Sunday, December 05, 2004

Novel 10 - Into The Toon World

It is one of those boring weekends for “cili padi” (“red hot chilli”) Diana DeGarmo.
Resting in her bedroom in the US, the American Idol runner-up decides to follow Nemo the Persian cat to his “haunt of the day”, wherever that is.
Diana decides not to get dressed, because what she is wearing is hip enough for her Malaysian Idol and Akademi Fantasia friends to appreciate.
Only one problem - Nikki Palikat, the sweet Malaysian Idol contestant who loves pink as much as Diana.
Nikki appears, hologram form, behind Diana, and shakes her head.
“Get back in, Diana. Your fashion statement’s a nightmare,” says the annoyed Nikki.
“Oh, all right,” says the startled Diana, as the hologram vanishes.
Diana promptly dons another fashion statement, which is slightly less revealing than the first one.
She walks towards her refrigerator for a drink.
Nikki appears again, and remarks: “You fashion criminal. Get back in, Diana.”
After much searching in her wardrobe, Diana finally picks something which satisfies Nikki, and the hologram says: “Nemo has made me your unofficial fashion critic, Di. Beware of what U wear.”

In the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Soo Kui Jien and Aznil Nawawi bump into each other. They are returning home from road tours with the stars of Malaysian Idol and Akademi Fantasia respectively.
“Hi, Jien. Looking really handsome today,” says Aznil.
“U too, Aznil. Like your hedgehog hair. Really spiky,” says Jien.
Jien tells Aznil to excuse him as he is going to the Gents.
“Can I come along? I don’t remember where the lavatory is,” says Aznil.
“Follow me,” says Jien.
Jien heads off to the Gents with Aznil at his tail.
When Jien enters the Gents, he clicks his hand phone and transforms the word “Gents” on the wall into “Jien’s”.
“Oh, my God. Looks like I’m not welcome when Jien’s using the loo,” says Aznil.
“Just a joke, Aznil. Come on in,” says Jien.
(Looks like Nemo gives powers to friends of the Idol Fellowship, too)

Vince Chong, Khairul Nizam (Khai) Wahi and Rueben (Burn) Thevandran wake up in Vince’s bedroom.
Vince realises that he dozed off on his bed while Khai and Burn realise that they fell asleep while sitting on the floor.
“What happened, guys? Why did U spend the night with me?” asks Vince.
Khai strokes Nemo, his pet cat, and finds out that John Stevens paid them a visit in Vince’s bedroom-cum-meeting room, and as a result, the three of them fell asleep.
Burn tells Vince: “I had this strange dream, guys. I was in the restaurant of this posh KL hotel with all AFs and MIs, and there was this crooner who was also very horny.
“The crooner was singing “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” and he began to get very close to Kak Mas. I scolded the man, but both of U restrained me.
“Finally, Atie went up to the man and shook his hand, thanking him for his songs. The man lost his voice as a result.”
Khai says: “That was a good one. Here’s mine. I was in the airport with Vince and there was this nasty restaurant cashier. She was very rude and she insulted Jac.
“Vince got angry, and scolded the cashier. I contacted Atie, who was in Genting Highlands.
“She touched the wall of First World Hotel, and the cashier suddenly lost her voice.”
Vince says: “And here’s mine. No Atie in it. I was sleeping in my bedroom. Suddenly, Linda appeared, a little frightened, and woke me up.
“She told me that there was some stranger sending her threatening messages over the computer.
“I said, don’t worry, Nemo has given us the power to cut off electricity supply to all evil-doers. The power belongs to those in Kelly’s circle, namely Kelly, Fantasia, Jac, Linda, Mas, Burn and myself.
“Both of us clicked our hand phones and turned off the power supply at the evil-doer’s home.”

Adam Mat Saman awakes on Diana DeGarmo’s comfy bed. He appears to have suffered from stinging wounds sustained on an adventure in Nemo’s fantasy world.
“It still hurts,” he says.
“Sometimes, pain is good. I’m glad you’ve learnt to face one of your worst nightmares,” says an affectionate Rydee Rahim, who appears to have been crouching on him while sitting beside the bed the previous night.
(The ever-reliable Rydee has the power to heal Adam by touching him)
“I’m glad it was only Elmer the bald-headed shot-gun expert, not any monster from Thundercats,” says Adam.
“Kak, I don’t remember exactly what happened, and I hope U could help me.”
Rydee replies: “Relax, yang. You’ve had a long night. Our friends are still stuck in there, and we’ve got to help them get out.
“I remember this man, who calls himself the Quiz Master. He resembles Jalaluddin Hassan, the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”.

The Sugar Bun Bunny (that’s the nickname of Adam) gets into deep thought.
Adam's head throbs badly, and Rydee cups her hands around her friend's face, gently massaging his cheeks with her fingers.
He remembers that Bob (Yusrizan) Usop, his faithful friend, was granted a wish by Nemo, to enter the realm of fantasy the night before.
Bob had told Nemo that he wanted to meet the characters of 1970s and 1980s cartoons.
Bob and Nemo were instantly teleported into the laboratory of the Acme Company which is a legend amongst Warner Brothers cartoon props.
Bob picked up what looked like a glass of Horlicks, his favourite drink, and was sucked into the drink when he sipped at it.
Bob found himself swirling along a gigantic spiral slide, screaming for help.
“Nemo, help me!” he said. “Bring me Shanghai Beauty and Amir Hafizi!”
In a flash, Rosma Sidik (Bob calls her Shanghai Beauty) and Amir Hafizi, the entertainment journalist from The Malay Mail (Amir and Rosma are from Kuantan), appear in the slide, a short distance behind Bob.
Amir shouts at Bob: “Why did U bring me here? Why did U put me with Rosma? I don’t like to stick with kids from home.”
Bob says: “I need your help, Amir. U R full of ideas and knowledge and I know U can help me.”
Amir says: “U have not answered my question. Why Rosma and me?”
Bob says: “U R the two Kuantan-ites that first pop into my mind. Why I choose Kuantan-ites to help me is because, the strange creatures we may meet in the fantasy world, may respect us more, if we have good-looking people from the capital of Pahang.”
Rosma asks: “Why Pahang?”
Bob replies: “Because Pahang and Sarawak, my home state, are the giants of Malaysia. The creatures may think that we are the biggest humans in the real world and thus, they will not harm us.”

When Amir, Bob and Rosma end up at the end of the slide, they find before their eyes total darkness.
Minutes later, the lights come on, and the stage of popular game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire comes alive.
A man who introduces himself as the Quiz Master and who looks exactly like the show’s Malaysian host Jalaluddin Hassan, greets the trio.
The Quiz Master tells Amir, Rosma and Bob that the show has chosen to divert from its original theme.
This time, the trio who gate-crashed into the studio, have to answer questions by going into the world of cartoons.
The Quiz Master says: “I will follow you into the toon world and ask you questions which you must answer correctly.
“At no point in time must the three of you try to escape from the toon world. The consequences can be disastrous.
“But you can have all the help in the world that you want. You can bring your friends from the real world into the fantasy world, to help you out.”
Bob says: “Quiz Master, is it OK if I bring all the 43 other members of the Idol Fellowship in?”
The Quiz Master replies: “That is entirely up to you, Yusrizan.”
Bob strokes Nemo, and the cat promptly grants him his wish to beam the 43 remaining members of the Idol Fellowship into the studio.

"R U ready?" asks the Quiz Master.
"U bet," says Bob.
"Hey! We R not supposed to bet," says Rosma.
"Oh, sorry," says Bob.
"Hang on, guys. This'll be one crazy adventure."
The Quiz Master tells the Idols: "U can contact anybody U wish in the real world and they can give U all the help U want.
"But remember. Nobody can escape from the toon world until all questions have been answered. "Failure to heed this warning can lead to deadly consequences."
The Quiz Master takes the Idols through a door, and they enter the toon world.

