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Novel 19 - Ali Setan, Ogy's Definitive 1980s Movie

Meow! This is Nemo.

As you know Fauziah (Ogy) Ahmad Daud is the Female Simon Cowell and Female Paul Moss of Malaysia, as the harsh, leading judge in Akademi Fantasia 5.

I hereby present you a novel dedicated to her acting career in the 1980s.

It is called Ali Setan (Naughty Ali) and it is derived from (with minor alterations) the two Ali Setan films (Ali Setan 1 in 1985 and Ali Setan 2 in 1986) which helped make Ogy a star.

The novel is purely the work of the blogger, and stays true to the films which were created by Ogy’s favourite screen partner Azmil Mustapha, one of the biggest leading men of Native Malaysian film in the 1980s.

Azmil was nicknamed the Michael J. Fox of Malaysia because of his Boy Next Door charm and he has left the acting world to concentrate on business and teaching religion to youngsters.

He last appeared in the 2004 film Puteri Gunung Ledang with Malaysian Brooke Shields Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina Eu, and Akademi Fantasia 3 principal M. Nasir.

Ali Setan 1 earned Azmil the Best Actor award and Ogy the Best Actress award in the Malaysian Film Festival 1986.

The stars of the Ali Setan films were Azmil (Ali), Ogy (Asmidar), Izi Yahya (Jeffri), Sheila Majid (Tipah), Ebby Saiful (Latif), Datuk Shah Rezza (Jalil), Liza Abdullah (Emy), Azlina Aziz (Zaiton), Peggie Ng (Violet), Salih Yaacob (Abu), Faizal Hussein (Shukor), George Teoh (George), Sarabjit Singh (Sarban), Erma Fatima (Tina), N D Lala (Ersat), Datuk Jins Shamsuddin (Tan Sri), Omar Abdullah (Haji Darus) and Jalaluddin Hassan (Pangeran).

Sheila is the ex-wife of Akademi Fantasia 5 principal Roslan Aziz and is Malaysia’s jazz queen.

Shah is a successful businessman and wedding planner. He organised the wedding of pop queen Siti Nurhaliza in 2006.

Azlina (we saw her hugging Zamil Idris in the entry Smiler Of The Year) was one of Malaysia’s best singers in the 1980s alongside her younger sister Liza Aziz. Their late parents Aziz Jaafar and Normadiah were legends of screen and song.

Peggie is a former television presenter of Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

Erma is a successful film-maker and actress. She is the elder sister of acclaimed actress and Malaysian Kate Winslet Umie Aida Rahmad.
They are the mentors of Akademi Fantasia 2’s Mas Ghani in her acting career.

N D Lala is a respected TV host and the father of up-and-coming singer Shahila Amir.

Jins is one of Malaysia’s most respected actors and is a protege of the late, great P. Ramlee. He is nicknamed the Malaysian Sean Connery.

Omar is a popular television host on TV3.

Jalaluddin is a popular actor who also hosted Malaysia’s edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? He is the younger brother of Malaysian police chief Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

Izi, who passed away this year, was well-known as a TV and film villain in Malaysia. He was sometimes nicknamed the Sean Bean of Malaysia.

Ali Setan Part One

My Early Years

Hi, folks! I'm sure you all know me. That's because you have all seen me on screen. Ali Setan in 1985 and Ali Setan 2 in 1986.

I've also appeared in commercials such as KFC Colonel Burger in the late 1980s.

Since you've all seen me, I'm sure you love to know my story.

What you have seen in the films is not very exact. Forgive me for being long-winded, but I believe in giving correct information.

Not much of my history is mentioned in the story - my childhood, my pals, my education. Well, that's what I'm gonna tell you now.

I was born in Balik Pulau, Penang, to my father, Sutan Takroh, and my mother, Wan Kamariah.

My father was a Minangkabau prince from Negeri Sembilan while my mother was a Kelantanese princess.

I don't remember them much, they were divorced when I was one, and my mother left my father for a Bruneian bizman in Singapore, Pangeran Zain.

She later died of asthma, but lived to see her stepsons Jeffri and Ersat go to school.

Both dad and mum worked for Kedahan prince and businessman-cum-politician General Tan Sri Adam Ahmad, Pangeran Zain's old school mate, military peer and business rival.

Tan Sri and Pangeran are today reconciled, but at one time they hated each other.

Dad was Tan Sri's driver, mum his housemaid.

Dad died of leukaemia when I was 2.

Tan Sri had blood ties to both dad and mum. Thus he was my uncle.

On dad's wishes, Tan Sri adopted me.

However, he actually wanted me to be his son-in-law.

He had an adorable, pint-sized daughter two years my junior. Her name was Umi Latifah, but she was better known to her parents as Tipah.

When I was 12, Tan Sri had me engaged and wed to Tipah.

I was young then, and did not have a mind of my own.

Thus, I had no objection to his plans.

I had not been in love, not even to Tipah. To me, she was just my sister.

Oh, yes! Now I'd like to introduce my friends to you.

My gang of 6. 3 of them had been with me since primary school. I met the others in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in George Town, Penang.

Abdul Latif Ali, Abu Bakar Abdul Rahman, and Tengku Jalil Ibrahim had known me since my days in the Gelugor Malay School in George Town.

Latif came from Butterworth, Abu from Alor Star (like Tan Sri) and Jalil from Kota Baru.

Latif and Abu are Tan Sri's nephews, hence my cousins. Jalil is also my relative as his dad and my mum are from the Kelantan royal family.

When I went to study architecture in USM, I met Shukor Kamil, Sarban Singh Tara Singh, and George Chan Hon Keong. The trio were from Ipoh and studied in Anderson School (like my favourite cartoonist Lat).

Except for George who did business studies, my friends were with me in architecture school.

I Meet Asmidar

Here is how I met my lovely wife. On a train bound for Penang. It was the end-of-the-year holidays. I was then a first-year architecture student.

My pals and I had just visited KL. I loved the city and wished to live there.

I did not have a steady. But I was busy finding Miss Right.

I had tried to find her since I went to the university. I wanted to feel what Love was.

In my train, there was this sweet lass from Kajang in Selangor. She was Asmidar Darus, daughter of a prominent bureaucrat.

She had just gotten into USM. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Everything about her was beautiful - looks, speech and manners.

Asmidar, or As, as her parents called her, had an elder sister, Zaitun, or Tun, studying business in USM.

She was George's pal and senior. I knew Tun rather well, and she loved me like a kid brother.

She was my personal counsellor. My pal Latif was close to her best friend and room mate Violet Lee, a Chinese-Thai sweetie who studied mass communications.

As was Violet's junior in mass communications school.

As joined USM with her first cousin Nurul Amira Ahmad or Emy. Sweet, yet sharp, she is now Latif's spouse.

I had often boasted to my pals that I loved to rag girls until one became mine. That was exactly what I planned to do with As.

Sarban was eating groundnuts which he bought from Ipoh. I took his packet and said I needed it urgently.

As bait.

"Aiyah! I've no more lah!" said Sarban.

"Buy at station lah!" I replied.

I began to eat the nuts and threw the shells at As.

"Jangan kacau lah (Don't disturb)," said Latif, having a nap.

"Come on, man! I wanna listen to music," said Jalil, holding his little transistor radio.

Emy told As to fight back, but Miss Right kept cool.

I then bought a can of Seven Up and offered it to As. She didn't know I had shaken it, and told me to open it.

She fell for my trap.

The soda wet her dress.

"I'm so sorry!" I said. "Let me wipe for you."

"Huh! Celaka! (Damn!)" she said.

A few minutes later, As came to my seat and told me she wanted to show me a turtle egg.

But she had a rotten chicken egg and smashed it on my head.

My hair, my shirt, all covered with smelly yolk. "Ha! Ha! Serves U right," said Sarban.

Pranks Of The Setan

Back at USM, As was called to the dean Ibrahim Hassan's office. He said As had flouted school discipline by playing a prank on Ali.

He ordered As to find his keys in 20 seconds.

Frightened As got cracking, looking all over the dean's office for the keys.

Before she could find them, Ibrahim said her time was up.

"Denda lagi! (Fined again!)"

As bent down to find the keys in his desk drawer.

She soon realised that the dean was only wearing sports shoes.

She removed the Berita Harian newspaper from his face and found that Ibrahim was really, Ali Setan!

The next day, the real Ibrahim found out what had happened. He called As and I to his office.

"Ali, you have breached USM discipline. You are a good student but I am afraid I have to refer you to the disciplinary committee," he said.

"Sorry, Latif! I ought to have listened to you," I thought to myself.

As said: "He did not wrong me, tuan. We were playing. As freshies, we have to know the seniors and have some naughty fun at times.

"Besides, I played a prank on him earlier and he had to return mine."

"I hope nobody will impersonate the dean again," Ibrahim said.

As and I were told to shake hands. She did so reluctantly.

Sarban and I were police cadets. As we were marching one day, I saw As nearby and marched towards her.

Sarban tried to bring me back in line, but our drill sargeant, Johari, punished us with 100 push-ups.

Later in the afternoon, I saw As and Emy carrying some textbooks to the resource centre.

"Shh! Watch me, guys," said Latif.

"Ya salam!" said Jalil, in his catch-phrase.

Latif ran into As and made her drop the books.

"Oops, sorry!" he said.

"Celaka! (Damn!)" said angry Emy, tweaking Latif's ear. He yelled back "hanj" and did a blow-pipe gesture.

As turned around and saw me. "Setan!" she said.

George's and Tun's pal Jeffri (Pangeran's son) came by. The flamboyant biz student and playboyish snob offered to help As.

"Never mind Jeff. Tak payah lah," she said.

"Celaka Jeff!" hot-headed Latif said.

"Sabarlah! (Be patient!)" I said.

"Let's go to the library."

As and Emy were in the library (resource centre) when Latif, Jalil and I came in.

They were talking to Tun and the teacher in charge, Rosmiati.

Quietly, I sneaked up to As' bag and took her diary out.

I wrote in in this message:

Aku tak berniat mencuri diarimu.

Aku hanya berniat mencuri hatimu.

(I don't intend to steal your diary, but I intend to steal your heart)

Ali Setan.

As the girls started leaving, As picked up her bag only to find her diary missing. "It's on the table behind us," said Emy.

As read the message, tore out a page and wrote on it "Tiada maaf bagi mu" ("No forgiveness for U").

She left the page on a table.

Latif, Jalil and I laughed our hearts out.

As learnt of my nickname Ali Setan from Tun and Violet.

I earned it because I played pranks on pretty girls.

One night, we had our annual dinner. There was a grand poolside buffet.

Latif and Abu, part of the university's rock band, entertained us with their guitars.

I tried to offer As some prawns. She said: "No thanks".

Jeff offered her fish. "Thanks, it's lovely," she said.

Jealous, I offered her more fish. "I buat ni special untuk mu, As," I said.

