saya boleh terangkan. Saya tak berniat menyusahkan semua orang.

"Nemo tak akan benarkan saya buat zalim terhadap orang lain."

Farhan dan Idayu memberitahu Nana: "Mungkin Encik Zul ada point."

Kaer bertanya kepada Zul: "OK, Mr Zul. Apa yang kamu buat?"

Zul berkata: "Beberapa bulan yang lalu, saya masuk hospital akibat tekanan hyper. Saya OK sekarang.

"Saya tak sedar diri untuk lebih sehari.

"Semasa tak sedar diri, saya jumpa seorang lelaki yang mukanya macam saya. Dia kata dia adalah Sunan Ahmad, nenek moyang saya.

Di bilik tamu Mawi, dalam dunia ajaib Farhan, Mawi duduk bersama rakan Nasyidnya dari seluruh Malaysia.

Aqil Hayy berkata kepada Mawi: "Saudara, saya tak tau macam mana ni boleh terjadi. Tapi ini semua dugaan Nya."

Penyanyi Nasyid dari kumpulan Raihan, Rabbani dan Hijjaz bersetuju. Begitu juga dengan ahli kumpulan Mawi.

Salima Habibi, Haziq Rosebi, Alif Satar, Alif Azfar Ishak, Shahmeen Shah Halim Shah, Lokman Mutalip, Malisa Janudin, Kefli Idir, Fuad Azri dan Khairul Nizam Wahi (Khai) berikrar membantu Mawi mengalahkan Bush dan menyelamatkan Ummah.

Haziq menerima panggilan HP dari kawan lamanya Nadia Rusali. Nadia berkata: "Adik, U boleh berjaya. Muah!"

Adik-beradik Linda dan Diana Rafar, penyanyi dan aktres dari Johor, dan adik-beradik Ain dan Ikin Rahmat, yang juga penyanyi dan aktres dari Johor, menghubungi HP Mawi.

Mereka berkata Mawi adalah manusia yang dipilih untuk selamatkan dunia dari cengkaman Bush.

Khai menerima panggilan HP dari penyanyi Singapura Taufik Batisah, Ferhad dan Sylvester Sim.

Mereka mengirim salam perjuangan kepada Khai, Mawi dan kawan mereka.

Syafinaz Selamat muncul di depan Khai dan berkata: "Misi ini memang susah dan mencabar.

"Tapi saudara-saudari semua boleh berjaya.

"Saudara-saudari perlu bersatu dalam perjuangan."

Kawan Syafinaz, Noraniza Idris, yang juga artis Johor terkenal, muncul dan mengingati mereka supaya berwaspada.

Nana berkata kepada Kaer: "Sayang, U kena gunakan memori hebat mu. Kita semua harapkan memori adik."

Kaer berkata: "Tapi Kak, U pun kena berus rambut mu."

Nana berkata: "Jangan takut. Kak akan berus rambut. Dan untuk bantu adik, kak akan hubungi semua selebriti Malaysia Barat.

"Felix, Yazer, Mas, EJ, Lotter, Rich, Linda, Marsha, Velvet, Adam, Ekin, Nora, Azam, Nikki, Rydee, Saiful, Nurul, Amy, Dayang, Adam Alli, Amirul, Anding, Bob dan Reza akan hubungi selebriti Malaysia Timur."

Zila Seeron berkata kepada Kaer: "Bang takkan sakit. Kami semua kan ada."

Farhan, Sufiah Mohamad Noor, Farah Zulkifli, Xerra Zaimi, Nita Hamzah, Akma Abdullah, Idayu Yaakob, Anny Shariff, Mimi Shamsuddin, Aliya Abu Hassan, Faizal Ramly, Faizal Tahir, Diddy Muhid, Nik Aidil Nik Zamri, Ashvin Nair, Awal Ashaari,
artis baru Liyana Jasmay, Intan Ladyana, Lydia Ibtisam, Anita Baharom, Akma Che Mat, Harnida Khausar, Siti Fazurina, Siti Elizad, Juliana Ibrahim, Raihan Zaki dan Safina Sahidan, dan penyampai TV dan radio di Malaysia bersetuju.

Akma berkata kepada Kaer: "Jangan risau, adik kembar. Semua akan beres."

Saleem Majid, kawan baik Faizal Ramly, yang baru keluar dari pusat pemulihan dadah bersama Jamal, muncul di depannya.

Saleem dan dua orang Faizal berasal dari Terengganu.