The Quiz Master introduces them to several cartoon characters in different scenes.
The Idols walk through every scene and exit each scene courtesy of invisible doors which the Quiz Master points out.
The first few questions are simple. They give the Quiz Master all the correct answers pertaining to the identities of popular cartoon heroes as Mickey Mouse, Yogi Bear, Garfield, Road Runner and Daffy Duck.

Then, the Idols come face to face with Scooby Doo.
The Quiz Master asks them: "What is Scooby's master's real name?"
"Shaggy," answers Bob.
"I said what's Shaggy's REAL name?" asks the Quiz Master.
Farah suggests: "Guess we'll have to call Anuar Zain. He's very knowledgeable about cartoons."

Farah phones Anuar, and asks him about Shaggy's real name.
"That's a tricky one, Farah. Looks like I'll have to ask Ziana," says Anuar.
A few minutes later, Anuar contacts Farah and tells her the answer, Norville Rogers.
"Well done, folks," says the Quiz Master.
"But there is one more question for you. What's Scooby's and Shaggy's greatest fear?"
Adi Fashla answers correctly. "Ghosts," he says. "Just like Woogie and Creamy."
At that moment, Woogie and Creamy, the deceased pet cats of Zainal Alam Kadir (Nana Mahazan's uncle) appear before the Idols.
Scooby shrieks, and jumps towards Saipul Bakeri.
"Tolong!" screams Saipul.
Burn Thevandran and Nurul Hamid freeze time. Scooby is stuck in mid air. Nurul pushes Saipul aside.
When they allow time to run again, Scooby lands on the ground with a thud. Burn's foot is stuck beneath Scooby's fat belly.
Farah, Nurul and Burn lift Scooby up, and in the process, Farah and Nurul accidentally jab Scooby's tummy with their sharp fingernails.
"Yelp!" screams Scooby.
He jumps into the arms of Vince and Burn.
"Are U OK, Scooby?" asks Jaclyn, rubbing Scooby's stinging tummy.
"Sorry we hurt U there," apologise Farah and Nurul.

Sahri tells Adi Fashla: "Nice work, Adi. You almost got Saipul flattened."
"Sorry, Saipul. The mere mention of "ghosts" made me think of my friends Woogie and Creamy," apologises Adi Fashla.

Saipul is shocked into silence. He sits very still beside the wall. Nurul gives him a hug.
"Saipul takut. Scooby hampir jilat Saipul (Scooby almost licked me)," he says.
"Scooby tak kacau kitak, yang. Dia tu manja dan jinak (Scooby is harmless, don't fear him)," says Nurul.
Farah tells Nurul: "Looks like Saipul needs a rest. We should let the Quiz Master excuse us for a while."
Bob asks the Quiz Master to give Saipul a break from the adventure.
The Quiz Master says: "OK, Saipul. You may take a rest, but do remember to come back when U are well enough. Once you are in the adventure, you must not escape."
He directs Nurul and Farah to accompany Saipul back into the real world, via an invisible door.
Atie and Azza decide to return to the real world, too.
"Please excuse us, Quiz Master. We have some things to discuss with Saipul," says Atie.
"Don't worry. We'll be back," says Azza.
"Oh, all right," says the Quiz Master.

The next scene they enter brings the Idols face to face with Bugs Bunny's nemesis Elmer Fudd.
The Quiz Master asks them: "What does Elmer call Bugs?"
Adam Saman replies: "Wabbit!"
At that moment, Elmer starts firing his gun at Adam.
"Come back here, U Sugar Bun Wabbit!" screams Elmer.
Adam runs for his life.
He jumps into a toon bush, but the bullets manage to make a U-turn in front of the bush, and sink themselves into the bush, injuring him severely.
"Yeeeeow!" screams Adam.
"Oh, no. Not again," says Rydee. Rydee, Diana and Nikki pull Adam out of the bush.

"Quiz Master, I need to go home for a while," says Adam.
"Yes, you gotta help him," says Rydee.
The Quiz Master says: "OK, Adam. You may go home for a while. Rydee, you stick with him."

Adam and Rydee exit an invisible door and end up in Diana's bedroom, which is a regular meeting place for the Idols.
"You scare me, yang," Rydee tells Adam, as blood covers Diana's tidy bed. "Thank God Nemo's given me the power to heal you."
Rydee crouches on the semi-conscious Adam as he lies flat on his face.
Feeling at his wounds, the beautiful Malaysian Idol finalist extricates the bullets from her gorgeous Akademi Fantasia friend.
Adam's bleeding gradually stops, and Rydee gathers the bullets in her hands.
All the blood that has covered Diana's tidy bed is absorbed back into Adam, whose wounds close.

Rydee tells Nemo: "Nemo, please return the bullets to Elmer. But don't hurt him."
Nemo promptly teleports the bullets back into the toon world, and they appear like flying pebbles before an astonished Elmer.
Fortunately, the bullets do not nick the bald-headed hunter.

Adam finally regains his memory of the adventure. He tells Rydee: "Come, let's help our friends."
Rydee reminds him: "Don't do anything crazy, such as getting yourself hurt."

Saipul recovers from the shock of nearly getting squashed by Scooby Doo, after a long rest in Kelly Clarkson's bedroom cum meeting room.
Atie tells him: "Yang, don't fear the toons. We are always here for you."
Azza says: "Nemo has given us the power to zap anyone who harms us in the toon world. Don't worry."
Farah, Nurul, Atie and Azza cuddle Saipul, and relieve him of his fear.
Nurul says: "Yang, ini semua cabaran. Kitak kena berani sikit (This is all a challenge. You got to be brave)."
Farah says: "I know just who to call to help us in the toon world. Jien, Aleya, Amani and Aznil."

The Quiz Master breaks the Idols into groups. Each group is given a separate series of adventures. The Quiz Master also multiplies himself to accompany each group on their adventures.
Amir Hafizi, Zahid Baharuddin, Dina Nadzir, Bob Usop, Rosma Sidik, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, Justin Guarini, Nicole McKibbin, Kimberley Locke, Diana DeGarmo, Nikki Palikat, Jasmine Trias, Khai, Kaer Azami, Nana Mahazan and Sufiah Mohd Noor are lumped together.
The Quiz Master takes them to a gigantic whirlpool. They are ordered to jump in.
"Hey! U can't do this to us," says angry Justin.
"Yes, this is murder!" say angry Dina and Rosma.
Jalaluddin says: "You must not challenge the Quiz Master. All of U will be safe. Trust me."
The Idols and Amir jump into the whirlpool, and after some spinning around, they end up in The Valley Of The Dinosaurs, an obscure Hanna Barbera cartoon.

The Idols are shown a flight of pterodactyls. The Quiz Master tells them: "First, name the cartoon's producers. Second, rescue me from the birds, with your team work and resources."
Amir answers the question correctly, by mentioning "William Hanna and Joseph Barbera".
A few minutes later, one of the pterodactyls grabs Jalaluddin by the collar, and he is taken far away towards the other birds.

Zahid says: "Listen, folks. I've got a plan. But first, I'd like to get help from Michael J. Fox. We need his Back To The Future hoverboards."
In a flash, Michael J. Fox appears. The 1980s heart-throb who is suffering from Parkinson's Disease says: "Hi, Idols. Take these toon hoverboards. They R all programmed to skate U to safety. But do be careful."
After thanking Mike, the Idols step on their hoverboards, and follow Zahid's lead.
Zahid says: "Malaysians, if U don't know how to surf, don't worry. Just follow the Americans and me."
Ruben tells the Idols that his circle which includes Clay, Justin, Zahid, Dina, Bob, Rosma and himself, has the power to turn invisible.
He says: "Don't worry if U R not from my circle. The power to turn invisible is yours once U team up with me."
Diana says: "And don't worry if U R not from mine. The power to zap the monsters is yours."