She declined my offer.

I borrowed Abu's guitar to play a catchy song. She said: "Bising lah, Jeff! (So noisy, Jeff!)"

Angrily, I told myself: "If U think it's bising, try this!"

I lobbed a fire-cracker at As and Jeff's table.

Guests screamed and fled. Jalil jumped into the pool.

Poor Jalil had been busily eating the food meant for As.

Happy Birthday With Frogs

Next morning, after a jog, Jeffri came up to me and said: "As is mine. Keep your hands off her. Else, watch out! This is my first warning!"

Later, when my gang and I were having lunch in the canteen, As came in with Jeffri.

They sat at the table closest to ours.

As saw us and told Jeffri: "Sini tak baik lah. Banyak lalat" (There are many flies here).

Hot-headed Latif lost his cool. I told him to calm down.

As and Jeffri went to another table. They were busy discussing course work when Violet came by. She saw Jeffri.

"Saya pening lah (I am dizzy)," said Jeffri.

"We continue tomorrow, OK?"

Violet passed us and noticed Latif. She grabbed his shoulder.

He asked her how was Jeffri.

"Don't talk about that sob," she said.

As' birthday soon came. I told my pals we would not attend her party.

Instead, we would drop by at her sister's house and give her a present.

Then, we would have satay in Gurney Drive.

The present was a jar of frogs and toads from the science laboratory. We wrapped it in colourful paper.

When we arrived at Tun's house, where the party was held, angry Jeffri greeted us.

"Hoi! As says beat it! You've got 10 seconds. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ..."

As appeared. "Stop it, Jeff. Ali, Latif, come join the party."

I replied: "Sorry lah. Got appointment in town.

"But here's my present for U. Happy birthday, As."

My pals and I enjoyed the satay. As "enjoyed herself" too.

You should have seen her face the next day. Her course mates had every right to call her "katak" (frog) as her face was as red as some of the rare frogs in the jar.

I've Got Her Under My Skin

As' revenge came when my pals and I decided to go for a picnic in Batu Feringgi.

Latif, Jalil, Abu, Shukor, Sarban and I invited her to come along, but she declined.

She said she and Tun would be visiting George in hospital. He had been there for 2 days for a bout of food poisoning.

She had been busy the night before tampering with my motorcycle.

I found this out when my bike did not stop moving on the road.

I jumped off the bike and allowed it to crash into a tree.

Then, I rolled into a monsoon drain.

I was not hurt. As my pals pulled me out of the drain, Latif had a wonderful idea.

We visited George, who was about to be discharged.

He did not object to me using his bed and thought it was a great idea.

Abu phoned As, while my gang plastered me up.

When As came, Latif said: "Ali's got a brain damage."

The freshie was so shocked. "Ali! Oh, no! Apa telah saya lakukan?! (What have I done?!)"

She embraced me and sobbed.

I said: "Saya OK, As. Maafkan aku (Please forgive me). Aku buli kau (I bullied you). Cinta tak boleh dipaksa (Love cannot be forced on others)."

"Aku salah, Ali (I was wrong, Ali). Aku mungkin telah rosakkan hidup mu (I might have destroyed your life). Dendalah aku (please fine me)," she said.

"Baik, tolong ambil segelas air (OK, please get me a glass of water)," I said.

As As helped me drink, Latif, on my instructions, quietly snapped a photo.

"Excellent, guys!" I said the next day. "Latif, I'm gonna buy you KFC."

I had finally learnt my lesson. Love is God's gift. It cannot be forced upon others.

From that day onwards, As and I became close pals.

We often spent time together and our favourite place was Batu Feringgi's big, graffiti-filled rock.

We talked about love. I told her about me and she told me about herself.

We soon fell in love.

Encouraged by As and I, Emy and Latif started dating.

The four of us often went out together. Sometimes, Tun and Violet would join us.

Jeffri's Scheme

Jeffri grew up under my mother's care. She and my father were bitter about each other following their divorce.

She influenced Jeff to hate dad.

Jeff's father, Pangeran, also taught him to hate. Tan Sri and his family were the objects of hate.

As love blossomed between As and I, Jeff constantly told her I would ruin her life.

She replied: "Examine yourself first before condemning others."

Jeff got close to Tipah. He tricked her, seduced her, and made her pregnant.

Prior to the seduction, Tipah thought Jeff was terribly sad having "lost" As to me. She consoled him.

Tipah told Jeffri that if they were to fall in love, she would be very happy because her foster brother would soon marry As.

Deep in her heart, she wanted her father and Jeff's father to make peace.

Tipah may be soft and pampered, but she knows what she wants in life.

Tan Sri soon found out that Tipah was pregnant. He asked me if I did it.

I said "no". He slapped me and kicked me out of his house.

Eventually, I said "yes" to cool him down and stop him from killing Jeff, Tipah's spouse-to-be.

I confronted Jeffri. He said: "Tipah is yours, As is mine!"

Jeffri, shortly after making Tipah pregnant, forced her to meet As and show her our marriage certificate.

Tipah met As in Craven A restaurant and showed her our marriage certificate. She also said she was pregnant.

Filled with rage, As confronted me and declared our love over.

I tried many times to tell her the child was not mine, but she refused to believe me.

Tun came to me and said the more As cursed me, the more she loved me.

She told me to be patient and give As some time to get over the shock of learning about my "wife", Tipah.

She then had a word with Tan Sri about what actually happened.

I approached Tipah and told her angrily that she had embarrassed her family.

I said she should not have had sex before marriage.

"Tipah tertipu, bang (I was tricked)," she said.

She believed Jeff was good and actually wanted to marry him.

She believed Jeffri would change his evil ways slowly.

I forgave her but said: "Sex before marriage is a great sin. Please seek God's forgiveness."

I had a word with Tan Sri. He knew everything after Tun and Tipah talked to him earlier.

He agreed that Tipah and I be divorced and that she get married to Jeffri.

"Maaf ayah," I told my foster father.

I soon introduced him to As, and he had lunch with my gal several times. He then told me she would make a good wife.

As still would not go out with me. She told me all men were the same, exploiters of women.

I left her a message: "Selamat Tinggal (Goodbye) - Ali Setan".

Then, I sped off to the big rock. I sat on a smaller rock nearby and watched the waves.

As my tears rolled down, I somehow felt As still loved me but was testing my patience.

Reunited At Last

One day, As, Emy and Latif were in the USM canteen when Tan Sri and Tipah came in their limo.

"May I know who is Jeffri?" asked Tan Sri.

Jefrri came out from the gents and introduced himself to Tan Sri.

Tan Sri slapped him, and he fell on a dustbin.

"Sorry! That was for sex before marriage. I am happy you will be my son-in-law. Times have changed. Friends became foes, and foes have once again become friends."

Tan Sri approached Latif. Emy wrapped her arms around Latif tightly.

"Latif, have you seen Ali?" asked Tan Sri.

He is in Batu Feringgi, Tan Sri," Latif replied.

"Latif, As, both of you go find Ali. Tell him I have said everything is all right now," Tan Sri said.

Emy embraced As and Latif, before As got on his bike.

Latif and As found me sitting on my rock. As tickled my feet with a tree branch.

We jumped into each other's arms.

"You came, As! You came!" I said.

"Ali, Tan Sri says all is right," she said.

"Please forgive me."

The three of us left the beach and went home.

As and I would go steady until we graduated.

End Of Part One.

Ali Setan Part Two

KL, My City

After three years in USM, I finally graduated as an architect. Tan Sri found me a job in his pal A. Ayappan’s architecture firm.

Latif, Abu, Shukor and Sarban joined me. My boss’ office was in Sultan Ismail Road.

Mr Ya Salam (Jalil) became a manager of his millionaire dad’s supermarket chain.

Tipah worked with him.

George became a manager in Jeffri’s family business, which develops condos and houses.

Tun and Violet joined a PR firm which works closely with Jeffri’s business.

As and Emy joined a leading magazine in town.

In KL, my home was a large bungalow in Ampang. It was Tan Sri’s.

Jeff and Tipah lived in the Duta Road area in his mansion.

Their first-born, sadly, was not to be.

Abu lived with me but later moved to Section 17 in Petaling Jaya.

Though rich, I kept a low profile. I owned no BMW, just a Honda Civic.

I also had an open car decorated with my personal AS logo and painted in my favourite red and white.

It was christened the Setanmobile.

I had loved the USM gym. For that reason, I made a mini gym in a part of my living room.

I grew a beard while in KL. The reason was because I missed As. I had not seen her for two months.

But one day, she came up to me out of no where and we embraced.

“Oh, As! Long time we have not met. You are still so young and beautiful, sayang,” I said.

“Emy and I are journalists, Setan. We’ll always be in KL. I thought you would not be in KL. Every night I look at your picture and pray that we would be together in KL,” she said.

The Misunderstanding

It was one fine Saturday morning when I was busy in my gym.

Abu was chatting with someone on the phone. I had a date with As.

Latif and Emy were to be with us.

We were supposed to watch a popular film in one of the major cinemas in town.

Just then, Latif came in alone announcing a change of plan.

I was lifting weights while he hopped onto the exercise bike.

“100 Plus dua (two), Abu!” I said.

Abu, who had just put down the phone, replied: “You think I am your butler?!”

Latif said his Indonesian cousins from Medan, Zila and Maya had just come to town.

The girls were Jakarta University students.

They wanted to tour KL and watch the hottest film in town.

Latif was not good at directions and asked me to be his cousins’ tour guide.

He said he had told Emy he’d be taking two guys, his Indonesian cousins, on a tour of KL.

“She don’t like me with 2 gals,” he said.

“Same here,” I replied.

I quickly phoned As at home and told her I was taking Latif’s cousins on a city tour.

So the 4 of us got into the Setanmobile for a tour of KL. We went to several interesting places in the city. Then it was the cinema, and after the show, the nearest KFC.

Luck was, however, not on our side. The film was in its last day. Emy and As rushed to the cinema. As we were walking out after the show, our gals saw us and followed the Setanmobile to KFC.

Maya asked why I was called Ali Setan (Setan = Devil). I replied it was a nickname given by my pals and As because I used to be very naughty in the university.

Latif told his cousins: “Ali is just Setan in name. He has a heart of gold, really.”

At that moment, Maya kissed my cheek.

Latif turned around and found to his horror that As and Emy were two seats behind us.

As and Emy suddenly said aloud: “Hi, Ali! Hi, Latif!”

They quickly walked up to us. Zila and Maya introduced themselves.

“You must be Ali’s and Latif’s good friends,” said Zila.

“Not really,” Emy replied. “Not if he ain’t honest with me.”

As said: “Ali ni lawan, mana boleh kawan! (Ali ain’t my pal but my foe!)”

She pulled my cap over my eyes. “Harap kau merana Ali Setan! (May you suffer forever Ali Setan!)”