Saleem berkata: "Hi, dua Faizal. Hi, Jamal. Saya baru mimpi malam tadi. Pasal jika saya ikut saudara-saudari, saya akan sembuh.

"Dan kita akan sembuhkan yang lain."

Jamal berkata kepada Saleem: "Adakah Encik Yunus Fathi, kaunselor kita, setuju?"

Saleem berkata: "Ya. Dia 100 peratus setuju."

Farah memandang ke arah Saiful dan Nurul, sambil tersenyum. Dia berkata: "Hebat sungguh. Ikut Nemo dan anda akan selamat."

Nurul berkata: "Sebenarnya, Adik, Nemo dapat kuasa ajaib tu dariNya."

Amylea dan Amy bersetuju.

Farah tersenyum. "U R right, Kak."

Mawi menyuruh Nemo membawanya melawat perdana menteri Malaysia dan timbalannya di Putrajaya.

Dia muncul dalam pejabat PM dan TPM.

Kelly berkata kepada ahli American Idol: "Guys and gals, let's contact all Western celebrities. We need their help for this mission impossible."

Jaclyn Victor dan Suki Low, dari bulatan Kelly, menyuruh ahli kumpulan mereka bekerjasama dengan selebriti Amerika, British dan Eropah Barat itu.

Dina, Zahid dan Khai menyuruh Mawi pastikan PM dan TPM selamat dari bahaya.

Nemo mengiau dan memberitahu Khai bahawa ancaman besar sudahpun muncul di dunia.

"Apa tu, Nemo?" tanya Khai.

Mesej teks dalam HP Khai muncul.

Katanya, Osama Bin Laden dan semua pengikutnya yang terbunuh telahpun dihidupkan semula oleh Bush untuk melakukan keganasan di muka bumi ini.

Osama telah terbunuh dalam pengeboman ke atas Afghanistan.

Pengikut Bush menggunakan rambut dari semua pengganas yang dibunuh untuk mengklon pengganas itu.

Kelly Clarkson menerima panggilan HP dari penyanyi sensasi Colombia Shakira dan bintang Amerika Jennifer Lopez dan Salma Hayek.

Mereka berkata Idola patut berjumpa dengan Hugo Chavez.

Chavez berjumpa dengan Idola di tengah bandaraya Caracas, Venezuela.

Dia telah bermimpi kononnya 10 batu ajaib mesti ditemui dan disimpan oleh Jamal agar Bush dapat ditewaskan.

Hanya Jamal dapat menggunakan batu itu. Dia mesti meletakkan batu itu di Pusat Alam.

Taylor Hicks berkata kepada Clay: "Mr Chavez is nicer than I thought. Looks like many things we read in our papers back home can only be taken with a pinch of salt."

Kelly berkata kepada Vince, Linda dan Marsha bahawa Chavez, kebanyakan orang Amerika Latin dan sebahagian besar orang Kanada dan Amerika berdarah pribumi Sabah.

Orang Amerika ini termasuklah dirinya sendiri, Nicole McKibbin, Diana DeGarmo, Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, Shakira, Hayek, Lopez, bintang bola sepak Argentina Diego Maradona, Chavez (kawan baik Maradona), dan raja pop Michael Jackson.

Velvet Aduk dan Karen Tan memberitahu Kelly bahawa Malaysia mungkin Pusat Alam yang dimaksudkan oleh Chavez.

Marsha menghubungi komposer dan raja pop M. Nasir, pengetua Akademi Fantasia 3. Dia bertanyakan maksud Nusantara, nama alternatif bagi Malaysia.

Nasir, yang sedang minum bersama rakan lamanya dari kumpulan rock dan lagu rakyat Kopratasa, dan pemuzik veteran Ramli M S dan Ramli Sarip (kedua-duanya adalah bekas pengetua Akademi Fantasia), berkata maksudnya ialah Negara Pusat Alam.

Marsha memberitahu Velvet dan Karen bahawa hujah mereka itu mungkin benar.

Katanya: "Kita ada Mr World Mawi dan Mr Universe Zainal Alam Kadir."

Velvet berkata batu ajaib itu mungkin patut diletakkan di perkarangan istana sultan Johor.

Vince berkata: "Velvet mungkin betul. Khai pernah kata Johor ialah pusat asal Malaysia dan pusat Johor mestilah istana."

Jaclyn berkata: "Ya, Dina pernah cakap macam tu."