The Idols subsequently take to the sky in pursuit of the birds. They make themselves invisible to the birds, but not to each other.
Nemo, who sticks to Khai, produces force fields around each Idol. The Idols electrify their force fields.
When they find the birds, the Idols zoom in and out of the pterodactyls' paths. The birds become confused and start to collide with each other.
One of the birds drops Jalaluddin from its grip, and Nemo automatically covers the Quiz Master with a force field. Jalaluddin is picked up by Ruben.
Zahid says: "Let's zap them."
The Idols jump from bird to bird, electrocuting each bird in the process. One by one, the birds disappear without a trace.
Adam, Rydee, Nurul, Saipul, Farah, Atie, Azza, Sharifah Aleya (Jien's Malaysian Idol co-host),
Sharifah Amani (Aleya's younger sister who is also an actress), Jien and Aznil join the group at the last minute, but fortunately, they do not miss out the action.
Kimberley and Nicole remark: "Hope PETA does not sue us for animal abuse."
Diana says: "Relax. They are only toons. They can come alive again."

When the battle is over, the Idols land on the ground, feeling relieved. Khai and Kaer begin to feel very weak.
Jasmine grabs hold of Khai as he collapses. Nana and Sufiah grab hold of Kaer.
"Looks like U've been sapped of strength," Jasmine tells Khai.
"Dai (Philippine term for "baby sister"), please wake up!"
At that moment, Khai suddenly wakes up.
"That was a real electric shock U gave me, Kak," he says.
Zahid says: "Great surfing there, Jas. Thanks for showing me the way around those birds."
Jasmine replies: "U did well yourself, too, Zahid."
Zahid says: "Thanks for taking good care of Abang Khai. He really needs U."
Nana tells Kaer: "Great show, yang. Perhaps U can tell your folks U've fought your greatest danger."
Sufiah says: "Glad U did not scream, Nana. I'm proud that U've faced your worst fears."

When Khai regains his strength, he congratulates Adam, Rydee, Saipul, Nurul, Farah, Atie, Azza, Aleya, Amani, Jien and Aznil.
"Well done, guys. U were crucial in winning the battle. I'm glad none of U chickened out."

The Quiz Master asks Anding, Fitri, Victor, Vick, and Azizi if they know how to swim.
They reply that they do, and that Nemo gave them the ability to stay underwater for long durations.
The Quiz Master takes them beyond a mysterious door, and they end up inside a sea of peach tea.
When they reach the surface, Fitri, Victor and Anding find themselves with the Quiz Master inside a gigantic glass of peach tea stuck atop one of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.
"Awesome," say Fitri and Anding.
Azizi and Vick find themselves inside a separate glass of peach tea stuck atop the other tower.

The Quiz Master says: "I know you love peach tea, Fitri. Could U tell me who wrote James And The Giant Peach?"
Fitri phones Clay Aiken, and Clay gives him the correct answer, Roald Dahl.
Jalaluddin then asks Anding: "Where was the giant peach stuck on in the novel?"
Anding makes a wild guess and answers "Empire State Building." He is correct.
Jalaluddin then asks Vick "Who is the grandchild of Roald Dahl?"
Vick answers: "Sophie Dahl, the model."
He finally asks Azizi "Where is Roald Dahl from?"
Azizi makes a wild guess and answers Britain. He is correct.
Jalaluddin says: "U guys are lucky to answer correctly. If U had answered wrongly, the cups would have tipped and spilled us out."
"Sui yan! Sui yan!" shouts angry Victor (this means "wicked man" in Cantonese).
Fitri and Anding tell Victor to calm down.
The Quiz Master says: "Nobody abuses the Quiz Master when the show is going on. The consequences can be disastrous."
Jalaluddin introduces the guys to Sophie Dahl. She hugs all of them.

Adi Fashla, Sahri, Zamil Idris, Fahmy Zakaria and Fazly Zainal end up in the Walt Disney cartoon "The Rescuers". They and the Quiz Master shrink to mouse size.
Adi Fashla, Fahmy and Fazly are in the Everglades, a swampy place in the US.
They get on board the speed boat belonging to Evinrude the dragonfly, and whizz across the waters.
Sahri goes to a tall building in New York and gets on board Orville the albatross. The bird takes off by plunging down the building, making Sahri scream loudly.
Orville gradually soars into the skies, and Sahri faints.
Zamil gets on board Orville's overweight twin brother Wilbur, who takes off clumsily.
Wilbur bumps into a building, and Zamil screams "Ouch!".
The fat bird eventually joins his twin in the skies.
Wilbur bumps into Orville, and the latter screams: "Toda raba, balon ("thanks, fatty" in Jewish)."
"Same 2U," says Wilbur.

The Quiz Master asks Sahri: "Where do U think Orville and Wilbur got their names?"
Sahri answers: "The Wright Brothers, who invented the plane, of course."
He then asks Zamil: "Name the late comedian who voiced Wilbur."
Zamil phones Jien, and Jien gives him the correct answer, John Candy.

The Quiz Master appears on Evinrude's speedboat. He asks Fahmy, Fazly and Adi Fashla to look behind them.
"Name those crocs," he says.
"Roman Emperors is the clue."
"Nero," says Adi Fashla.
"And Brutus," says Fazly.
"They are going to get us," says Fahmy.
"Let's call Blue Hyppo," says Fazly.

Two Blue Hyppos appear (Blue Hyppo is the hippopotamus mascot of the Malaysian web portal, Blue Hyppo, which sponsors Malaysian Idol).
They chase after the crocodiles and snap viciously at them.
Brutus and Nero disappear underwater.
The Blue Hyppos resurface.
They swim towards the nearest bank, where Evinrude's boat lands.
When Adi Fashla, Fahmy, Fazly and the Quiz Master get off the boat and thank the dragonfly, the Blue Hyppos transform themselves into TV presenter Mahadzir Lokman and singer-cum-actress Adibah Noor.
Sahri and Zamil land a few minutes later, with Orville and Wilbur, whom the humans thank for a good flight.
Mahadzir and Adibah tell the guys: "Hope U enjoyed your adventure. See U in the real world. If U need any help, contact the Blue Hyppo portal."

The Quiz Master orders all the Idols, Amir, Jien, Aleya, Amani and Aznil to regroup at Elmer Fudd’s garden.
He says: “Folks, I’m giving U a light and easy ride again. But don’t jump for joy. It’ll be very challenging towards the end.”
Jalaluddin takes them through a secret door behind Elmer’s house. They enter the world of Jem and the Holograms, a popular 1980s cartoon about rock stars.
Zahid says: “I’ll call Joe Lee. He’s a big Jem fan.”
Jalaluddin asks the Idols: “What’s Jem’s real name? And what’s the name of her rival band?”
Joe appears, and gives the correct answer. He says: “Jerrica is her name, and the Misfits are her enemies.”
Jem and her band congratulate the Idols. Zahid and Joe get a hug from all of the band members.
The Idols proceed into the next room.
Batfink, the crime-fighting bat appears and says: “Look at my wings. What do I call them?”
Vince and Jac have a good idea. “Let’s call up a few international Idols,” says Vince.
“Yup, we need all the help possible,” says Jac.
Khai says: “I’ll call Kak Ani of Kluang, from my home state (that is Noraniza Idris, a popular entertainer from Johor).”
Vince and Jac get in contact with Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah and runner-up Sylvester Sim, Indonesian Idol Joy Tobing and runner-up Delon Thamrin, British Pop Idol Will Young and runner-up Gareth Gates, and Australian Idol Guy Sebastian.
Vince tells Batfink: “You always say, “My Wings Are Like A Shield Of Steel”.”
Gunshots target Batfink, and he demonstrates the power of his wings.
“Duck, everyone!” says Jac.
When the gunshots cease, the Quiz Master says: “Sorry about the gunshots, folks. Is anybody hurt?”
Vince says: “I am.”
The others reply in the negative.
Vince’s hand is slightly grazed by a bullet. Jac thumps Vince’s shoulder, and heals the injury.