“Bye, Ali! Bye, Latif!” As and Emy said as they dumped their 1 sen (cent) change into the donation box at the door.

The next morning, the upset Ali Setan went to visit Jalil’s supermarket.

Latif, Abu and Shukor tagged along. Jalil was not in his office, so we went to his fitness centre.

George was there, and he told us Jalil had just gone for a meal, and would be back in his office after 2pm.

We then went to Jalil’s office and were greeted by his assistant, Tipah.

She said Jalil was expecting us at 2pm and told us to wait.

When Jalil returned to his office, he greeted us with his trade mark “Ya Salam”.

He sent his regards to Tan Sri, Jeffri and of course, As.

In return, we sent our regards to his dad and family.

Shy Jalil had changed for the better and was now a dashing and confident gentleman.

Latif and I told Jalil about our problems with As and Emy. He said: “Don’t worry. Love has its ups and downs. But love will prevail. I’ll talk to As and Emy, OK!”

Later in the evening, Jalil, Latif and I went to As’ house. She did not come out and sent Emy instead.

Jalil told As and Emy that Latif and I were sorry.

“Ali kata maaf. Latif juga (Ali and Latif say sorry),” Jalil said.

Emy then went to As who told her: “As kata benci Ali! (As says she hates Ali!)”

I yelled from inside the car: “Cinta! (Love U!)”

As yelled back from her window: “Benci! (Hate U!)”

The shouting match lasted for a while.

Eventually, Jalil said: “Ali and Latif don’t wanna meet As and Emy again! C U!”

Emy turned red in the face and so did As.

“Thanks, Jalil!” Latif and I said.

The next morning, I visited As myself. I said sorry one more time and told her I lied because I feared she would leave me after seeing me with two other women.

She did not reply and refused to look at me.

At last, she said: “OK, Ali. I’m sorry too. But don’t do it again!”

Emy also forgave Latif that day.

Unfaithful Jeffri

A few weeks later, my pals and I attended a university reunion dinner at the vice-chancellor’s house in Ampang.

It was beautifully lit and had a swimming pool.

Jalil was the MC for the evening. Several performances were made by ex-students. As and I sang a joget (traditional Malaysian dance) duet. Emy and Latif recited poetry. Jalil sang P. Ramlee songs. Abu and Latif rocked the house with their band.

Sarban danced with his bhangra troupe and became the centre of attraction.

As the dance was about to finish, Jalil lobbed a firecracker. It rolled towards Sarban.

Some of the dancers jumped into the pool.

Sarban and the guys grabbed Jalil and threw him into the pool.

Though he deserved it, I pitied Jalil because he got wet in two USM dinners.

Later that night, Abu, Latif and I went for supper at a coffee house in Bangsar.

We saw Tipah performing some jazz numbers and lighting a cigarette.

“Hello, Tipah!” I said. “Why are you smoking?”

“Don’t you smoke, too?” she replied. “OK, I give up!”

“How’s Jeff?” I asked. “He’s left me for Tina,” she said.

“Caught them in the house one night. I then went home to dad.”

Tan Sri was surprisingly patient with Jeff’s adultery.

Perhaps, he blamed Pangeran for Jeff’s bad behaviour and learnt to accept the spoilt child’s sins.

As they say, the older the wiser.

“Be patient, Tipah,” I said. “Come stay with me till Jeff leaves Tina.”

“I don’t want Abu’s room. He snores,” she said.

“Have the spare room, then,” I said.

“But that’s for As.”

“Well, it’s yours until she comes.”

Who was this Tina?

Tipah told me she worked in the USM canteen during my days there and Jeffri also pursued her back then.

Tun and Violet also knew about her.

So did Jalil.

Tina worked with him for a while.

The Failed Marriage

Some months later, Tan Sri and As’ dad Haji Darus decided that As and I tie the knot.

But I had a dream that Jeffri would foil our plans. I was right.

One night, as I was with Latif and Jalil in the Coliseum Cafe, Jeffri came in.

I asked him why he left his wife, and he said she left him.

“She was sick of your affair,” I said.

“Tipah is yours! As is mine!” he replied.

“As and I are getting married!” I said angrily.

“We’ll see about that!” he said.

Jeff’s dad Pangeran Zain was also Haji Darus’ pal. One weekend, Jeff had a game of golf with Haji Darus and told him about my mum, his late stepmum.

He brought to As’ dad’s attention Pangeran’s lie that I was an illegitimate child.

Jeff actually believed I was such. His dad lied to him, as he did not like Tan Sri and wanted to ruin his family.

When As and I went for lunch one weekend, she said: “Ali, there are 2 men I love. One is you. Guess the other.”

I said: “Latif? Jalil? Abu? Shukor? George? Sarban?”

She said: “No, silly. My dad.”

“He says we cannot marry because you are illegitimate.”

I told her the truth and she believed me.

We both went to see Tan Sri. Tun followed us.

Tan Sri introduced us to his kadi friend from Kuantan in Pahang. He would have us tie the knot secretly at his house.

Unfortunately, the news travelled to Haji Darus. Jeffri, through his younger brother Ersat, followed As, Tun and I to Tan Sri’s house.

Ersat overheard our conversation, reported to Jeffri, and they gave Haji Darus a call.

As and I tied the knot in the kadi’s house. Latif, Jalil, Abu and Shukor were present as was Tun.

We all wore simple Malay clothes, for I am a simple man.

The kadi was liberal enough to OK my AS cap.

But shortly before the kadi completed the ceremony, Haji Darus showed up.

He took the kadi aside. They went into his bedroom.

Shukor eavesdropped. He told Jalil: “Haji Darus says Ali is an illegitimate child!”

“Ya Salam!” said Jalil. “Apa ni (What’s this), Shukor!” said Abu.

As and Tun embraced. As knew her fate was sealed.

Sure enough, the kadi came out of his bedroom saying: “Sorry, they can’t marry!”

Before he could say more, I left for home.

Back in KL that evening, As and I met atop Melawati Hill, our favourite jogging spot. My gang and I often went there on weekends, and so did As, Emy, Tun and Violet.

As said we could not be together as her dad would not want to hear of me again.

If we went ahead with our plans, he would chase her out of his house.

She asked if Tan Sri knew any other kadi who could help us.

“As, you must understand, love is as great as the sea and sky. It does not end with marriage,” I said.

I had started to become philosophical. Perhaps, I was finally growing up.

“I am not clean enough for you, As. Your dad wants a truly clean son-in-law. You ought to know I was a bad boy in USM.”

As said: “I’m not clean either. I nearly killed you.”

I said: “Well, looks like we can’t have each other because we both are sinners. But wherever we are, we’ll always be together and I’ll never forget you.”

Amidst a beautiful sunset, the two lovers decided to go separate ways. It was a painful move, but for the better.

Back at home, Abu told me Tina had called and wanted to talk to me in a leading hotel in town.

I decided to go, as I wanted to know about Jeff and his scheme.


At the hotel, Tina greeted me in her suite. She looked friendly and was polite and smartly dressed. Suddenly, she unzipped my pants.

At that moment, religious department officers nabbed us. The next day, we were charged in the Kuala Lumpur Shariah Court with Khalwat (close proximity). I paid our fines.

As learnt about the incident in the papers. She phoned me and we had a meeting atop Melawati Hill again.

“You creature! I’ve a good mind to make you suffer for eternity!” she said.

“Jeff and I will be marrying soon!”

“Say what you want As,” I said. “I am not clean.”

“But beware of Jeff. He ruined me.”

“You ruined your life, sucker!” she said.

“OK! Do as you wish, Asmidar,” I said.

End Of The World

I rejected As because I loved her too much.

I did not want to sour relations between As and her father.

Jeff had Tina set me up in the hotel. He wanted to cast me as an immoral person.

I wrote a letter to Tina, telling her how I felt being tormented by Jeff, Ersat, Pangeran, and herself.

I said they all wanted to ruin me, out of a personal vendetta.

A few weeks later, As and Jeff wed in Haji Darus’ house.

Pangeran was there, so was Ersat. I handed Tun a gift for her sister.

Tun said to me, holding my hands: “Sayang (darling), don’t worry. It’s all a sandiwara (act). Just to please dad. Tipah will be coming soon and the wedding will be nullified. Your dad has planned everything. Truth will prevail.”

My gift for As was a musical box with a necklace. It had a congratulatory message to As and Jeff. The message said As was my only love and I gave her up to make her happy.

When I lunched with Tipah, Tun, Emy, Violet, Latif, Jalil, Abu, Shukor, George and Sarban the next day, Tipah and Tun consoled me, saying that any time now, the marriage would be over.

Tipah said she and Tan Sri would be seeing As’ dad. She had pictures of my mum and dad with Tan Sri at my parents’ wedding.

And pictures of me and my parents, long after the ceremony.

“Thanks, Tipah,” I said.

I decided to take a holiday at Lintang Forest Reserve in Bentong, Pahang.

I told Ayappan about this and he had no objections. I gave the forest reserve contact number to him and my gang.

Lintang had many wooden chalets on stilts. I rented one and found a mattress, some hardware, a stove and a table inside.

Living outdoors was relaxing to me as it isolated me from Jeff and my problems.

Being a police cadet made me appreciate a spartan holiday.

Every morning, I prayed hard seeking help from the Almighty, to be reunited with As and for Jeffri and his family to return to the true path.

Jeffri Is Exposed

One day, Tina appeared in As’ house. She confessed her sins and asked for forgiveness. As readily forgave her.

Tina chose to repent by working for As’ company. She is still there today.

In the evening, As and Jeff quarrelled in his house.

She accused him and his family of being JR Ewings. She also said she was returning to her true husband, Ali.

Jeff called her an Alexis Carrington and threatened to use his rifle on As and Ali.

A day later, Jeff’s marriage to As was nullified by the Kuala Lumpur Shariah Court.

Haji Darus sought forgiveness from As, Tan Sri and Tipah. He told them that he recognised Ali as his son-in-law and the validity of Ali’s and As’ marriage.

Jeff began to practise shooting with his rifle. George, who often visited Jeff, told As about it.

At Jalil’s newly opened furniture store, As told my gang, Emy, Tun, Violet and Tipah that she and I were in danger.

Latif, Abu, Jalil and Tipah decided to follow her to Lintang and alert Ali of the danger posed by Jeff.

Jalil drove them in his Ferrari.

At Lintang, As went to Ali’s hut while the others stayed in the car.

As approached me as I was burning some dead leaves. I had just finished cleaning my hut.

“Forgive me, Ali,” As said.

“There’s nothing to forgive. We are only human,” I replied, assuming that As and Jeff were still together.

Just then, Jeff jumped down from a tree and fired two shots from his rifle.

As and I ran into the chalet, where I splashed red paint on us.

As decided to play dead and fool Jeff into thinking he shot us.

“If U R a man, come out and fight, Ali!” Jeff said.