Mawi menerima panggilan dari penyanyi Waheeda dan Bienda. Mereka berkata Nemo muncul dalam mimpi mereka dan mencakar taman di Istana Johor.

Mawi menghubungi Jaclyn.

Diana DeGarmo sedang berbincang denagn Adam Mat Saman, Rydee Rahim, Nikki Palikat, Ekin Rahman, Nora Daud, Azam Yakob, penyanyi Pija Yasin, Naufara Yasin, Yanie Julkarim, Fiq Halim, Balkish Khan, Gracie Ehtah, Rachel Ansibin, Eyza Shariff (juga dipanggil Eyza Shahrim), Ayu Damit, Awin Awang, Syira Adilun, Aifa Mobil, Dayangku Intan, Dewiyana Awang, Azharina Azhar, model Ava Vanja dan Rini Arshad, dan hos TV Farish Aziz (saudara jauh Rydee), Paula Malai Ali, Jenny Malai Ali dan Shanna Avril.

Katanya kawan Chavez iaitu Evo Morales menghubunginya dan memberi info berguna pasal 10 ketul batu yang didapatinya dalam mimpi.

Batu itu didapati di 10 tempat berlainan di dunia.

Dua dalam kota suci, satu di pusat empayar terhandal, satu di kampung asal Frank Sinatra, satu di kampung asal Bob Marley, satu di kampung Hugh Jackman, satu di makam guru teragung, satu di pusat Capati dunia, satu di kampung Leslie Cheung, dan satu di sungai berlumpur termasyhur.

Ekin berkata: "Biar saya teka. Sungai lumpur tu KL."

Nikki berkata kota suci itu Mekah dan Baitul Muqaddis.

Adam berkata kampung Frank ialah Rom.

Rydee berkata kampung Jackman ialah Sydney.

Nora berkata kampung Leslie ialah Hong Kong.

Azam berkata pusat Capati ialah New Delhi.

Diana berkata Addis Ababa, pusat Afrika, ialah kampung asal Bob Marley.

Adik-beradik kembar Malai Ali menelefon HP Evan Sanders, kawan mereka yang merupakan VJ MTV Indonesia.

Evan berkata dia akan menghantar rakan aktornya Jessica Iskandar dari filem Indonesia Dealova kemari.

Jessica adalah kawan baik Nikki dan Adam. Dia berlakon bersama Adam, Balkish dan diva Ning Baizura, yang muncul bersama KRU, dalam filem berjudul Diva.

Ning berkata kepada Adam: "Saya tau jawapan kepada empayar tu. London."

Jessica muncul dan memeluk Adam, Nikki, Rydee, Ekin dan Nora.

Dia berkata artis dan aktor terhangat negaranya semuanya didekati oleh Nemo.

Kucing itu memberitahu mereka bahawa guru itu ialah Jamaluddin dan makamnya terletak di Kabul.

"Dunia seni Indonesia menyokong saudara-saudari semua," katanya.

Ning dan Norman Halim KRU mengirim salam kepada Jessica dan rakan-rakannya, dan berkata dunia seni Malaysia juga menyokong Idola dan misi mereka.

Saiful Yusof (Apek) dan pembantunya dari siri TV Agen 016 muncul.

Katanya: "Mari kita panggilnya Misi 1511, bagi menghormati filem baru Felix Agus dan Marsha Londoh yang diterbitkan bersama oleh Malaysia dan Indonesia."

Saiful Yusof dan pembantunya bertanya kepada Adam pasal Kaer, Nana, Vince dan Jaclyn.

Adam menghantar SMS kepada mereka, dan berkata Saiful Apek dan pembantunya akan melawat mereka.

Mawi menerima panggilan dari kawannya, aktor Que Haidar. Que menyuruh Mawi menyokong filem barunya Cinta untuk kategori Filem Terbaik di Pesta Filem Malaysia yang akan datang.

Sharifah Amani dan ibunya Fatimah Abu Bakar memanggil Farah Anuar dan Amylea Azizan.

Mereka menyuruh Farah dan kawannya menyokong filem yang turut dibintangi mereka itu.

Amylea dan Farah menjawab: " Sudah tentulah, Incredibles!"

Farah berkata kepada Amylea: "Kak ada idea hebat. Mai kita ambil air dari Sungai Lembah Bujang."

Setelah mereka berdua mengambil sebotol air dari sungai itu mereka menyuruh Nemo menggosoknya.

Amirul dan Amy menghampiri botol.