In the next room, the Idols meet Milton The Monster, who, like Batfink, is a creation of cartoonist Hal Seeger.
Milton says “hi” to the Idols and blows his top, literally.
Jalaluddin asks the Idols: “Milton was created by six drops of a potion. Name the potion.”
Kaer replies: “Six drops of essence of terror.”
“Well done, Kaer,” says Jalaluddin.
Just then, Milton’s good friend Heebie the skeleton appears. “Greetings, folks,” says Heebie.
Saipul faints, and Nurul catches hold of her fellow Kuchingite.
Farah sounds her hand phone. “Breeeeeeeeeep!” goes the hand phone.
Milton and Heebie close their ears, and run off.
Nurul zaps Saipul’s sides. She tells him: “Yang, it’s OK now. They are gone. It’s just a very old 1960s cartoon before our time.”
Jeebie the one-eyed monster taps Kaer’s shoulder. “Greetings,” he says.
“Oh, no!” says Kaer, as he faints.
Nana grabs hold of him. She tells Jeebie: “Soy Talk anyone?”
Jeebie drinks the bottle of Soy Talk which Nemo teleported from the real world on the instructions of Nana.
(Nana is the advertiser of Soy Talk soya bean milk)
“Help! It’s burning hot,” says Jeebie, running off to the toilet.
Nana zaps Kaer, and Sufiah follows suit.
“It’s OK, Kaer. Jeebie is harmless,” says Nana.
Kaer jokes: “But there’s another scary creature in front of me. Sophie The Black.”
Sufiah says: “Kaer, may I peck you?”
“Help!” screams Kaer.

The Idols enter the world of the Thundercats.
“Awesome,” says Andrew. “I’m a fan of this show.”
Villain Mum-Ra suddenly appears, and roars at the Idols.
Jalaluddin asks: “Mum-Ra, how do we get across to the next room?”
Mum-Ra says: “First, you must endure extreme cold. Second, you must endure extreme hot. And third, I must grab hold of the strongest among you.”
Edlin, Zarina, Nija and Liza touch a rock. They tell the Idols to touch it, and get themselves warm.
“You are really hot chicks,” says Jien.
With the warmth provided by Edlin, Zarina, Nija and Liza, the Idols are shielded from the extreme cold.
Mum-Ra creates a ring of fire around the Idols.
Vick, Azizi, Victor, Fitri, Anding, Adi Fashla, Sahri, Zamil, Fazly, Fahmy, Nicole and Kimberley tell the group that they have the power to freeze the ring of fire.
The 12, who are known as Azizi’s Circle, create a blizzard.
Mum-Ra roars with anger.“Azizi, I want to grab hold of you. You, too, Vick,” says Mum-Ra.
Vince says: “Don’t do it, guys.”
Azizi says: “Don’t worry, Vick and I know what we are doing.”
Mum-Ra grabs hold of Vick and Azizi. They turn into lions, and roar loudly.
Victor turns into a tiger, and gives out another roar.
Lion-O and the Thundercats appear.
“Don’t worry, folks. We’ll take care of him,” says Lion-O.
He opens a door, and the Idols exit the world of the Thundercats.

The Idols finally meet Captain Scarlet, a well-known puppet character created by British children’s television producer Gerry Anderson.
Jalaluddin says: “Captain Scarlet has the power of invincibility.
“He also has a calming effect on others. Name the invisible creatures who are his arch enemies.”
Kaer, who is a little like Captain Scarlet because he has a calming effect on Kelly Clarkson and Diana DeGarmo, says: “The Mysterons”.
Jalaluddin says: “Well done. Nana, please name another Gerry Anderson puppet television series.”
Nana contacts Noraniza Idris, and she gives the correct answer, Thunderbirds.

Jalaluddin brings the Idols back to Elmer’s garden.
Elmer appears, and apologises to Adam for shooting him.
“I’m sorry for shooting U, Sugar Bun Wabbit,” he says.
Adam offers Elmer a bottle of water from the real world, which Nemo teleported into the toon world.
Elmer drinks it, and turns red hot.
Bugs appears, with a bucket of water from the toon world. He drenches Elmer with it.
“Thanks, Adam,” he says. “No, it’s thanks to you, Bugs,” says Adam.
Elmer recovers from his burning sensation, and shakes hands with all of the Idols, Aleya, Amani, Jien, Amir, Aznil and Jalaluddin.

Jalaluddin tells the Idols: “I’m gonna send U all back into the real world. But first, U must do as I say. Look into my eyes.”
Nana says: “Quiz Master, I’d love to give U a token of appreciation. Meet Seelan Paul, my fellow DJ from Era FM.”
Seelan appears, and turns into a seal. The seal licks Jalaluddin.
“Help! Stop it, seal,” he says.
Seelan turns back into himself.
“That’s for being a pain in the back, Mr Quiz Master. Glad I did not become a Navy Seal, or you would have been mince meat by now,” he says.

Jalaluddin turns into a snake. He uses his eyes to hypnotise each of the Idols, Amir, Jien, Aleya, Amani and Aznil. They all fall asleep.

Back in the real world, Vince awakes in Kelly’s bedroom cum meeting room, with his chest facing the ground.
He realises that Jac and Linda have been cuddling him and crouching on him.
Kelly has been cuddling Linda, and Fantasia has been cuddling Jac.
Close by, Burn and Mas both wake up. Burn is in Vince’s position, while Mas is in Linda’s position.
“I thought I was spending the night with Alicia Keys,” says Jaclyn.
“And I thought it was Celine Dion I was with,” says Linda.
Vince says: “Thanks, folks. Perhaps I’ve been selling too many boxes of Kotex.”
Kelly commends Vince: “Vincey, U R cool. I’m glad to have known U. U too, Jac. U R simply great.”
Fantasia says: “Jac and Vince, U R real Asian heroes.”
Linda says: “U’ll always be Kor Vince and Kak Jac to me.”
Burn tells Vince: “Nice position, Vince. I envy U.”
Vince says: “No, Burn. I envy U. U R the hero of all single mothers of Malaysia.”
Mas says: "I'd name Burn as Malaysian Of The Year. Jac shares the same honour."

Zahid and Dina awake in Ruben’s bedroom. They realise that they have been sleeping in Ruben’s embrace.
Justin and Clay have been sleeping beside Ruben, too.
Zahid says: “This is the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. I’m orange, Dina is green and Ruben is chocolate.”
Dina says: “I had a great dream, guys. I was hugging a big chocolate flavoured bear.”
Ruben says: “I wish it was me.”
Bob awakes to find that he has been in Amir’s embrace, while Amir has been in Rosma’s embrace.
“Oh, my God!” says Amir.
“Well done, Amir and Rosma. Kuantanites stick to Kuantanites,” says Bob.
“He needs a shower badly,” Rosma tells Bob of Amir. She pokes Amir’s belly button.

In Diana’s bedroom, Khai awakes and finds himself in Vince’s position. Jasmine is in Linda’s and Jaclyn’s position.
Close by, Nikki and Diana awake, with Nikki on top of Diana.
Jasmine says: “I thought I was sleeping with Uma Thurman.”
Khai says: “I thought Uma was hugging me.”
Jasmine tells Khai, smacking his hands gently: “Hey, looks like we R both Uma Thurman fans. I’ll introduce her to U next year. She’s wonderful. She would love to hug U.”
Diana tells Nikki: “Get off my back, Nicolette.”
Nikki says: “No, U get back in, Diana.”
Diana’s bikini strap which peeks out of her rounded collar disappears under her T-shirt.
Adam is awakened by Rydee, and they are in the same position as Khai and Jasmine, respectively.
Rydee tells Adam: “Yang, I’m sorry I’m sometimes very strict with U. But always remember that U are like a foster brother to me, and I’m always proud of U.”
Adam says: “Sorry if I’m sometimes a pain. I don’t mean it.”
Rydee says: “Darling, it’s OK.” She hugs the Sugar Bun Bunny.
Kaer, Nana and Sufiah awake. Sufiah has been in Rosma’s position, Nana in Amir’s position and Kaer in Bob’s position.
Nana wipes Kaer’s face. She says: “Sorry, my lips hit your face.”
Sufiah says: “Eh! Eh! Was it REALLY an accident?”