I carried As out, saying: “You killed your wife!”

“I’ve lost her, so have you!”

“Kiss her hands!”

Jeff hesitated, saying: “Why should I?”

I replied: “Her hands are clean, unlike your filthy ones which kill!”

So Jeff kissed As’ hands.

“Oh, As! I am so sorry,” Jeff said. He touched her body.

“Stop it! Haram!” I yelled.

“Her body is clean, yours is filthy!”

“Kiss her feet!”

“Why should I?” Jeff asked.

I replied: “You must bow to this martyr who gave her life for us. You killed her.”

As Jeff was kissing As’ feet, she got up.

“Damn you, Setan! You tricked me!” You must die!” said Jeff.

I said: “Mr Jeffri Zain, you are such a fool! You can’t tell the difference between blood and paint!”

Jeff raised his rifle again.

“Let me die!” As said, shielding me.

“No, I must die!” I said, going in front of As.

“Stop!” Tipah cried out.

Jeff went down on his knees.

“Oh, God! I’m sorry. Forgive me. I’m not a killer. I won’t be one. I won’t kill my brother and sister-in-law,” he said.

Tipah came up to Jeff and hugged him.

“Forgive me, Tipah,” Jeff said.

“Don’t worry, Jeff. Forget about the past,” Tipah said, caressing him.

Jeff then embraced me and As.

“Forgive me, brother. I ruined your life. We have the same mother. She would not have wanted me to torment my flesh and blood,” he said.

“It’s over, Jeff. The past is the past,” I said.

Jeff said: “Ali, As, you are my kin. Ali, As is your wife. Tipah is my dear wife.”

“I want to do this for dad and Ersat. I want to show them we should not have any grudges.”

“I love you all!”

Abu, Latif and Jalil came up to us. “Take care, guys. I’m visiting you next week,” Jeff told them.

Hand in hand, Jeff and Tipah went to his car.

“See U in KL, Ali and As!” Jeff shouted as he entered his car.

“Bye, Jeff! Bye, Tipah!” As and I shouted.

“I’m so happy to see you guys safe and sound and back together again,” said Latif.

“How wonderful God is,” said Jalil.

“May His blessings be on us all,” said Abu.

“When are you and Emy getting hitched?” As asked Latif. “Soon,” he replied.

“I knew you were made for each other,” she said.

“Tun and Violet fully agree.”

“Wanna join us at the nearby cafe?” Abu asked.

“Go ahead, guys. As and I got to talk,” I replied.

“I don’t want to pay any Mas Kahwin (dowry). Money makes us evil. I’d rather be single and spiritual,” I said.

As said: “I’m not for you, Ali. You are a saint and I’m all too human. Goodbye, Ali.”

She put on her jacket and walked away.

Suddenly, I yelled: “I love you, Asmidar!”

She replied: “Wait for me, abang (boyfriend)!”

We embraced. My wife and I were so happy to be together again. We shed tears of joy.

Thus, Ali’s trials and tribulations came to an end. He was truly one with beautiful Asmidar, his college sweetheart, forever.


My life has never been better since then. I thank God every day for all that He has done to help me and the people I know and love.

Latif, Abu, Shukor, Sarban and I still work for Ayappan, but we have become managers now.

Jalil still runs his dad’s biz, and Tipah is one of his managers.

Jeff and Tipah get along very well and are very much in love. Jeff is still managing his dad’s business. Ersat is also a manager and both he and his old man have turned over a new leaf, and made peace with Tan Sri.

George, Tun and Violet still work with Jeff.

My wife, As, who helped me compile the facts for this story, and her cousin, Emy, are editors in their magazine now. Emy and Latif, just like Jeff and Tipah, and As and I, are very much in love today.

I guess all’s well that ends well. But here’s the lesson of the story. Love is God’s gift. Man cannot force it on fellow humans. Let’s all thank our Creator for giving us all unconditional love.

Novel 19 - Ali Setan, Filem Definitif Ogy Tahun 1980an

Meow! Ini Nemo.

Seperti anda tahu, Fauziah (Ogy) Ahmad Daud ialah Simon Cowell dan Paul Moss versi wanita Malaysia, sebagai hakim garang yang ternama di Akademi Fantasia 5.

Nemo mempersembahkan sebuah novel untuk mengenang kehebatan karier lakonan Ogy di tahun 1980an.

Ia bertajuk Ali Setan dan diadaptasikan (dengan perubahan minor) dari dua filem Ali Setan (Ali Setan 1 pada tahun 1985 dan Ali Setan 2 pada tahun 1986) yang menaikkan karier lakonan Ogy.

Novel ini adalah karya blogger dan setia kepada filem-filem yang dicipta oleh rakan skrin kegemaran Ogy iaitu Azmil Mustapha, seorang aktor ternama Malaysia di zaman 1980an.

Azmil digelar Michael J. Fox Malaysia sebab dia kacak, comel dan ceria sebagai pelakon. Dia baru sahaja tinggalkan dunia seni untuk menguruskan bisnes dan menjadi guru agama kanak-kanak.

Filem terakhir Azmil ialah Puteri Gunung Ledang (2004) yang turut dibintangi Brooke Shields Malaysia Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina Eu, dan pengetua Akademi Fantasia 3 M. Nasir.

Ali Setan 1 berjaya memberikan Azmil anugerah Aktor Terbaik dan Ogy anugerah Aktres Terbaik di Pesta Filem Malaysia 1986.

Bintang filem Ali Setan ialah Azmil (Ali), Ogy (Asmidar), Izi Yahya (Jeffri), Sheila Majid (Tipah), Ebby Saiful (Latif), Datuk Shah Rezza (Jalil), Liza Abdullah (Emy), Azlina Aziz (Zaiton), Peggie Ng (Violet), Salih Yaacob (Abu), Faizal Hussein (Shukor), George Teoh (George), Sarabjit Singh (Sarban), Erma Fatima (Tina), N D Lala (Ersat), Datuk Jins Shamsuddin (Tan Sri), Omar Abdullah (Haji Darus) dan Jalaluddin Hassan (Pangeran).

Sheila ialah bekas isteri pengetua Akademi Fantasia 5 Roslan Aziz dan juga ratu jazz Malaysia.

Shah ialah usahawan terkenal serta pengurus perkahwinan. Dia telah menguruskan perkahwinan ratu pop Malaysia Siti Nurhaliza pada tahun 2006.

Azlina (yang peluk Zamil Idris dalam artikel lama Raja Senyum) ialah seorang penyanyi sensasi negara di tahun 1980an bersama adiknya Liza Aziz. Arwah ibu bapa mereka Aziz Jaafar dan Normadiah ialah legenda skrin dan nyanyian Malaysia.

Peggie ialah bekas pengacara TV di Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM).

Erma ialah direktor dan aktres terkenal serta kakak kepada Kate Winslet Malaysia, aktres ternama Umie Aida Rahmad.
Mereka berdua adalah mentor Mas Ghani Akademi Fantasia 2 dalam karier lakonannya.

N D Lala ialah hos TV yang dihormati dan bapa kepada penyanyi baru Shahila Amir.

Jins ialah aktor veteran yang amat dihormati dan protege kepada Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee. Beliau digelar Sean Connery Malaysia.

Omar ialah hos popular di TV3.

Jalaluddin ialah aktor popular dan hos edisi Malaysia untuk Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Dia adalah adik kepada ketua polis Malaysia Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

Izi, yang meninggal dunia tahun ini, terkenal sebagai aktor watak jahat di TV dan filem. Allahyarham digelar Sean Bean Malaysia.

Ali Setan Bahagian Satu

Zaman Awal Saya

Hi, kawan-kawan! Anda mesti kenal saya. Anda pasti sudah tonton filem saya iaitu Ali Setan tahun 1985 dan Ali Setan 2 tahun 1986.

Saya turut muncul dalam iklan seperti KFC Colonel Burger di hujung tahun 1980an.

Oleh sebab kawan-kawan dah kenal saya, sudah tentu kawan-kawan nak dengar kisah hidup saya.

Kisah hidup saya dalam filem tak berapa tepat. Maafkan saya kerana cakap banyak, tapi saya mahu paparkan kisah hidup saya yang sebenar.

Filem tak banyak paparkan zaman awal saya - kawan saya, sekolah saya, famili saya. Saya ingin ceritakan segalanya sekarang.

Saya dilahirkan di Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang. Ayah saya ialah Sutan Takroh, dan ibu saya ialah Wan Kamariah.

Ayah saya seorang putera raja Minangkabau dari Negeri Sembilan dan ibu saya ialah puteri Kelantan.

Saya kurang kenal mereka, sebab mereka bercerai ketika umur saya setahun, dan ibu tinggalkan ayah dan berkahwin dengan tauke Brunei di Singapura bernama Pangeran Zain.

Dia kemudian meninggal akibat penyakit astma, tapi sempat melihat anak tirinya Jeffri dan Ersat pergi ke sekolah.

Ayah dan ibu adalah staf putera Kedah merangkap tauke dan ahli politik Jeneral Tan Sri Adam Ahmad, rakan sekolah dan rakan tentera Pangeran Zain serta musuh bisnesnya.

Tan Sri dan Pangeran sekarang dah baik semula, tapi dulu mereka adalah musuh ketat.

Ayah ialah drebar Tan Sri, ibu pula tukang masaknya.

Ayah meninggal akibat leukaemia ketika umur saya 2 tahun.

Tan Sri ada hubungan darah dengan ibu bapa saya. Jadi, Tan Sri adalah pakcik saya.

Atas wasiat ayah, Tan Sri menjadi ayah angkat saya.

Tapi Tan Sri ingin buatkan saya menjadi menantunya.

Tan Sri mempunyai seorang anak perempuan yang kecil molek dan dua tahun lebih muda dari saya. Namanya Umi Latifah, tapi dia dipanggil Tipah oleh ibu bapanya.

Semasa umur saya 12 tahun, Tan Sri buatkan saya mengahwini Tipah.

Saya masih kecil, dan tidak pandai berfikir masa itu.

Oleh itu, saya tidak menolak permintaan Tan Sri.

Saya tidak pernah bercinta dan tidak menyintai Tipah. Dia hanya adik saya.

Oh, ya! Saya ingin perkenalkan kawan-kawan rapat saya.

Geng saya ni ada 6 orang. 3 daripada mereka saya kenal semasa di sekolah rendah. Yang 3 lagi saya kenal di Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) di George Town, Pulau Pinang.

Abdul Latif Ali, Abu Bakar Abdul Rahman, dan Tengku Jalil Ibrahim kenal saya sejak di Sekolah Melayu Gelugor di George Town.

Latif berasal dari Butterworth, Abu dari Alor Star (macam Tan Sri) dan Jalil dari Kota Baru.

Latif dan Abu ialah anak saudara Tan Sri, dan oleh itu, mereka adalah saudara bau bacang saya. Jalil juga saudara saya sebab ayahnya dan ibu saya adalah ahli kerabat raja Kelantan.