Amirul berkata: "Nemo, aku mau air ni basahi bumi ni dan hancurkan semua pengganas.

"Buatkan lagu Babe masuki telinga mereka."

Amy berkata: "Dan leburkan mereka."

Zainal berkata: "Ini kawan saya Azman Ahmad dari New Straits Times. Buatkan binatang kegemarannya masuk minda pengganas dan hantui mereka."

Amirul menelefon HP Zila dan Daniel dan menyuruh mereka gandakan mesej itu.

Saiful cadangkan avatar enggang Amy menyerang semua pengganas.

Amy bersetuju dan menyuruh Nemo buatkan air itu menghasilkan berjuta-juta burung enggang.

Mawi memberitahu Salima dan Haziq bahawa dia kena pergi ke tandas.

Di sana, dia menghubungi ketua Unit Perisikan Pusat (CIA). Dia berkata bahawa dia mahu menolong mereka.

Mawi kemudian menghubungi Kaer dan Nana pasal plannya.

Katanya: "Biarlah rahsia antara kita."

John Tiong mengetuk pintu.

"Coming," kata Mawi.

Shuib Taib mendekati John.

Dia bertanya sama ada John nampak Mawi sebab ada perkara penting yang hendak disampaikannya kepada Mr World.

Mawi muncul dari tandas dan bersalaman dengan Shuib dan John.

Shuib berkata: "Mawi, saya baru terima panggilan dari Amr Dhiab.

"Amr terima info ni dari bintang Bollywood seperti Salman dan Shah Rukh Khan.

"Mereka dapat berita tu dari Nemo tatkala mereka melawat Kuala Lumpur beberapa hari yang lalu."

Mawi menghubungi Khai dan berkata: "Wow! Kucing abang ni memang World. Dia tau semua orang dan boleh berkawan dengan mereka."

Khai berkata: "Sebenarnya, Nemo bagi power untuk semua orang dunia seni bermimpi idea yang bernas untuk selamatkan kita dari musuh.

"Dia juga bagi power untuk kita kesan penjahat yang digeruni."

Mawi menelefon agen CIA tadi dan mereka menyuruhnya mencuri 10 biji batu itu.

Mawi memberitahu Jaclyn bahawa dia akan kutip batu itu dan memberikannya kepada Jamal.

Dia kemudian menghubungi Daniel dan Zila. Mereka bersetuju meminjamkan kuasa mereka kepada Mawi buat seketika.

Setengah jam kemudian, Mawi pulang dengan batu itu. Dia mendekati Jamal, Saleem, Faizal, Zahid, Dina dan Elliza.

Rocker remaja Ikhwal Hafiz Ismail, dari kampung Zahid, ada bersama mereka.

Ikhwal berkata kepada Zahid: "Betul ke batu Mawi tu yang ori?"

Zahid memuji Ikhwal kerana kecerdikan dan kematangannya. Katanya: "Mesti lah adik. Jika bukan batu tu, Nemo akan bagi tau kita."

Jamal berkata: "Aku rasa batu ni bukan lah."

Saleem bersetuju.

Khai dan Jasmine menghubungi Mawi. Mereka baru mendapat berita bahawa pengganas telah meletakkan bom ke dalam semua bangunan.

"Ini memang serius," kata Mawi.

Dia menghubungi Nana dan Jaclyn.

Nana berkata: "Saya rasa sudah tiba masa untuk aktifkan satelit pemusnah kita, The Rock.

"Saya akan bagi power bulatan saya kepada semua orang di dunia seni."

Vince dan Karen terima panggilan dari bintang filem China Gong Li, Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan dan Zhang Ziyi. Mereka mengirim salam terima kasih atas kuasa bulatan Nana yang mereka akan gunakan untuk menewaskan Bush dan Osama.

Daniel juga dihubungi bintang yang sama, dan idolanya Jay Chou. Chou turut mengirim salam kepada Adam dan ahli bulatannya.

Bush dilawati oleh Saiful Yusof, sebagai Cicak Man, AC Mizal dan Adlin Aman Ramlie sebagai Kembar Halia, dan Aznil Nawawi sebagai Dr Klon.

“Kamu akan bayar ganti rugi, Mr Bush!” kata mereka.

Bush menunjukkan lastik getah di atas mejanya. Mereka beredar dari pejabatnya.

Mr Bean muncul. Bush berkata: “Oh, no! Not you again!”

Dia menelefon HP Blair dan menyuruhnya membawa keluar watak anti-hero Rowan Atkinson itu.