Azizi, Vick, Victor, Fitri, Anding, Adi Fashla, Sahri, Zamil, Fazly, Fahmy, Nicole and Kimberley awake in Azizi’s private getaway in Pulau Tioman.
Azizi says: “Happy New Year, guys. Let’s all have some butterscotch ice-cream.”
Nicole says: “U guys must have had a great encounter with Sophie Dahl in the peach tea.”
Vick says: “Yes, that was a close encounter of the greatest kind.”
Anding says: “Folks, our dear friend John Tiong just gave me a call. He is very lucky to have survived the tsunami which hit the West Coast and Thailand. Let’s all pray for the survivors, their loved ones, and those who perished.”

Saipul, Nurul, Farah, Atie and Azza awake in Farah’s bedroom cum meeting room.
Saipul has been in Vince’s position, while Nurul and Atie have been in Linda’s and Jaclyn’s position respectively.
Farah and Azza have been in Kelly’s and Fantasia’s position respectively.
“Yang, I’m really proud of you for facing the challenges in the toon world,” Nurul tells Saipul.
Saipul says: “Thanks for helping me all the way, Kak.”
Atie says: “U did well, Saipul. Keep it up.”
Farah says: “Look! Jien, Aleya, Amani and Aznil are here.”
Azza says: “Happy New Year, folks.”
Jien tells Farah: “Excuse me, Farah Diana. Could I use your washroom?”
Farah releases a “Breeeep!” from her hand phone.
Aleya and Amani tell Jien: “That means, yes.”
Aznil asks Jien if he could use the toilet, too.
Jien says: “Sorry, it’s not Gents now, but Jien’s.”

Andrew awakes in Edlin’s bedroom cum meeting room. Sitting close to him are Edlin, Zarina, Nija and Liza.
Edlin says: “How are U, Ronan?”
Andrew replies: “Gotta slight headache, LeAnn.”
Nija says: “U have been turning too many Wheels Of Fortune, Liza (Liza is the co-host of Wheel Of Fortune, also known as Roda Impian in Malaysia). That’s why he’s dizzy.”
Liza says: “No, it’s probably due to your habit of playing peek-a-boo with Andrew.”
Zarina says: “Do your panadol stuff, LeAnn.”
Edlin touches Andrew’s head. Nija, Liza and Zarina follow suit.
Andrew says: “With U folks around, I don’t need Panadol.”
Andrew gets a call from his attractive elder sister, Michelle.
She wishes Liza, Nija, Edlin and Zarina a Happy New Year.
Edlin says: “Hope we can duet “Last Thing On My Mind” this year, Ronan.”
Andrew says: “I’d love to, LeAnn, if I’ve got the time.”

Vanessa Chong contacts her younger brother, Vince.
Her assistant Daphne Woon also gives him a call.
Vince tells them that he is in good health, and that he had a great time in the toon world.
Vince transfers his phone to Kelly, on Vanessa’s request.
Vanessa tells Kelly that all the Idols should observe a minute of silence as a mark of respect for all the people who perished as a result of the tsunami which hit several Asian countries on Boxing Day.
Kelly suggests that they observe two minutes of silence, the other minute to commemorate the decent people who died tragically around the world the previous year.
Kelly phones John Tiong and tells him she is very happy that he came home safe and sound.
“Our prayers are with U, John,” she says.
Kelly says: “Folks, let’s all observe 2 minutes of silence to mark the coming of the new year.”
She contacts all the Idols and they agree to do so.
Kelly, Fantasia, Jaclyn, Linda, Vince, Mas and Burn stand apart from each other, relaxed and calm.
They lower their heads, and observe two minutes of silence.
When the two minutes are up, Kelly says: “Folks, let’s all look forward to a kinder and happier 2005. God bless us all.”


Novel 10 - Ke Alam Kartun

Diana DeGarmo berasa boring di rumahnya. Si “cili padi” American Idol (AI) itu sedang duduk di atas katilnya yang kemas dan membelai kucing kawannya (Khai), Nemo.
Diana mahukan Nemo membawanya ke tempat yang diingini oleh kucing itu.
Diana berasa tak perlu tukar pakaian, kerana pakaiannya yang sedia ada cukup “hip” untuk kawannya dari Akademi Fantasia dan Malaysian Idol.
Nikki Palikat tiba-tiba muncul secara hologram di depan mata Diana. Nikki menegur Diana kerana pakaiannya kurang sesuai untuk orang Asia.
“Get back in, Diana. U punya fesyen teruk,” kata Nikki.
“Oh, all right,” kata Diana. Nikki pun ghaib.
Diana memakai T-shirt dan seluar yang kurang “seksi” daripada apa yang dipakainya sekarang.
Dia berjalan ke arah peti sejuknya untuk minum.
Nikki muncul semula dan berkata: “U memang penjenayah fesyen. Get back in, Diana.”
Diana akhirnya memakai fesyen yang disukai oleh Nikki. Nikki berkata: “Nemo sudah lantik saya sebagai U punya penasihat fesyen, Diana. Beware of what U wear.”

Di KLIA, Sepang, hos MI Soo Kui Jien dan hos AF Aznil Nawawi berjumpa di Floor Ketibaan. Mereka sedang pulang ke KL selepas “road show” MI dan AF di Malaysia Timur.
“Hi, Jien. U betul-betul handsome hari ni,” kata Aznil.
“U too, Aznil. Saya suka U punya “landak hair”,” kata Jien.
Jien mahu pergi ke Gents.
“Boleh saya ikut? Saya dah lupa mana tu Gents,” kata Aznil.
“Follow me,” kata Jien.
Jien terus ke tandas, diikuti oleh Aznil.
Sebaik sahaja Jien masuk Gents, dia menggunakan HPnya untuk menukar papan tanda “Gents” kepada ”Jien’s”.
“Alamak. Jien tak mahu orang lain masuk ke tandas,” kata Aznil.
“Saya jokinglah, Aznil. Come in,” kata Jien.

Vince, Khai dan Burn bangun dari tidur di bilik Vince.
Vince tertidur di atas katilnya. Khai dan Burn tertidur di atas lantai.
“What happened, guys? Why did U spend the night with me?” tanya Vince.
Khai membelai Nemo dan mendapati bahawa malam tadi, John Stevens melawat mereka bertiga di bilik Vince, dan mereka bertiga terus tertidur.
Burn berkata: “Saya bermimpi makan malam di satu restoran mewah di KL bersama semua member AF dan MI. Ada seorang penyanyi yang gatal.
“Dia nyanyi “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” dan mendekati Kak Mas. Saya memarahi lelaki tu, tapi Vince dan Khai tenangkan saya.
“Atie pun “shake hands” dengan lelaki itu, dan ucap terima kasih. Lelaki itu terus hilang suaranya.”
Khai berkata: “Saya bermimpi berada di KLIA bersama Vince. Ada seorang wanita yang bekerja sebagai juruwang kafe. Dia tu menghina Jaclyn.
“Vince memarahi wanita itu. Saya pun hubungi Atie di Genting Highlands.
“Atie sentuh dinding First World Hotel, dan wanita itu hilang suaranya.”
Vince berkata: “Saya bermimpi tidur di bilik saya. Linda tiba-tiba muncul, dan kelihatan amat takut.
“Linda berkata ada seorang gila menghantar ancaman kepadanya melalui Internet.
“Saya pun kata, don’t worry, kita kan ada power untuk potong dia punya bekalan elektrik. Kelly Clarkson punya Circle, iaitu Vince, Kelly, Fantasia, Jac, Linda, Mas dan Burn, ada power macam tu.
“Saya dan Linda pun click kami punya HP dan potong bekalan elektrik penjahat itu.”