Semasa saya belajar bidang arkitek di USM, saya kenal Shukor Kamil, Sarban Singh Tara Singh, dan George Chan Hon Keong. Mereka berasal dari Ipoh dan belajar di Sekolah Anderson (macam kartunis kegemaran saya, Lat).

Kecuali George yang belajar bisnes, kawan saya belajar bidang arkitek macam saya.

Saya Berjumpa Asmidar

Ini dia kisah saya berjumpa dengan isteri tersayang. Ia berlaku di atas tren yang berjalan dari KL ke Pulau Pinang. Masa itu cuti hujung tahun. Dan saya adalah pelajara tahun satu di USM.

Saya dan geng baru saja bercuti di KL. Saya amat suka KL dan mahu tinggal di sana.

Masa tu saya belum ada awek. Saya sedang mencarinya.

Sejak masuk universiti saya bercita-cita cari teman hidup. Saya mahu cari cinta sejati.

Di atas tren ada seorang gadis comel dari Kajang di Selangor. Namanya Asmidar Darus, anak seorang pegawai tinggi kerajaan.

Dia baru saja diterima masuk USM. Dia adalah wanita tercantik yang saya pernah nampak.

Dia cantik di luar dan dalam - ayu dan bersopan santun.

Asmidar, atau As, iaitu nama timang-timangan yang diberi oleh orang tuanya, adalah adik kepada Zaitun atau Tun, pelajar bidang bisnes di USM.

Tun ialah kawan George merangkap seniornya. Saya kenal Tun dan dia sayangkan saya macam adik sendiri.

Tun sentiasa mendengar masalah saya. Kawan saya Latif pula rapat dengan teman asrama Tun iaitu Violet Lee, seorang gadis comel berketurunan Cina-Thai yang belajar komunikasi masa seperti As.

As memasuki USM bersama sepupunya Nurul Amira Ahmad atau Emy. Emy yang comel tetapi bermulut laser ialah bini Latif.

Saya sentiasa berlagak di depan geng dan berkata mahu mengusik perempuan sehingga seorang daripada mereka menjadi teman hidupku.

Taktik inilah yang saya gunakan untuk menawan hati As.

Sarban sedang memakan kacang yang dibelinya dari Ipoh. Saya mengambil paketnya dan berkata ia amat penting.

Sebagai umpan.

"Aiyah! I've no more lah!" kata Sarban.

"Buy at station lah!" kata saya.

Saya pun makan kacang dan melemparkan kulit ke atas As.

"Jangan kacau lah," kata Latif, yang sedang tidur.

"Come on, man! Saya mau dengar muzik," kata Jalil, yang memegang radio transistor kecilnya.

Emy menyuruh As melawan saya, tetapi As bertenang.

Saya kemudian membeli tin Seven Up dan menghadiahkannya kepada As. Dia tidak tahu bahawa tin itu telahpun digoncang, dan menyuruh saya membukanya.

As terperangkap dalam jerat saya.

Soda itu membasahi bajunya.

"Maaf, As!" saya berkata. "Biar saya lap."

"Huh! Celaka!" kata As.

Beberapa minit kemudian, As mendekati kerusi saya dan berkata dia mahu menunjukkan sebiji telur penyu.

Tetapi dia memegang sebiji telur ayam busuk dan memecahkannya di atas kepala saya.

Rambut dan baju saya dipenuhi dengan kuning telur busuk. "Ha! Ha! Padan muka," kata Sarban.

Gelagat Si Setan

Di USM, As disuruh berjumpa dekan Ibrahim Hassan di pejabatnya. Dekan berkata As telah melanggar disiplin sekolah dengan mengusik Ali.

Dekan mengarahkan As mencari kekuncinya dalam masa 20 saat.

As berasa takut dan terus mencari kekunci di seluruh pelosok pejabat dekan.

Sebelum sempat menemui kunci, Ibrahim berkata masa As telahpun tamat.

"Denda lagi!"

As cuba mencari kunci di dalam laci meja dekan.

Dia mendapat tahu dekan memakai kasut sukan sahaja.

As mengambil surat khabar Berita Harian dari tangan dekan dan mendapat tahu yang dekan sebenarnya Ali Setan!

Pada keesokan hari, dekan Ibrahim yang sebenar memanggil As dan Ali ke pejabatnya.

"Ali, kamu telah melanggar disiplin USM. Kamu seorang pelajar yang baik tapi saya terpaksa merujuk kamu kepada lembaga disiplin," katanya.

"Maaf, Latif! Saya sepatutnya dengar cakap mu," kata saya kepada diri-sendiri.

As berkata: "Dia tak buat salah, tuan. Kami main-main. Sebagai junior, saya kena mengenali senior dan kekadang kena nakal-nakal.

"Ali kena balas kenakalan saya kerana saya mengusiknya sebelum ini."

"Saya berharap tiada sesiapa akan menyamar sebagai dekan lagi," kata Ibrahim.

As dan saya disuruh berjabat tangan. As berbuat begitu dengan rasa marah.

Sarban dan saya adalah kadet polis. Pada suatu hari ketika kami berkawat, saya ternampak As dan melangkah ke arahnya.

Sarban cuba menghalang saya, tetapi sarjan kami, Johari, menghukum kami dengan 100 kali senaman pam.

Pada tengah hari, saya ternampak As dan Emy membawa buku ke pusat sumber.

"Shh! Tengok saya," kata Latif.

"Ya salam!" kata Jalil, dengan ayat pengenalannya.

Latif berlari dan melanggar As membuatkan buku-bukunya terjatuh.

"Oops, sorry!" katanya.

"Celaka!" kata Emy sambil memulas telinga Latif. Dia menjerit "hanj" dan berpura-pura menyumpit Emy.

As memandang ke belakang dan terlihat saya. "Setan!" katanya.

Kawan George dan Tun iaitu Jeffri (anak Pangeran) datang. Pelajar bisnes yang sombong, glamor serta kaki perempuan itu membantu As mengangkat buku-bukunya.

"Never mind Jeff. Tak payah lah," kata As.

"Celaka Jeff!" kata Latif yang pemarah.

"Sabarlah!" kata saya.

"Mari kita ke pusat sumber."

As dan Emy berada di pusat sumber apabila Latif, Jalil dan saya datang.

Mereka sedang berbual dengan guru bertugas, Puan Rosmiati.

Dengan senyap, saya mengambil diari dari beg As.

Di dalamnya saya menulis:

Aku tak berniat mencuri diarimu.

Aku hanya berniat mencuri hatimu.

Ali Setan.

Apabila dua orang gadis jelita itu meninggalkan pusat sumber, As mendapati diarinya tiada dalam begnya. "Atas meja di belakang tu," kata Emy.

As membaca mesej saya, mengoyakkan satu muka surat dan menulis di atasnya mesej "Tiada maaf bagi mu".

Dia meninggalkan mesej itu di atas meja.

Latif, Jalil dan saya ketawa terbahak-bahak.

As mendapat tahu nama Ali Setan dari Tun dan Violet.

Saya diberi nama ejekan itu sebab suka mengusik gadis cantik.

Pada suatu malam, saya menghadiri jamuan tahunan universiti. Jamuan itu ialah bufet di tepi kolam renang.

Latif dan Abu, ahli band rock universiti, menghiburkan semua hadirin dengan gitar mereka.

Saya memberikan sepinggang udang panggang kepada As. Katanya: "No thanks".

Jeff memberikan As ikan panggang. "Thanks, sedap," katanya.

Dengan rasa cemburu, saya memberikan ikan panggang kepada As. "I buat ni special untuk mu, As," kata saya.

As menolak hidangan saya.

Saya meminjamkan gitar Abu untuk mainkan satu lagu pop yang gila-gila. As berkata: "Bising lah, Jeff!"

Dengan marah, saya berkata kepada diri-sendiri: "U ingat ni, bising! OK, try ini!"

Saya membaling mercun ke arah meja As dan Jeff.

Ramai hadirin menjerit dan berlari. Jalil melompat ke dalam kolam renang.

Kesian Jalil. Dia sedang makan udang dan ikan yang saya panggang untuk As.

Selamat Hari Jadi Bersama Katak

Pada pagi berikutnya, selepas saya berjoging, Jeffri datang kepada saya dan berkata: "As hak saya. Jangan sentuh dia. Awas. Ini warning pertama."

Pada tengah hari, semasa geng saya makan di kantin, As datang bersama Jeffri. Mereka duduk di meja yang berdekatan dengan meja saya.

As nampak kami dan beritahu Jeff: "Sini tak baik lah. Banyak lalat."

Latif menjadi marah. Saya menyuruhnya bersabar.

As dan Jeffri pergi ke meja yang lain untuk membincangkan kerja rumah. Violet datang dan melihat Jeff.

"Saya pening lah," kata Jeff kepada As. "Kita sambung semula besok, OK?"

Violet mendekati meja kami. Dia memicit bahu Latif.

Latif bertanya khabar pasal Jeff.

"Jangan cakap pasal buaya darat tu!" kata Violet.

Hari jadi As akhirnya tiba. Saya suruh geng buat hadiah dan lepas itu pergi makan sate di Gurney Drive.

Geng saya menyediakan satu jar berisi katak dan kodok dari makmal sains. Kami membungkusnya dengan kertas warna-warni dan membawanya ke rumah Tun, tempat berlangsung jamuan As.

Di pintu rumah Tun, Jeff memarahi kami. "Hoi! As kata belah. Kamu ada 10 saat. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ..."

As muncul. "Stop it, Jeff. Ali, Latif, come join the party."

Saya menjawab: "Sorry lah. Ada temu janji kat bandar. Ini hadiah dari saya. Happy birthday As."

Geng saya amat puas makan sate. As pula teruk kena usik oleh rakan kursusnya.

Mukanya jadi merah macam katak dalam jar itu.

Akhirnya Saya Dapat As

As berjaya menghukum saya apabila saya pergi berkelah bersama geng di Batu Feringgi.

Geng saya menjemput As tetapi dia enggan datang.

Katanya, dia dan Tun mahu melawat George yang dimasukkan ke hospital akibat keracunan makanan dua hari yang lalu.

Pada malam sebelumnya, As sibuk mengacau motosikal saya. Motosikal itu tidak berhenti tatkala saya memandunya.

Saya melompat dari motosikal, dan membuatkannya melanggar pokok.

Kemudian, saya bergolek ke dalam longkang monsun.

Saya tidak cedera. Ketika kawan saya mengangkat saya keluar, Latif mengeluarkan idea yang bagus.

Geng saya melawat George, yang akan keluar dari hospital.

Dia tidak membantah bila saya meminjam katilnya. Geng saya membungkus saya dengan pembalut. Abu menelefon As.

Apabila As datang, Latif berkata: "Otak Ali rosak lah."