Ekin, Adam, Nora, Rydee dan Nikki berkata kepada Azam: “Bagus, Along! U buat Mr Bush sakit!”

Artis Mentor Khatijah Hassan (Kat), Nabil Damanhuri, Alynn Lajis, Fahmy Jaafar (sepupu Dina), Iwan Roslan, Zarul Hisham dan Nana Muhammad, melawat Khai, Zahid, Dina, Elliza, Daniel, Alif, Zai, Mawi, Salima dan Haziq.

Mereka diikuti oleh kawan Saiful Yusof dari Senario iaitu Azlee Jaafar (abang Fahmy), Wahid Mohamad, Mazlan Ahmad, Shamsul Azhar Alaiddin, Yasin Yahaya, Illya Buang Shaharum, Hamdan Ramli dan Farouk Hussain.

Dan oleh ahli Ruffedge termasuk suami kepada Nana Muhammad, Syed Hussain Syed Mustaffa.

Pelakon filem Sheila Rusly, Sharifah Shahirah, Sharifah Haslinda, Erma Fatima, Umie Aida dan Betty Rahmad turut muncul.

Selebriti itu memberitahu Khai dan Mawi bahawa bekalan air di Kuala Lumpur dicemari dan Idola perlu selamatkan keadaan.

Mawi berkata: “Jangan bimbang. Semua under kontrol. Tak da racun dalam air.”

Erma, Umie dan Betty menghubungi Mas Ghani dan Burn Thevandran. Mereka menyuruh Idola itu menghantar Elliott Yamin ke dalam air.

Elliott memberitahu Burn dan Mas bahawa dia bersedia menyelam ke dalam Sungai Selangor. Dia berbuat begitu dan mendapati air itu hanya dicemari Vitamin C.

Lotter dan Felix menjadi lebah dan memasuki air itu. Mereka mendapati air itu amat sedap rasanya.

Rich Gimbang dan Yazer Yusoff memperkenalkan Lotter dan Felix kepada ahli band Rich iaitu Estranged.

Jaclyn menghubungi HP Rich. Katanya: “Hi, Estranged! Saudara semua memang tumbangkan saya kat Anugerah Radio Era.”

Nabil dan Khai sakit kepala. Kat dan Malisa melegakan kesakitan mereka.

“Terima kasih,” kata Khai. Dia bertanya Kat pasal abang iparnya Suhaimi Abdul Rahman atau Amy Search, raja rock Malaysia.

Kat menjawab Amy dan anaknya, pelakon Nabila Huda Suhaimi kini melawat penyanyi rock antarabangsa termasuk Queen (bekas band Freddie Mercury) di London.

Vonzell Solomon, Nadia Turner, Paris Bennett dan Lisa Tucker memberitahu Burn, Atilia Sarani, Trish De Cruz, sepupu Trish Rachel dan Dianne Guerzo, Emily Jane Wong, Felix, Lotter, Rich, Yazer dan Mas, bahawa mereka akan membuatkan Idola jadi kebal dengan tembok api untuk lindungi diri dari teroris.

Rich menelefon HP penyanyi rock Ellyana Emrizal dan bertanya khabar. Ellyana sedang membantu Kaer menggunakan memori hebatnya.

Personaliti jelita Malaysia termasuk Fasha Sandha, Fazura, Rita Rudaini dan Nisdawati Nazaruddin, dikerah oleh Nana untuk membantunya dan Kaer.

Rita dan Nisdawati baru-baru ini bersengketa tetapi setelah mereka memeluk Kaer, sengketa itu ditamatkan.

Kawan Farah Zulkifli iaitu Abby Suhaimi dan Erna Rosli juga membantu Nana dan Kaer. Turut serta ialah rakan sekampung Akma di Kuala Kangsar iaitu Nanu Baharuddin, Zehra Zambri dan Juliana Ibrahim.

Farhan memberitahu Anny, Aliya dan Mimi bahawa mereka memiliki kuasanya.

Sama halnya dengan penyanyi Saer Ze, Leez Rosli, Liya Khairul dan Tasha Nordin.

Faizal Ramly dan Faizal Tahir, yang memiliki kuasa yang sama, memberitahu Awal Ashaari bahawa dia turut memiliki kuasa mereka.

Pelakon suami-isteri terkenal Rashidi Ishak dan Vanidah Imran, dan Norman Hakim dan Abby Abadi, membantu Daniel. Mereka membantu Daniel menggandakan avatar Idola.