Adam bangun dari tidur di atas katil Diana DeGarmo. Dia baru saja sembuh dari luka tembakan peluru yang dialaminya dalam dunia fantasi.
“Aduh! Masih lagi sakit,” katanya.
“Kadang-kadang, sakit tu baik, sayang. Kak amat bangga dengan Adam kerana berani hadapi musuh,” kata Rydee, yang tertidur ketika memegangnya dan merawat lukanya malam tadi.
(Sentuhan Rydee boleh menyembuhkan kecederaan Adam)
“Nasib baik Elmer Fudd tembak saya dan bukan raksaksa dari Thundercats,” kata Adam.
“Kak, saya tak ingat apa berlaku malam tadi. I hope U could help me.”
Rydee berkata: “Relax, yang. Adam masih tak sihat. Kita punya kawan masih lagi di alam fantasi dan kita kena bantu mereka nanti.
“Saya masih ingat ada seorang lelaki bernama Quiz Master (QM). Dia semacam klon Jalaluddin Hassan, hos Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”.

Adam cuba mengingat kembali apa yang berlaku malam tadi.
Kepala Adam berasa amat sakit. Rydee memegang muka Adam dan mengurut serta menjentik muka kawannya dengan jari-jemarinya.
Adam teringat Bob meminta Nemo menghantarnya ke dalam dunia kartun tahun 1970an dan 1980an.
Bob dan Nemo pun memasuki makmal Acme Company dari kartun Loony Tunes.
Bob memegang sebuah gelas berisi Horlicks, minuman kegemarannya, dan disedut masuk ke dalam minuman itu ketika sedang minum.
Bob berputar-putar di dalam Horlicks, sambil menjerit.
“Nemo, tolong aku! Tolong bawa Rosma dan Amir Hafizi!”
Rosma dan Amir (penulis hiburan The Malay Mail dan rakan sekampung Rosma dari Kuantan) muncul di belakang Bob dalam minuman itu.
Amir berkata: “Mengapa kaitkan saya dengan Rosma? Saya tak suka team up dengan rakan sekampung.”
Bob berkata: “Saya perlukan U punya bantuan sebab U amat bijak.”
Amir berkata: “Tapi mengapa U bawa Rosma ke sini?”
Bob berkata: “Kamu berdua orang Pahang yang saya paling kenali. Saya mahu dapatkan orang Pahang sebab alien di dunia kartun ini akan hormati orang dari negeri terbesar di Malaysia Barat iaitu Pahang dan orang dari negeri terbesar di Malaysia Timur iaitu Sarawak.
“Mereka akan ingat orang dari negeri terbesar di Malaysia adalah orang yang terbesar di negara kita, dan mereka akan respect sama kita.”

Bob, Rosma dan Amir tenggelam ke dalam Horlicks dan muncul kembali di sebuah bilik yang amat gelap.
Apabila cahaya lampu mulai bersinar, mereka sedar bahawa bilik itu adalah studio rancangan Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
QM, yang menyerupai Jalaluddin Hassan, muncul dan bersalaman dengan mereka.
QM memberitahu mereka bahawa rancangan itu telah mengubah formatnya untuk sehari.
Bob, Amir dan Rosma kena memasuki dunia kartun dan menjawab beberapa soalan.
QM berkata: “Saya juga akan memasuki dunia kartun. Tapi ingat. Jangan cuba lari. Amat bahaya jikalau kamu quit rancangan ini.
“Anda boleh meminta bantuan dari semua orang di luar studio. Mereka boleh temani anda di dalam dunia kartun.”
Bob berkata: “Boleh saya bawa kesemua kawan saya dari AI, AF dan MI?”
QM menjawab: “Up to U, Yusrizan.”
Bob membelai Nemo, dan Nemo membawa 43 anggota Idol Fellowship yang lain ke dalam studio.

"Anda sudah bersedia?" tanya QM.
"U bet," jawab Bob.
"Hey! Kita tak boleh berjudi," kata Rosma.
"Oh, sorry," kata Bob.
"Hang on, guys. Ini betul-betul mencabar."
QM berkata: "Anda boleh hubungi sesiapa saja di dunia luar untuk dapatkan bantuan. Tetapi jangan cuba lari. Anda mesti habiskan semua pusingan."
QM membawa member IF ke dalam sebuah pintu di studio, dan mereka pun memasuki dunia kartun.

QM memperkenalkan member IF kepada beberapa watak kartun yang popular.
Member IF masuk dan keluar beberapa rancangan kartun melalui pintu ajaib yang ditunjukkan oleh QM.
Siri soalan yang awal amat mudah. Member IF dapat menjawabnya dengan tepat.
Mereka mengenali watak kartun popular macam Mickey Mouse, Yogi Bear, Garfield, Road Runner dan Daffy Duck.

Member IF kemudiannya berjumpa dengan Scooby Doo.
QM bertanya: “Apakah nama sebenar tuan Scooby?"
"Shaggy," jawab Bob.
"I said what's Shaggy's REAL name?" tanya QM.
Farah berkata: "Kita kena call Anuar Zain. Dia tau banyak pasal kartun."

Farah menghubungi Anuar, dan bertanya apakah nama sebenar Shaggy.
"Rupa-rupanya ini soalan susah dan Anuar terpaksa hubungi Kak Ziana,” kata Anuar.
Selepas menghubungi Ziana, Anuar memberitahu Farah bahawa jawapannya Norville Rogers.
"Betul,” kata QM.
"Satu lagi soalan. Apakah yang paling ditakuti Scooby dan Shaggy?"
Adi Fashla menjawab: "Hantu. Macam kawanku Woogie dan Creamy."
Woogie dan Creamy, kucing milik Zainal Alam Kadir (pakcik kepada Nana Mahazan) muncul.
Scooby menjerit dan melompat ke arah Saipul.
"Tolong!" teriak Saipul.
Burn dan Nurul membekukan masa. Scooby dibekukan di udara. Nurul menolak Saipul ke tepi.
Apabila Burn dan Nurul membuatkan masa berjalan semula, Scooby terjatuh di atas lantai dan menghempap kaki Burn.
Farah, Nurul dan Burn mengangkat Scooby. Dalam proses itu, kuku Farah dan Nurul tercucuk perut Scooby. Scooby berteriak dan melompat ke dalam tangan Burn dan Vince.
"Are U OK, Scooby?" tanya Jaclyn, sambil mengurut perut Scooby.
"Sorry we hurt U there," kata Farah dan Nurul.

Sahri berkata: “Adi, U hampir buat Saipul jadi roti canai."
"Sorry, Saipul. Perkataan “hantu” selalu buatkan saya teringat Woogie dan Creamy," kata Adi Fashla.

Saipul duduk berdiam di tepi dinding. Nurul memeluknya.
"Saipul takut. Scooby hampir jilat Saipul," kata Saipul.
“Scooby tak kacau kitak, yang. Dia tu manja dan jinak," kata Nurul.
Farah berkata: "Saipul kena berehat. QM patut lepaskannya sementara."
Bob meminta QM melepaskan Saipul untuk seketika.
QM berkata: "OK, Saipul. U boleh berehat. Tapi U mesti pulang ke sini bila sihat nanti."
QM mengarahkan Nurul, Farah, Atie dan Azza menemani Saipul ke alam nyata.
Mereka berlima keluar melalui pintu ajaib.

Member IF kemudiannya memasuki dunia Bugs Bunny dan musuhnya Elmer Fudd.
QM bertanya: "What does Elmer call Bugs?"
Adam menjawab: "Wabbit!"
Elmer menembak ke arah Adam dengan senapangnya.
"Come back here, U Sugar Bun Wabbit!" kata Elmer.
Adam berlari dengan pantas.
Dia melompat ke dalam semak tetapi peluru Elmer membuat U-turn di depan semak dan memasukinya, lalu mencederakan Adam.
"Yeeeeow!" teriak Adam.
"Oh, no. Not again," kata Rydee. Rydee, Diana dan Nikki mengeluarkan Adam dari semak.

"QM, saya kena balik rumah seketika," kata Adam.
"Ya, U mesti tolongnya," kata Rydee.
QM pun mengarahkan Rydee menemani Adam ke alam nyata.