As amat terkejut. "Ali! Oh, no! Apa telah saya lakukan!" Dia memeluk saya lalu menangis.

Saya berkata: "Saya OK, As. Maafkan aku. Ali buli kau. Cinta tak boleh dipaksa."

"Aku salah, Ali. Aku mungkin rosakkan hidup mu. Dendalah aku," kata As.

"Baik, tolong ambil segelas air," kata saya.

Ketika As membantu saya minum, Latif mengambil gambar kami, atas arahan saya.

"Hebat, guys!" kata saya pada keesokan harinya. "Latif, saya mahu beli KFC untuk U."

Saya akhirnya sedar bahawa cinta tidak boleh dipaksa. Cinta adalah anugerah Nya.

Sejak hari itu, As dan saya menjadi kawan baik. Kami sentiasa bersama dan selalu pergi ke batu besar di pantai Batu Feringgi.

Batu itu dipenuhi dengan grafiti cinta.

Kami selalu bercakap pasal cinta. Kami lebih mengenali dan memahami sesama sendiri.

Kami akhirnya jatuh cinta.

Dengan galakan As dan saya, Latif dan Emy turut dating. Kami berempat selalu bersiar-siar bersama. Kekadang, Tun dan Violet ikut kami.

Rancangan Jahat Jeffri

Jeff dibesarkan oleh arwah ibu saya. Pada masa itu arwah ibu dan arwah ayah tak sehaluan.

Arwah ibu pengaruhi Jeff untuk membenci arwah ayah.

Pangeran pula pengaruhi Jeff untuk membenci keluarga Tan Sri.

Ketika As dan saya bercinta, Jeff selalu berkata kepada As bahawa saya akan merosakkan hidupnya.

As selalu menjawab: "Periksa diri kamu sendiri sebelum membuat sebarang tuduhan, Jeff."

Jeff mendekati Tipah dan menipunya untuk dinodai. Akibatnya Tipah hamil.

Sebelum dinodai oleh Jeff, Tipah ingat Jeff bersedih kerana berpisah dengan As. Dia menenangkan Jeff.

Kata Tipah kepada Jeff, andainya mereka jatuh cinta, dia akan berasa amat gembira sebab abang angkatnya akan mengahwini As kelak.

Dalam lubuk hatinya, Tipah mahu ayahnya dan ayah Jeff berdamai.

Walaupun Tipah amat manja, dia tahu apa yang dia mahu dalam hidupnya.

Tidak lama kemudian Tan Sri mendapat tahu Tipah sedang hamil. Dia bertanya sama ada saya membuatkannya hamil.

Bila saya menafikan, dia memukul saya dan menendang saya keluar dari rumahnya.

Akhirnya, saya mengaku melakukannya, untuk menenangkannya, dan mengelakkannya daripada membunuh Jeff.

Saya kemudian memarahi Jeffri. Katanya: "Tipah hak kamu! As hak aku!"

Jeff telah mengugut Tipah untuk bertemu dengan As dan menunjukkan surat perkahwinannya kepada As.

Tipah pun bertemu dengan As di restoran Craven A. Dia menceritakan kepada As bahawa dia adalah isteri saya dan membawakan anak saya.

Dia menunjukkan sijil perkahwinan kami kepada kekasih saya.

As marah dan mengumumkan bahawa kami berdua tidak lagi bercinta.

Berkali-kali saya memujuknya, tetapi dia menolak permintaan saya untuk berdamai.

Tun mendekati saya. Katanya, setiap kali As menghina saya, cintanya terhadap saya bertambah kuat.

Tun menasihati saya supaya bersabar dan berdoa.

Katanya, saya harus beri As lebih masa untuk menenangkan fikirannya ekoran pertemuan dengan Tipah.

Tun kemudian berbincang dengan Tan Sri mengenai krisis yang melibatkan As, Tipah dan saya.

Saya kemudian memarahi Tipah kerana memalukan keluarganya.

"Tipah tertipu, bang," kata Tipah.

Katanya, dia ingat Jeffri amat baik hati.

Tipah berkata dia telah mengambil keputusan untuk berkahwin dengan Jeffri kerana dia yakin Jeffri akan mengubah sikap busuknya secara beransur-ansur.

Saya akhirnya memaafkan Tipah.

"Tapi seks sebelum kahwin adalah dosa besar. Baik Tipah minta ampun dari Nya."

Saya kemudian bercakap dengan Tan Sri. Tan Sri telahpun mendapat tahu kisah saya dan As dari Tipah dan Tun.

Dia memaafkan saya dan bersetuju menceraikan Tipah dengan saya.

Jeff pula akan dipaksa berkahwin dengan Tipah.

"Maaf ayah," kata saya kepada ayah angkat saya.

Saya memperkenalkan As kepada Tan Sri, dan Tan Sri telah makan tengah hari bersama As dan Tun beberapa kali.

Tan Sri berkata As adalah calon isteri yang baik untuk saya.

As masih berdegil dan enggan berjumpa dengan saya. Katanya, semua lelaki adalah sama iaitu pandai memperalatkan wanita.

Saya tinggalkan mesej untuk As berbunyi: "Selamat tinggal - Ali Setan".

Saya pun membawa diri ke batu besar Batu Feringgi. Saya duduk berdekatan dengannya di atas batu yang lebih kecil sambil memperhatikan ombak laut.

Ketika air mata saya menitis, saya yakin As hanya menguji kesabaran saya.

Bersatu Semula

Pada suatu hari, As, Emy dan Latif berada di kantin USM apabila Tan Sri dan Tipah datang dalam limo.

"Mana dia Jeffri?" tanya Tan Sri.

Jeffri muncul dari bilik air dan memperkenalkan dirinya.

Tan Sri memukulnya. Jeffri terjatuh di atas tong sampah.

"Maafkan aku. Itu adalah hukuman kamu kerana menodai anak aku.

"Walau bagaimanapun saya gembira mendapat menantu seperti kamu.

"Masa sudah berubah. Kawan menjadi lawan, dan lawan menjadi kawan semula."

Tan Sri menghampiri Latif yang dipeluk Emy. "Adakah Latif nampak Ali?" tanya Tan Sri.

"Dia kat Batu Feringgi," jawab Latif.

"Latif, As, baik kamu berdua cari Ali. Bagi tau Ali, Tan Sri kata semuanya OK," kata Tan Sri.

Emy memeluk Latif lagi. Dia juga memeluk As. As pun menaiki motosikal Latif untuk ke Batu Feringgi.

Latif dan As nampak saya. As mengusik kaki saya dengan ranting kayu. Dia kemudian melompat ke dalam pelukan saya.

"Kau datang juga, sayang!" kata saya.

"Ali, ayah kamu kata semuanya OK," kata As.

"Maafkan As."

Kami bertiga kembali ke USM. As dan saya terus bercinta sehinggalah tamat pengajian di USM.

Tamat Bahagian Pertama

Ali Setan Bahagian 2

Kuala Lumpur Kota Ku

Selepas 3 tahun belajar, saya akhirnya lulus sebagai arkitek di USM. Tan Sri dapatkan saya peluang kerja di syarikat arkitek milik kawan baiknya A. Ayappan.

Latif, Abu, Shukor dan Sarban turut kerja di syarikat itu. Pejabat bos kami di Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Saudara Ya Salam (Jalil) menjadi manager syarikat milik ayahnya yang bergelar jutawan. Syarikat itu ialah pasaraya terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur. Tipah bekerja di bawahnya.

George menjadi manager di syarikat milik ayah Jeffri yang menjadi pemaju perumahan terkemuka negara.

Tun dan Violet bekerja untuk syarikat PR yang terikat dengan syarikat Jeffri.

As dan Emy menjadi wartawan di sebuah majalah terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur.

Di KL, saya tinggal di sebuah banglo besar di Ampang. Ia adalah harta milik Tan Sri.

Jeff dan Tipah tinggal di banglo Jeff di Jalan Duta.

Sayangnya, anak mereka tidak sempat lahir di dunia ini.

Abu tinggal dengan saya buat seketika, sebelum berpindah ke Petaling Jaya.

Walaupun kaya, saya tidak suka menunjuk-nunjuk. Saya tidak memiliki BMW tetapi Honda Civic.

Saya juga memiliki sebuah kereta terbuka dengan logo AS yang tertera di atasnya. Ia digelar Setanmobil.

Saya amat menyukai gimnasium USM. Oleh itu, saya membuatkan sebuah gimnasium kecil di rumah saya.

Semasa di KL, saya menyimpan janggut. Sebabnya, saya rindukan As.

Saya tidak berjumpa dengannya selama 3 bulan selepas berhijrah ke KL. Tapi pada suatu hari, As muncul dan kami berpelukan.

“Oh, As! Lama tak jumpa. Kau masih muda jelita, sayang,” kata saya.

“Emy dan As kini wartawan, Setan. Kita sentiasa ada kat KL.

“As ingat Ali tak kemari. Setiap malam mesti As mimpi berjumpa Ali kat KL,” kata As.

Salah Faham

Pada suatu hari Sabtu, saya sibuk di gimnasium. Abu sedang berbual kat telefon.

Saya ada date dengan As. Latif dan Emy akan ikut sama.

Kami akan tonton filem yang terhangat di panggung wayang.

Latif datang ke rumah saya membawa berita yang kurang baik.

Masa itu saya sedang angkat besi. Latif duduk di atas basikal senaman saya.

“100 Plus dua, Abu!” kata saya.

“U ingat saya hamba kah!” kata Abu yang baru saja habis berborak.

Latif berkata dua orang saudara bau bacangnya dari Indonesia kini berada di KL.

Mereka bernama Zila dan Maya dan berasal dari Medan, Sumatera.

Mereka adalah pelajar universiti di Jakarta, dan ingin menonton filem yang terhangat di panggung wayang.

Mereka juga ingin bersiar-siar di KL.

Latif kurang arif dengan jalan-jalan di KL, dan meminta bantuan saya.

Latif berkata: “Emy tak suka lihat saya dengan 2 wanita.”

“Sama dengan saya. As tak suka,” kata saya.

Saya pun menelefon As. Saya berkata saya kena bawa 2 orang saudara lelaki Latif untuk tour sekitar KL.

Kami berempat pun naiki Setanmobil bersiar-siar di sekitar KL. Destinasi terakhir kami ialah panggung wayang.

Selepas filem, kami pergi ke KFC.

Malang sekali, filem itu akan tamat pada hari esok. As dan Emy pun bergegas ke panggung wayang dan menonton filem itu.

Ketika kami berempat keluar dari panggung wayang, As dan Emy ternampak kami.

Mereka berdua ikut Setanmobil ke KFC.

Maya bertanya kenapa saya digelar Ali Setan. Saya menjawab, kerana saya amat nakal ketika di USM.