Daniel turut dibantu oleh penyanyi Fauzi Wahab, Winnie Kok, Loke Wan Ching dan Cindy Chang.

Saiful, Nurul, Farah, Amy, Amylea, Amirul, Dayang, Adam Alli, Atie dan Azza, dibantu oleh “Mrs Incredible” Fatimah Abu Bakar dan anaknya, hos Malaysian Idol Cheryl Samad dan Soo Kui Jien, bintang Mentor Hidayah Othman. Dewi Liyana dan Nabiella Nazari, dan hampir semua jelitawan Kedah dan Sarawak.

Dan bintang lelaki handal Faizal Hussein dan sepupunya Rosyam Nor.

Tetamu itu mendapat kuasa Amy dan Amylea. Dayang memiliki kuasa yang sama.

Pemuzik berbakat Eric Moo, Shanon Shah dan Az Samad membantu Zamil dan bulatannya. Andrea Bocelli dan Luciano Pavarotti turut membantunya, bersama Pop Shuvit, OAG dan Pretty Ugly.

Ahli Shuvit memberitahu Zamil bahawa mereka harap TV Malaysia dan radio Malaysia akan memberi lebih ruang untuk muzik alternatif.

Zamil yang optimis berkata dia amat yakin stesen radio itu dan kerajaan akan berterima kasih atas bantuan mereka selamatkan dunia dari pengganas.

Kawannya di Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) mengirim salam kepada band alternatif itu.

Edlin Rahim, Zarina Zainoordin, Liza Ismail dan Nija Tahar meminjamkan kuasa pemanas mereka kepada Andrew Tan.

Edlin berkata: “Hanya tiup jari adik. Jangan risau. Adik takkan cedera.”

Adam memberitahu penyanyi Sabah Ambrose Mudi, Fiq Halim dari Mentor, peserta prelude Akademi Fantasia Haider Ariff, dan rakan bandnya Edsco iaitu Ijan Tahir dan Sabhi Saddi bahawa mereka akan mendapat kuasa ajaib Ekin dan Nora.

Sahri dan Fazly memberitahu Ayu Baharuddin dari Mentor, kawan lama mereka, bahawa dia akan memiliki kuasa mereka serta kuasa Ekin dan Nora.

Pelakon Amber Chia dan Wong Sze Zen yang ada bersama Vince dan Linda, menghubungi Vick Teo.

Mereka berkata, misi ini lebih seram dari filem mereka Nephesh Seed (Seed Of Darkness).

Rakan kampung Nana dari Muar, Johor, Nieyl Zailani, penyanyi dari rancangan Mentor, menepuk Diddy Muhid, dan bertanya pasal nombor HP baru komposer Ajai.

Mentor Nieyl ialah bekas isteri Ajai iaitu Nurul Wahab.

Diddy memberikan nombor baru HP Ajai kepada Nieyl.

Katanya: "Harganya satu hidangan sushi di Sushi King Mid Valley Megamall."

Nieyl memukul tangan Diddy dengan lembutnya.

"Saya joking lah, Nieyl!"

Nieyl berkata: "I juga!"

Peminat setia Vince iaitu aktres muda Liyana Suradi dan Dilla, menghubunginya. Mereka mahu menolong Karen dan Velvet menewaskan pengganas dengan meminjam kuasa ajaib mereka.

Syed Rizal Alwi dari Mentor menghubungi Karen dan bertanya sama ada gadis itu sihat.

Karen menjawab: "Don't worry, Rizal. Kak boleh handle."

Rizal ialah kawan baik Bob, Anding dan Reza.

Osama dan pengganasnya menekan butang pusat di markas misteri mereka. Mereka mahu semua bangunan di dunia meletup dan musnah.

Kelly menyuruh Nana mengaktifkan The Rock.

Bush menyuruh direktor CIA musnahkan The Rock dengan menekan butang.

The Rock meletup.

Kuasa Idola terpancar ke atas Bush, Osama dan penyokong gila mereka.

Kelly berkata kepada Nana: "How on earth did our Rock explode?"

Mawi berkata: "Saya tipu Bush. Dia mau saya sabotaj rancangan kita. Saya pun suruh Nana dan Kaer letupkan The Rock."

Kaer berkata: "Masa ia meletup, kuasanya kenakan Bush, Osama dan ejen mereka."

Nana berkata: "Bush dan orangnya akan hilang ingatan. Osama takkan kembali, bersama ejen ganasnya yang sudah mati.