Adam dan Rydee keluar melalui pintu ajaib dan memasuki bilik Diana.
"U takutkan aku, yang," kata Rydee kepada Adam. Darah Adam mengotorkan katil Diana.
“Nasib baik kak ada kuasa untuk menyembuhkan Adam. Nemo memang hebat."
Rydee memeluk badan Adam, yang terbaring di atas katil Diana.
Si jelita MI itu mengeluarkan peluru Elmer dari luka di badan kawannya yang kacak dari AF2, serta menekan lukanya dengan tangannya.
Pendarahan Adam akhirnya terhenti, dan Rydee mengumpulkan peluru-peluru Elmer dalam tangannya.
Luka di badan Adam akhirnya sembuh. Darah yang membasahi katil Diana diserap kembali ke dalam tubuh Adam.

Rydee berkata: "Nemo, tolong pulangkan peluru ni kepada Elmer. Jangan cederakannya."
Nemo menghantar peluru-peluru itu kembali ke dalam alam kartun. Peluru-peluru itu terjatuh dari langit di depan mata Elmer.
Nasib baik peluru-peluru itu tidak jatuh ke atas badan Elmer.
Adam akhirnya mendapat memorinya kembali. Dia berkata: “Ayuh, Rydee. Mari kita bantu kawan-kawan kita di alam kartun.”
Rydee berkata: "Don't do anything crazy, macam mendapat kecederaan."

Setelah berehat di bilik Kelly, Saipul akhirnya berasa sihat untuk meneruskan perjuangannya di alam kartun.
Atie berkata: "Yang, jangan takut. Kak akan lindungimu."
Azza berkata: “Kita semua ada super power dari Nemo. Kita boleh zap musuh di alam kartun."
Farah, Nurul, Atie dan Azza memeluk Saipul, dan menyembuhkan sakit kepalanya.
Nurul berkata: "Yang, ini semua cabaran. Kitak kena berani sikit."
Farah berkata: "Saya akan panggil Jien, Aleya, Amani (adik Aleya) dan Aznil untuk membantu kita."

QM membahagikan IF kepada beberapa kumpulan. Setiap kumpulan mendapat misi yang berasingan.
QM juga menduplikasi dirinya untuk bersama setiap kumpulan.
Amir, Zahid, Dina, Bob, Rosma, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, Justin Guarini, Nicole McKibbin, Kimberley Locke, Diana DeGarmo, Nikki, Jasmine Trias, Khai, Kaer, Nana dan Sufiah adalah member kumpulan yang sama.
QM membawa mereka ke tepi sebuah tasik di mana terdapat sebuah pusaran air yang besar dan “ganas”. QM menyuruh mereka terjun ke dalam pusaran air.
"Hey! U can't do this to us," kata Justin.
"Yes, this is murder!" kata Dina dan Rosma.
QM berkata: "Anda tak boleh melawan kata-kata QM. Jangan risau. Anda akan selamat."
Amir dan member IF pun terjun ke dalam pusaran air, dan muncul di dalam kartun berjudul The Valley Of The Dinosaurs, terbitan Hanna Barbera.

IF pun diperkenalkan kepada sekawan dinosaur burung. QM berkata: "Namakan produser kartun ini. Kemudian, selamatkan saya dari burung ini, dengan “team work” anda."
Amir memberikan jawapan yang betul kepada soalan: "William Hanna dan Joseph Barbera".
Seekor burung menyambar QM dan membawanya ke langit biru, bersama burung yang lain.

Zahid berkata: "Listen, folks. I've got a plan. Tapi kita kena dapat bantuan Michael J. Fox. We need his Back To The Future hoverboards."
Michael J. Fox muncul. Dia yang mengidap Parkinson's Disease berkata: "Hi, Idols. Take these hoverboards. They R all programmed to skate U to safety. But do be careful."
Member IF mengucapkan “thanks” kepada Michael dan menaiki hoverboard masing-masing.
Zahid berkata: "Malaysians, jika U tak tau surf, tak apa. Ikutilah saya dan member AI."
Ruben memberitahu member IF bahawa dia punya group yang termasuk Clay, Justin, Zahid, Dina, Bob dan Rosma boleh menjadi orang halimunan.
Dia berkata: "Don't worry if U R not from my group. The power to turn invisible is yours once U team up with me."
Diana berkata: "And don't worry if U R not from my group. The power to zap the monsters is yours."

Member IF pun menaiki hoverboard dan mengejar burung-burung dinosaur di langit. Mereka semua menjadi orang halimunan di mata burung itu.
Nemo, yang berada di sisi Khai, menghasilkan “force field” atau zon kebal mengelilingi setiap member IF. Member IF juga meng-elektrik-kan zon kebal masing-masing.

Setelah bertemu dengan burung-burung itu, member IF pun terbang dengan lajunya mengelilingi setiap ekor burung. Burung itu mulai keliru dan saling berlanggar.
Burung yang membawa QM menjatuhkannya. Nemo menghasilkan zon kebal untuk QM. Ruben mengangkat QM dengan hoverboardnya.

Zahid berkata: "Mari kita zap burung itu."
Member IF melompat ke atas setiap ekor burung dan menembaknya dengan kuasa elektrik masing-masing. Burung-burung itu terus ghaib.
Adam, Rydee, Nurul, Saipul, Farah, Atie, Azza, Sharifah Aleya (co-host Malaysian Idol),
Sharifah Amani (adik Aleya yang juga seorang pelakon), Jien dan Aznil datang membantu kawan IF mereka.
Kimberley dan Nicole berkata: "Hope PETA does not sue us." (PETA ialah pertubuhan bukan kerajaan dari Amerika yang melindungi binatang dari kekejaman manusia)
Diana berkata: "Relax. They can come alive again."

Selepas kesemua burung itu ghaib, member IF mendarat dan berasa lega. Khai dan Kaer mulai berasa pening.
Jasmine dengan cepatnya memegang Khai yang pengsan. Nana dan Sufiah memegang Kaer yang pengsan.
"Looks like U've lost your strength," kata Jasmine kepada Khai.
"Dai (“sayang” dalam bahasa Filipina), please wake up!"
Khai terjaga dengan tiba-tiba.
"Perkataan “Dai” itu bagaikan kejutan elektrik, Kak," katanya.
Zahid berkata: “Great surfing, Jasmine. Terima kasih kerana mengajar saya stail surfing yang bagus.”
Jasmine berkata: "U did well yourself, too, Zahid."
Zahid berkata: "Terima kasih kerana menjaga Abang Khai. He really needs U."
Nana memberitahu Kaer: "Yang, U memang berani. U punya keluarga sure bangga dengan U."
Sufiah berkata: "U pun berani, Nana. Sufiah ingat U akan jerit."

Apabila Khai berasa sihat kembali, dia mengucapkan tahniah kepada Adam, Rydee, Saipul, Nurul, Farah, Atie, Azza, Aleya, Amani, Jien dan Aznil.
"Tahniah kepada U semua. U semua memang hebat dan berani lawan raksaksa yang buas."

QM bertanya kepada Anding, Fitri, Victor, Vick dan Azizi sama ada mereka tahu berenang.
Mereka menjawab “ya”, kerana Nemo telah memberikan mereka kuasa untuk berada di bawah paras air untuk jangka masa yang lama.
QM membawa mereka ke dalam sebuah lagi pintu ajaib, dan mereka muncul di dalam gelas gergasi berisi teh perisa pic.
Ada dua buah gelas gergasi yang berada di atas setiap menara kembar Petronas di Kuala Lumpur.
Fitri, Victor dan Anding berada di dalam sebuah gelas bersama QM.
"Hebatnya," kata Fitri dan Anding.
Azizi dan Vick berada di gelas yang kedua bersama duplikasi QM.