Latif berkata: “Ali ini sebenarnya bukan setan. Dia memiliki hati emas.”

Maya pun mencium muka saya.

Latif memandang ke belakang dan ternampak As dan Emy. Mereka duduk dua meja di belakang kami.

As dan Emy datang dan berkata: “Hi, Ali! Hi, Latif!”

Mereka bersalaman dengan Zila dan Maya.

“Saudari mesti kawan rapat Ali dan Latif,” kata Zila.

“Sebenarnya tidak,” jawab Emy. “Sebab dia cakap bohong.”

“Ali ni bukan kawan tapi LAWAN!” jawab As.

As menutup mata saya dengan topi saya.

“Harap kau merana, Ali Setan!” kata As.

“Bye, Ali! Bye, Latif!” kata As dan Emy sambil membuang duit 1 sen ke dalam tabung di pintu KFC.

Pada keesokan harinya, saya melawat pasaraya Jalil. Saya diiringi Latif, Abu, Shukor dan Sarban.

Jalil tidak ada di pejabat. Kami pun pergi ke pusat senamannya.

George ada di sana. Katanya, Jalil akan pulang ke pejabat pada 2 petang.

Kami pun berjumpa Tipah di pejabat Jalil. Tipah berkata Jalil ada temu janji dengan kami pada 2 petang.

Apabila Jalil pulang ke pejabat, dia mengucapkan “Ya Salam” kepada kami. Dia mengirim salam kepada Tan Sri, Jeff, dan As.

Saya mengirim salam kepada ayahnya.

Jalil yang dahulunya agak pemalu kini amat yakin, segak dan bergaya.

Latif dan saya membincangkan masalah kami dengan Jalil.

Jalil berkata: “Jangan bimbang. Cinta itu ada pasang surutnya. Cinta sejati akan berkekalan.

“Saya akan bincang dengan Emy dan As, OK!”

Pada waktu petang, Jalil, Latif dan saya pergi ke rumah As. As suruh Emy berjumpa kami.

Jalil berkata kepada As dan Emy bahawa Ali dan Latif ingin meminta maaf.

“Ali kata maaf. Latif juga,” kata Jalil.

Emy kemudian bercakap dengan As.

As berkata: “As kata benci Ali!”

Saya menjerit dari dalam kereta: “Cinta!”

As menjerit dari tingkap: “Benci!”

Saya dan As saling menjerit sehingga Jalil berkata: “Ali dan Latif tak mau As dan Emy. Jumpa lagi!”

Muka Emy menjadi merah. Sama halnya dengan muka As.

“Terima kasih, Jalil!” kata saya dan Latif.

Pada keesokan hari, saya berjumpa As di pejabatnya. Saya memohon maaf kerana berbohong dan berkata saya tidak mahukan As salah faham.

Dia enggan memandang muka saya.

Akhirnya, As berkata: “OK, Ali. I’m sorry, too. But don’t do it again.”

Emy turut memaafkan Latif pada hari itu.

Jeff Tidak Setia

Beberapa minggu kemudian, saya menghadiri majlis makan malam untuk pelajar-pelajar lama USM di banglo seorang pegawai tinggi universiti itu yang terletak di Ampang.

Banglo itu mempunyai lampu berwarna-warni dan juga kolam renang.

Jalil menjadi hos pada petang itu.

Beberapa pertunjukan seni diadakan oleh bakat-bakat USM termasuk band Abu dan Latif.

Saya menyanyi lagu Asli dengan As manakala Latif dan Emy berpuisi.

Jalil pula menyanyikan lagu P. Ramlee.

Sarban, yang membuang serbannya serta jambangnya, melakukan persembahan Bhangra dengan kumpulan Bhangra USM.

Ketika tarian Bhangra hampir tamat, Jalil yang nakal membuang bunga api kecil ke arah Sarban.

Penari-penari melompat ke dalam kolam renang.

Sarban dan geng saya menangkap Jalil lalu membuangnya ke dalam kolam renang.

Kesian Jalil. Dah dua kali dia masuk kolam.

Selepas pesta itu, saya dan Abu pergi minum di sebuah kafe di Bangsar. Kami jumpa Tipah menyanyikan lagu jazz.

“Hi, Tipah!” kata saya. “Ngapa adik merokok?”

“Maaf, Ali. Tapi u pun sama lah, bang!” kata Tipah.

“OK, maaf, Tipah. I give up,” kata saya.

“Macam mana Jeff?” saya bertanya.

“Dia dah tinggalkan saya kerana Tina,” kata Tipah.

“Saya jumpa mereka berzina kat rumah. Saya pun balik ke rumah ayah.”

Tan Sri bersabar dengan dugaan Nya. Mungkin, dia salahkan Pangeran kerana memanjakan Jeffri, dan sedar bahawa syaitan sentiasa menyesatkan manusia.

“Sabarlah, Tipah,” kata saya. “Tipah tinggal lah dengan saya sehingga Jeff tinggalkan Tina.”

Tipah berkata: “Abu ni bisinglah. Berdengkur kuat lah.”

“OK, baik Tipah ambil bilik di tingkat bawah,” kata saya.

“Tapi itu As punya lah,” kata Tipah.

“Bilik tu Tipah punya buat sementara,” kata saya.

Siapakah Tina? Tipah berkata dia pernah kerja di kantin USM.

Masa tu Jeffri syok sama Tina. Tun dan Violet pun tau pasal dia.

Tina pernah kerja untuk Jalil buat sementara waktu.

Pernikahan Yang Gagal

Beberapa bulan kemudian, Tan Sri dan ayah As, Haji Darus, bersetuju untuk melangsungkan perkahwinan kami.

Saya telah mengalami mimpi buruk pasal rancangan jahat Jeffri untuk menggagalkan perkahwinan kami.

Pada suatu malam di Kafe Coliseum, saya, Latif dan Jalil berjumpa dengan Jeffri.

Saya bertanya kenapa Jeffri sanggup tinggalkan isterinya.

Dia menjawab bahawa Tipah yang tinggalkannya.

"Dia dah geram sebab kau ada affair!" kata saya.

Jeff menjawab: "Tipah hak kamu! As hak aku!"

"As dan aku akan berkahwin!" kata saya.

"Kita tunggu dan lihat!" kata Jeffri.

Ayah Jeffri, Pangeran, adalah kawan Haji Darus.

Pada suatu petang, Jeffri bermain golf dengan Haji Darus dan "menceritakan" bahawa ibu saya ialah ibu tirinya, dan saya adalah anak luar nikah.

Pangeran telah berbohong kepada anaknya bahawa saya adalah anak luar nikah. Jeffri percaya akan fitnah yang disebarkan oleh ayahnya.

Tidak lama kemudian, saya makan tengah hari dengan As. As berkata: "Ali, ada dua orang dalam hidup As yang As amat cintai. Satu ialah Ali. Cuba teka siapa yang satu lagi."

Saya berkata: "Latif? Jalil? Abu? Shukor? George? Sarban?"

As menjawab: "Bukan! Ayah As lah!

"Dia kata kita tak boleh bersama sebab Ali anak luar nikah."

Saya menceritakan kisah yang sebenar. As percayakan saya.

Kami berdua pun berjumpa dengan Tan Sri. Tun ikut kami.

Tan Sri memperkenalkan kawannya, seorang kadi dari Kuantan. Kadi itu akan menguruskan perkahwinan kami berdua di rumahnya.

Malangnya, Haji Darus dapat tahu pasal rancangan kami.

Adik Jeffri, Ersat, mengekori kami dan melaporkan segalanya kepada Jeffri. Jeffri kemudian menghubungi Haji Darus.

As dan saya melangsungkan pernikahan di rumah kadi.

Latif, Jalil, Abu dan Shukor serta Tun hadir.

Kami memakai pakaian Melayu yang simpel.

Kadi itu membenarkan saya memakai topi berlogo AS.

Sebaik sahaja pernikahan tamat, Haji Darus muncul. Dia membawa kadi ke dalam sebuah bilik.

Shukor mendengar perbualan mereka. Katanya kepada Jalil: “Haji Darus kata Ali anak luar nikah!”

“Ya salam!” kata Jalil.

“Apa ni, Shukor!” kata Abu.

As dan Tun berpelukan. As sedar bahawa dia tidak dapat berkahwin dengan Ali.

Kadi keluar dari biliknya dan berkata perkahwinan tidak dapat dijalankan.

Sebelum dia sempat menghabiskan pengumuman, saya terus lari dari rumahnya.

Di Kuala Lumpur, saya dan As berbual di atas Bukit Melawati di Ampang.

Bukit itu ialah tempat joging kegemaran kami.

Saya selalu berjoging dengan geng saya di hujung minggu. As selalu ke sana bersama Emy, Tun dan Violet.

As berkata kami tidak boleh berkahwin sebab ayahnya tidak mahu melihat saya lagi.

Jika kami berkahwin, As tidak akan dibenarkan ke dalam rumah ibu bapanya lagi.

As bertanya sama ada Tan Sri kenal kadi lain.

“As, kau kena sedar bahawa cinta itu luas bagaikan langit dan lautan. Ia tidak berakhir dengan perkahwinan,” kata saya.

Saya bercakap seperti ahli falsafah. Mungkin, saya dah dewasa akhirnya.

“Saya tak bersih, As. Ayah As mau menantu yang benar-benar bersih. Seperti yang As tahu, saya ni setan kat USM,” kata saya.

As berkata: “As sendiri pun tak bersih, Ali. As hampir membunuh Ali.”

Saya berkata: “Rupa-rupanya kita berdua sama saja, dan ditakdirkan untuk berpisah buat selama-lamanya.

“Tapi Ali takkan lupakan jasa As, dan Ali sentiasa doakan kebahagiaan As.”

Di tengah pemandangan indah matahari terbenam, dua orang kekasih sejati mengambil keputusan untuk berpisah.

Ia amat perit, tetapi perlu dilakukan untuk kebaikan mereka berdua.

Di rumah, Abu berkata Tina baru saja menelefon saya.

Tina mahu berjumpa saya di bilik hotelnya di pusat bandaraya.

Saya pun pergi ke hotel itu, untuk mendapat tahu apa sebenarnya rancangan Jeffri.


Di hotel, Tina bersalaman dengan saya di luar biliknya.

Dia kelihatan kemas, mesra dan sopan.

Tiba-tiba, Tina membuka zip seluar saya.

Pada saat itu, pegawai-pegawai Jabatan Agama menangkap kami berdua.

Pada keesokan harinya, kami didenda oleh Mahkamah Syariah. Saya membayar denda untuk kami berdua.

As membaca pasal kes Ali dan Tina di surat khabar. Dia menelefon saya dan menyuruh saya berjumpa dengannya di Bukit Melawati lagi.

“Kau binatang, Ali! Saya tak mau jumpa kamu lagi! Saya harap Ali akan merana seumur hidup!” kata As.