"Ejen Osama yang tidak berapa ganas akan hilang ingatan macam Bush."

Kaer pengsan. Dia telah menyerap semua info di dunia pasal Bush dan Osama.

Jelitawan dalam kumpulannya, dan artis jelita yang berkumpul di biliknya, menekan kulitnya dengan perlahan-lahan untuk mengubatinya.

Nana memberitahu mereka: "Jangan bimbang. Adik akan OK." Dia memeluk Kaer dengan kuat.

Vince juga pengsan, dan diubati oleh jelitawan dalam kumpulannya serta tetamu biliknya dari dunia hiburan antarabangsa.

Begitu juga halnya dengan Adam, yang diubati oleh ahli bulatannya yang jelita serta aktres Indonesia, Jessica Iskandar.

Amirul dan Saiful diubati oleh jelitawan kumpulan mereka serta bintang comel manis dari Kedah dan Sarawak.

Alam memberitahu rakan wartawannya: "Hebat tak? Saudara-saudari boleh zap semua orang jahat serentak."

Hafida berkata: "Memang!"

Shuib bersetuju.

John Tiong bertanya: "Siapa Nemo sebenarnya?"

Alam berkata: "Mungkin, dia adalah nenek moyang kita semua. Mungkin, anak saudara kucing saya Woogie dan Creamy, yang sudah tiada. Mereka sentiasa baik dengan keluarga saya."

Adi Fashla memanggil nama Woogie dan Creamy. Mereka muncul dan mendekatinya serta Zamil.

Kucing itu juga bergaul dengan para wartawan.

Luciano Pavarotti dan Andre Bocelli bersalaman dengan Zamil.

Pavarotti dan Bocelli menggelarkan Zamil Emilio Puccini.

Vince beransur pulih. Daphne Iking dan Amber Chia memperkenalkannya kepada Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears dan Pussycat Dolls.

Artis itu berasa bangga membantu Kekawan Idola memusnahkan pengganas dunia di semua pihak.

Black Eyed Peas, Atomic Kitten, adik-beradik Hilton, Nicole Richie, bapanya Lionel Richie, dan Dixie Chicks bersalaman dengan Vince dan kawannya.

Fergie dari Black Eyed Peas berkata kepada Vince bahawa dia akan berlakon dalam lebih banyak filem tahun depan.

Taylor, Clay, Ruben, Mandisa, Justin, Bo dan Chris bertanya kepada Mawi sama ada 10 batu itu adalah batu yang betul.

Katanya: "Bukan. Ia adalah duplikasi ciptaan ahli magik Hugh Jackman dan Christian Bale."

Bale dan Jackman muncul. Idola berterima kasih kepada mereka.

Mawi memberikan batu yang sebenar kepada Jamal dan Saleem. Mereka, dengan bantuan Nemo, menanam batu itu di semua tempat yang betul.

Batu itu ditanam di pusat kerajaan semua lokasi tadi.

Saiful berehat di bilik tamu. Sharifah Amani, Sharifah Aleya (kakak Amani), Sharifah Aryani (adik Amani), Cheryl Samad, Aznil Nawawi, Soo Kui Jien, Atie, Nurul, Farah, Azza, Amy, Amylea, Dayang Nurfaizah, Erema, Camelia, Deja Moss, Hidayah, Dia Fadila, Dewi, Nabiella, Adam Alli Kawi, Amirul, dan Siti Fazurina ada bersamanya.

Jelitawan itu merasa suhu badannya, dan mendapati Saiful sudah pulih dari sakitnya.

Atie berkata: "Adik, masih sakit tak?"

Saiful menjawab: "Tak da, kerana Kak Atie ada kat sini."

Nurul memukul tangan Saiful dengan lembutnya.

Amylea berkata: "Saiful, adik gembira abang punya hidung tak berdarah. Adik takut bila itu berlaku."

Amy berkata: "Kak juga takut tu, honey."

Katharine McPhee dan Kellie Pickler berbual dengan Vince di bilik tamu yang lain. Mereka baru sahaja nampak Bush di TV, melakukan pengumuman yang amat mengejutkan.

Bush, di CNN, berkata dasar luar Amerika akan berubah dengan mendadak.

Jamal dan Saleem bersalaman dengan Ako Mustapha dan Jehan Miskin. Dua jejaka tampan itu turut bersalaman dengan Idola.

"Thank God you and the Idols have done it," kata Jehan.

"No, thank God WE have all done it," kata Jamal.

