Tuesday, March 10, 2009

‘The Great Space Travellers’ Of Reality TV

‘The Great Space Travellers’ of Malaysian reality TV are:

From Astro TV’s Akademi Fantasia to 8TV’s Malaysian Idol & One In A Million -

Saiful Bakeri (Male Champion) and Amylea Azizan (Female Champion).


Saiful was an Akademi Fantasia 2 reject who joined Malaysian Idol 1, finished fifth, and became a One In A Million 3 reject.

Amylea won third prize in Akademi Fantasia 3, and joined One In A Million 3.

Saiful and Amylea have a good friend Amy Azlan who was rejected in AF2 and Malaysian Idol 1 but made it to AF3.

From 8TV’s Malaysian Idol & One In A Million to Astro’s Akademi Fantasia -

Riz Zaizizi (Male Champion) and Farhan Azizan (Female Champion) for Malaysian Idol.

Ab Dungot (Male Champion) and Stacy Anam (Female Champion) for One In A Million.


Riz and Farhan, Malaysian Idol rejects, made it in Akademi Fantasia. He got second prize in AF6. She got third prize in AF4.

Ab who finished fourth in OIAM2 almost made it to the Top 14 of AF7. Stacy, an OIAM2 reject, won AF6.

‘Angkasawan’ Rancangan Realiti TV

‘Angkasawan’ rancangan realiti TV Malaysia ialah:

Dari produk Astro Akademi Fantasia ke produk 8TV Malaysian Idol & One In A Million -

Saiful Bakeri (Juara Lelaki) dan Amylea Azizan (Juara Wanita).


Saiful tercicir dari Akademi Fantasia 2, mendapat tempat ke-5 di Malaysian Idol 1, dan tercicir dari One In A Million 3.

Amylea menang tempat ke-3 di Akademi Fantasia 3, dan menyertai One In A Million 3.

Amy Azlan, kawan karib Saiful dan Amylea tercicir dari AF2 dan Malaysian Idol 1 dan memasuki Top 14 AF3.

Dari Malaysian Idol & One In A Million ke Akademi Fantasia -

Riz Zaizizi (Juara Lelaki) dan Farhan Azizan (Juara Wanita) untuk Malaysian Idol.

Ab Dungot (Juara Lelaki) dan Stacy Anam (Juara Wanita) untuk One In A Million.


Riz dan Farhan tercicir dari Malaysian Idol, tetapi menjadi naib juara AF6 (Riz) dan naib juara kedua AF4 (Farhan).

Ab pemenang ke-4 di OIAM2 hampir layak ke Top 14 AF7. Stacy tercicir dari OIAM2 tetapi menang AF6.