“Saya akan kahwin dengan Jeffri besok!”

“Buat apa yang kau suka, As. Saya bukan orang yang baik. Tapi jangan kahwini Jeffri. Dia hancurkan hidup saya,” kata saya.

“Kau yang hancurkan hidup sendiri, Ali!” kata As.

“OK, As. Buat apa yang kau suka,” kata saya.

Hidupku Sudah Hancur

Saya berpisah dengan As sebab saya amat sayangkannya. Saya tidak mahu melihat hubungan As dengan ayahnya menjadi keruh.

Jeffri telah memperalatkan Tina. Saya pun menulis surat kepada Tina yang mengatakan bahawa dia telah dipergunakan oleh Pangeran, Jeffri dan Ersat untuk menghancurkan hidup saya dan keluarga saya, yang tidak disukai oleh mereka.

Beberapa minggu kemudian, As dan Jeff berkahwin di rumah Haji Darus.

Pangeran dan Ersat hadir.

Saya memberikan sebuah hadiah kepada As dan Tun mengambilnya di pintu rumah.

Tun memegang tangan saya sambil berkata: “Sayang, jangan risau. Ini semua sandiwara untuk puaskan hati ayah.

“Tipah akan muncul dan pernikahan akan batal.

“Ayah Ali dah rancang segalanya dengan baik. Don’t worry.”

Hadiah saya buat As ialah sebuah kotak muzik dengan rantai leher. Di dalam kotak ada mesej tahniah kepada As dan Jeffri.

Mesej itu mengatakan bahawa As ialah satu-satunya wanita yang Ali cintai, dan Ali sanggup melepaskannya demi kebahagiaan masa depannya.

Apabila saya makan bersama Tipah, Tun, Emy, Violet, Latif, Jalil, Abu, Shukor, George dan Sarban pada keesokan harinya, Tipah dan Tun menenangkan saya.

Mereka berkata perkahwinan As dan Jeffri akan batal. Tipah dan Tun akan berjumpa dengan ayah As.

Tipah menunjukkan kepada saya gambar Tan Sri dengan arwah ibu bapa saya di hari perkahwinan mereka.

Tipah juga memiliki sebuah gambar yang diambil semasa saya baru lahir. Di dalam gambar itu ada Tan Sri bersama ibu bapa saya.

Ibu bapa saya berkahwin setahun sebelum saya lahir. Tarikh itu berada di belakang gambar.

“Terima kasih, Tipah,” kata saya.

Saya mengambil keputusan untuk bercuti panjang di Hutan Lipur Lentang, Bentong, Pahang.

Bos saya, Ayappan, tidak membantah.

Saya memberikan nombor telefon pihak pengurusan hutan kepadanya serta geng saya.

Geng saya akan menghubungi saya pasal perkembangan terbaru Jeffri dan As.

Di Lintang, ada banyak chalet papan bertiang tinggi.

Rumah sementara saya itu mengandungi sebuah dapur kecil dengan perkakas, sebuah tilam, sebuah kerusi dan sebuah meja.

Saya berasa amat lega tinggal di rumah yang serba kekurangan sebab saya dilatih untuk hidup sebegini tatkala menjadi kadet polis dulu.

Setiap hari, saya mendoakan agar As dan saya dipertemukan semula. Dan agar Jeffri akan mengubah sikapnya serta kembali ke jalan yang benar.

Rancangan Jeff Terbongkar

Pada suatu hari, Tina datang ke rumah As. Dia mengaku kesalahannya dan meminta ampun.

As mengampunkan Tina dengan serta-merta. Tina mahu menjadi pembantu pejabat As. Dia masih lagi bekerja di pejabat As sekarang.

Pada petang itu, As dan Jeffri bertelagah di rumah Jeffri.

As menuduh Jeffri dan keluarganya bertindak seperti J R Ewing, watak lakonan Larry Hagman dalam siri TV Dallas.

As berkata mahu pulang ke pangkuan suaminya yang sah iaitu Ali.

Jeff berkata As bertindak seperti Alexis Carrington, watak lakonan Joan Collins dalam siri TV Dynasty.

Dia mengancam akan menembak As dan Ali jikalau mereka bersatu semula.

Sehari kemudian, perkahwinan Jeffri dan As diisytihar batal oleh Mahkamah Syariah.

Haji Darus meminta ampun dari As, Tipah dan Tan Sri. Dia mengakui bahawa Ali ialah menantunya yang sah.

Jeff berlatih dengan rifelnya di rumahnya. George, yang sering melawatnya, menghubungi As.

Di kedai perabot baru milik Jalil, As memberitahu geng saya, Emy, Tun, Violet dan Tipah bahawa dia dan Ali dalam bahaya.

Latif, Jalil, Abu dan Tipah bersetuju mengikut As ke Lintang untuk menyelamatkan Ali.

Jalil memandu mereka dalam kereta mewahnya.

Di Lintang, As mendekati saya yang sedang membakar daun kering setelah membersihkan rumah. Geng saya dan Tipah duduk di dalam kereta Jalil.

“Maafkan aku, Ali,” kata As.

“Tiada apa yang kena dimaafkan. Kita semua insan biasa,” kata saya.

Saya ingat Jeff dan As masih lagi bersama.

Dengan tiba-tiba, Jeffri melompat turun dari sebatang pokok dan melepaskan dua das tembakan dari rifelnya.

As dan saya berlari ke dalam rumah. Di sana, saya membasahi tubuh As dan saya sendiri dengan cat merah.

As berpura-pura “mati”.

Jeff menjerit: “Ali, jika kau seorang jantan, sila keluar!”

Saya mendukung As keluar sambil berkata: “Kau telah membunuh isteri sendiri! Saya kehilangan As, begitu juga dengan kau, Jeffri!

“Tolong cium tangannya!”

Jeffri enggan berbuat begitu dan bertanya: “Mengapa?”

Saya menjawab: “Sebab tangannya bersih dan suci, bukan seperti tangan kau yang pembunuh!”

Jeffri pun mencium tangan As.

“Oh, As! I am so sorry!” kata Jeff sambil memeluk badan As.

“Berhenti! Haram!” kata saya.

“Badannya bersih dan suci sedangkan badan kamu busuk dan keji!

“Cium kakinya!”

“Mengapa?” tanya Jeffri.

“Sebab kau telah membunuhnya dan patut meminta ampun darinya."

Pada masa itu, As bangun dari “tidurnya”.

“Setan! Kau telah tipu saya! Baik kau mati sekarang!” kata Jeffri.

Saya berkata: “Encik Jeffri Zain, kau memang bodoh! Tak tahu bezakan antara darah dan cat!”

Jeff mengacukan rifel ke arah saya.

“Biar aku mati!” kata As yang melindungi saya.

“Saya patut mati!” kata saya sambil berdiri di depan As.

“Berhenti!” jerit Tipah.

Jeff jatuh ke atas lututnya.

“Maafkan aku! Aku bukan pembunuh! Aku takkan membunuh! Aku takkan bunuh abang ipar ku dan isterinya!” katanya.

“Maafkan aku, Tipah!”

Tipah memeluk Jeffri sambil berkata: “Jangan risau, sayang. Lupakan segalanya.”

Jeffri kemudian memeluk saya dan As.

“Maafkan aku, saudara ku. Saya telah hancurkan hidup mu.

“Mak kamu adalah mak aku. Dia takkan mahu lihat kita bermusuhan,” katanya.

“Sudahlah, Jeff. Apa yang berlalu jangan difikirkan semula,” kata saya.

Jeffri berkata: “Ali, As kamu adalah keluarga ku. Ali, As ialah isteri mu. Tipah ialah isteri ku.

“Saya lakukan ini semua untuk ayah dan Ersat. Saya mahu mereka sedar yang kita tak harus bermusuhan.”

Abu, Latif dan Jalil datang.

“Take care, guys. See you next week,” kata Jeffri kepada mereka.

Jeffri dan Tipah, berpegangan tangan, berjalan ke arah kereta Jeffri.

“See you in KL, Ali, As!” kata Jeffri.

“Bye, Jeff! Bye, Tipah!” kata saya dan As.

Latif berkata: “Saya amat gembira Ali dan As selamat dan bersatu semula.”

Jalil berkata: “Doa-doaku sudahpun terjawab.”

Abu berkata: “Semoga kamu berdua akan sentiasa dirahmati Nya.”

As bertanya: “Bila Latif dan Emy akan kahwin?”

Latif berkata: “Tak lama lagi.”

As berkata: “Latif dan Emy memang sepadan. Tun dan Violet pun berkata macam tu.”

Abu berkata: “Mau ikut kami minum kat kafe terdekat?”

“Pergi dulu, guys! As dan saya kena bincang sesuatu,” kata saya.

Saya kemudian berkata kepada As: “Saya tak mahu bayar mas kahwin. Wang adalah punca segala kejahatan. Saya bersedia menjadi orang yang kuat beriman.”

As berkata: “Saya pun bukan perempuan yang baik untuk mu, Ali. Kau ni macam malaikat. Saya hanya insan biasa. Selamat tinggal, Ali.”

As memakai jaketnya dan beredar dari rumah saya.

Dengan tiba-tiba, saya menjerit: “Asmidar! Aku cinta pada mu!”

As pun menjawab: “Tunggu, abang!”

Kami bepelukan. Kami berasa amat bahagia untuk bersatu semula, dan menangis dalam kegembiraan.

Berakhirlah sudah kisah romantis jejaka tampan bernama Ali Setan. Dia akhirnya menemui cinta sejati dalam pelukan isterinya yang tercinta, Asmidar.


Hidup aku semakin hari semakin menjadi. Saya sentiasa bersyukur kepada Nya atas limpah kurnia Nya.

Latif, Abu, Shukor, Sarban dan saya masih bekerja untuk Ayappan. Tapi kami dah naik pangkat jadi manager.

Jalil masih uruskan syarikat-syarikat milik ayahnya dan Tipah dah jadi seorang managernya.

Jeffri dan Tipah semakin hari semakin sayang. Jeffri masih lagi uruskan bisnes ayahnya. Ersat turut menjadi manager di syarikat ayahnya.

Pangeran dan Ersat kini dah berbaik dengan keluarga Tan Sri.

George, Tun dan Violet masih lagi menjadi manager di empayar bisnes Jeffri dan keluarganya.

Isteri ku As, yang membantu saya menulis kisah cinta ini, serta sepupunya Emy, kini menjadi editor majalah mereka.

Emy dan Latif, seperti Jeffri dan Tipah, serta saya dan As, amat dilamun cinta.

Jika seseorang berbuat baik, pembalasannya sentiasalah baik. Tapi pengajaran penting dari cerita saya ini ialah, cinta adalah kurniaan Nya. Ia tak boleh dipaksa. Marilah kita sama-sama berterima kasih atas pemberian Nya yang paling berharga. Namanya cinta.


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