"Doa saudara dan kecintaan terhadap Tuhan telah mengalahkan musuh durjana dan selamatkan dunia."

Saleem berkata: "Tuhan sentiasa menjawab doa kita."

Pihak penerbit dan penganjur Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol dan One In A Million mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Idola.

Freddie Fernandez dan Ahmad Izham Omar berkata kepada Jaclyn dan Vince: "Kami tau saudara-saudari akan berjaya. Salam tahun baru dan semoga tahun baru akan menjanjikan kejayaan dan kemakmuran," kata Fernandez.

Karen Tan berjumpa dengan penyanyi baru dari Sabah, Karen Kong, protege Johan Farid Khairuddin, kawan karib Adi Fashla dan Zamil.

Dia memperkenalkan Karen Kong kepada Vince, Jaclyn, Linda dan Marsha. Karen Kong memeluk mereka.

Jaclyn berkata: "Like your hit song, Hello Kitty. Macam JFK."

Karen Kong tersenyum. "Hello Kitty ialah JFK," katanya.

Jamal dan Saleem membawa Idola ke Teluk Intan, kampung asal Jamal.

Dia bertanya kepada Nemo: "Eden dah ada?"

Nemo memberikannya mesej SMS: "Bilang sampai 10, semua!"

Selepas 10 saat, Idola membuka mata dan mendapati bahawa ada banyak gunung dan hutan di barat Teluk Intan, yang amat dekat dengan Selat Melaka.

Nemo kemudian memasukkan Idola, Jamal dan Saleem ke dalam zon kuasa yang boleh terbang.

Nemo, Jamal, Saleem dan Idola terbang di atas Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Timor Leste dan Filipina.

Mereka mendapati bahawa benua tenggelam Atlantis adalah alam Melayu atau Nusantara.

Laut China Selatan telah bertukar menjadi gunung-ganang, sungai dan hutan belantara. Sama halnya dengan Selat Melaka dan Sunda.

Jogjakarta telah menjadi pelabuhan baru Asia Tenggara. Singapura kekal sebagai pusat perdagangan utama dunia.

Nemo membawa Idola ke tapak Kota Gelanggi dekat Johor Baru. Mereka semua terkejut melihat kota itu berdiri teguh semula.

Pengacara TV Mahadzir Lokman memberitahu Idola Bumiputera Malaysia Barat bahawa nenek moyang mereka iaitu raja-raja Malaysia, tinggal di Kota Gelanggi beribu-ribu tahun yang lalu.

"Come in, ladies and gentlemen," katanya.

Di dalam kota itu, Idola berjumpa dengan Sunan Ahmad. Katanya: "Tolong baca HP saya."

SMS Sunan Ahmad berbunyi: "Atlantis adalah dunia mu. Ia sebuah benua hebat, tapi malangnya, ia tenggelam di zaman Noh.

"Saudara-saudari semua orang Atlantis. Saudara-saudari harus jadi orang Atlantis yang benar-benar berjiwa Atlantis."

"Jika saudara-saudari mau bersumpah, biarkan Zul pusing mengelilingi World dan Universe."

Khai tersenyum sambil memandang ke arah Mawi.

Nana tersenyum sambil memandang ke arah Zainal Alam Kadir.

Zulkarnain Taib berjalan mengelilingi Mawi (World) dan Zainal Alam Kadir (Universe).

Sunan Ahmad berkata: "Thank you, may God bless you always."

Di bilik tamu ciptaan Farhan, Jamal dan Saleem berterima kasih kepada Idola.

"Kami rasa bebas kerana berjaya temui asal-usul kita.

"Kami akan nasihati semua anak supaya temui dan kenali asal-usul mereka. Mereka akan kikis tabiat buruk dan busuk dan akan menjadi insan yang berguna dan berjaya," kata Jamal.

Zahid dan Elliza mendoakan kejayaan mereka. "Semoga Tuhan sentiasa memberkati saudara," kata Elliza.

Kelly dan bulatannya, serta bulatan Burn, bersalaman dengan DJ Xandria Ooi dan VJ MTV Amanda Griffin, Sarah Tan dan Denise Keller di bilik tamu mereka dalam dunia ajaib Farhan.

DJ dan VJ itu memberitahu Kelly bahawa mereka akan membantu Idola dalam semua misi kemanusiaan mereka bersama Nemo.

Kelly berkata: "Happy New Year 2007 everybody. Remember those who aren't here. May we meet them again some day."


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