QM berkata: "Fitri memang suka teh perisa pic. Siapakah penulis buku “James And The Giant Peach?”"
Fitri menelefon Clay Aiken, dan Clay memberikan jawapannya, Roald Dahl.
QM bertanya kepada Anding: "Dalam novel itu, di mana letaknya buah pic gergasi itu?"
Anding berkata: "Empire State Building." Jawapannya betul.
QM bertanya kepada Vick "Siapakah cucu Roald Dahl?"
Vick menjawab: "Sophie Dahl, seorang model."
QM bertanya kepada Azizi: "Dari mana asalnya Roald Dahl?"
Azizi menjawab: “Britain.” Jawapannya betul.
QM berkata: “Anda semua bernasib baik. Jika jawapannya salah, gelas gergasi ini akan condong. Kita mungkin terjatuh keluar darinya.”
"Sui yan! Sui yan!" teriak Victor dengan marahnya (ini bermaksud “penjahat” dalam bahasa Cantonese).
Fitri dan Anding menenangkan Victor.
QM berkata: "Anda tak boleh menghina QM. Amat bahaya."
Sophie Dahl muncul, dan memeluk kelima-lima member IF dalam gelas.

Adi Fashla, Sahri, Zamil Idris, Fahmy Zakaria dan Fazly Zainal memasuki kartun Disney "The Rescuers".
Mereka dan QM menjadi sekecil tikus.
Adi Fashla, Fahmy dan Fazly berada di paya Everglades, di Amerika.
Mereka menaiki speed boat milik Evinrude, seekor sibu-sibu.
Evinrude membawa bot itu dengan lajunya di atas air.

Sahri berada di atas bangunan tinggi di New York dan menaiki burung albatross bernama Orville.
Orville melompat turun dari bangunan, menyebabkan Sahri menjerit dengan kuatnya.
Orville akhirnya terbang ke awan, dan Sahri pengsan.
Zamil menaiki saudara kembar Orville iaitu Wilbur yang gemuk.
Wilbur tak pandai terbang dan kerap melanggar bangunan tinggi di New York.
“Ouch!” kata Zamil.
Wilbur melanggar Orville di awan.
Orville berkata kepada saudaranya dalam bahasa Yahudi: "Toda raba, balon ("terima kasih, si gemuk”)."
"Same 2U," kata Wilbur.

QM bertanya kepada Sahri: "Dari manakah Orville dan Wilbur mendapat nama mereka?"
Sahri menjawab: "The Wright Brothers, pencipta kapal terbang."
QM bertanya kepada Zamil: "Siapakah pelakon komedi yang menjadi suara Wilbur?"
Zamil menelefon Jien, dan Jien memberikan jawapannya iaitu mendiang John Candy.
QM muncul di atas bot Evinrude.
Dia menyuruh Fahmy, Fazly dan Adi Fashla memandang ke belakang dan memberikan nama dua ekor buaya yang sedang mengejar mereka.
"Clue-nya ialah Maharaja Rom,"
"Nero," kata Adi Fashla.
"Dan Brutus," kata Fazly.
"Mereka mahu makan kita," kata Fahmy.
"Let's call Blue Hyppo," kata Fazly.

Dua ekor badak air atau Blue Hyppo muncul (Blue Hyppo ialah badak air yang menjadi maskot portal Internet Blue Hyppo, penaja Malaysian Idol).
Badak air itu mengejar dua ekor buaya dengan pantasnya.
Brutus dan Nero hilang di bawah paras air.
Badak air itu muncul kembali dari bawah paras air dan berenang menuju tebing tempat bot Evinrude mendarat.
Setelah Adi Fashla, Fahmy, Fazly dan QM keluar dari bot dan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Evinrude, badak air itu bertukar menjadi personaliti TV Mahadzir Lokman dan penyanyi dan pelakon Adibah Noor.
Sahri dan Zamil datang bersama Orville dan Wilbur beberapa minit kemudian.
Mereka mengucapkan terima kasih kepada burung itu.
Mahadzir dan Adibah berkata: "Harap U semua terhibur tadi. Jumpa lagi di alam nyata. Jika anda perlukan bantuan sila hubungi portal Blue Hyppo."

QM mengarahkan semua member IF, Amir, Jien, Aleya, Amani dan Aznil berkumpul di luar rumah Elmer Fudd.
Katanya: “Saya akan berikan anda semua perjalanan yang senang sekarang. Tapi awas. Pada hujungya, cabaran dan kejutan bakal muncul.”
QM membawa mereka ke dalam sebuah lagi pintu ajaib, di rumah Elmer. Mereka memasuki dunia Jem dan bandnya, the Holograms, dari kartun 1980 berjudul “Jem”.
Zahid berkata: “Saya akan panggil Joe Lee, peminat Jem dari The Malay Mail.”
QM bertanya kepada member IF: “Apakah nama sebenar Jem? Siapakah musuhnya?”
Joe muncul dan memberikan jawapan yang betul. Katanya: “Nama sebenar Jem ialah Jerrica. Musuhnya ialah band The Misfits.”
Jem dan bandnya mengucapkan tahniah kepada member IF dan memeluk Joe dan Zahid.

Member IF memasuki sebuah lagi bilik.
Batfink, kelawar dalam bentuk agen khas, muncul dan berkata: “Apakah fungsi sayapku?”
Vince dan Jac mendapat satu idea yang bagus.
Vince berkata: “Mari kita call beberapa orang Idol dari luar negara.”
“Ya, kita perlukan bantuan mereka,” kata Jac.
Khai berkata: “Saya akan call Kak Ani (Noraniza Idris).”
Vince dan Jac menghubungi Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah dan naib juaranya Sylvester Sim, Indonesian Idol Joy Tobing dan naib juaranya Delon Thamrin, British Pop Idol Will Young dan naib juaranya Gareth Gates, dan Australian Idol Guy Sebastian.
Vince berkata kepada Batfink: “Sayapmu bagaikan perisai keluli.”
Beberapa das tembakan terkena sayap keluli Batfink.
“Tunduk!” kata Jac.
Sebaik saja tembakan berakhir, QM berkata: “Maaf tembakan itu berlaku. Ada sesiapa yang cedera?”
Vince berkata: “Saya.”
Member IF yang lain semua OK.
Tangan Vince mendapat cedera ringan dari sebiji peluru. Jac menumbuk bahu Vince dengan lembutnya dan menyembuhkan kecederaan kawannya.

Di bilik seterusnya, member IF berjumpa dengan Milton The Monster, kawan Batfink dari produksi kartun Hal Seeger.
Milton berkata “hi” dan api keluar dari cimni di kepalanya.
QM bertanya: “Milton dicipta oleh 6 titisan bahan ini. Namakannya.”
Kaer menjawab: “Enam titisan minyak hantu.”
“Bagus, Kaer,” kata QM.
Kawan Milton, hantu bernama Heebie muncul. “Greetings,” kata Heebie.
Saipul pengsan, dan Nurul menangkapnya.
Farah membunyikan HPnya. “Breeeeeeeeeep!”
Milton dan Heebie menutup telinga dan terus lari.
Nurul mencucuk tepi perut Saipul dan berkata: “Yang, semua OK sekarang. Mereka tu watak kartun 1960an dan merupakan hantu yang kelakar.”
Jeebie, raksaksa bermata satu menepuk bahu Kaer. “Greetings,” katanya.
“Oh, no!” kata Kaer, sambil pengsan.
Nana menangkap Kaer dan berkata kepada Jeebie: “Mahu minum Soy Talk kah?”
Jeebie meminum botol Soy Talk yang dibawa ke tangan Nana oleh Nemo dari alam nyata.
(Nana adalah pengiklan Soy Talk iaitu susu kacang soya)
“Tolong! Air ini amat panas,” kata Jeebie, sambil berlari ke tandas.
Nana dan Sufiah mencucuk tepi perut Kaer.
“It’s OK, Kaer. Jeebie tak bahaya,” kata Nana.
Kaer berlawak: “Ada satu lagi hantu di depan mataku iaitu Sophie The Black (gelaran yang diberikan kepada Sufiah oleh Kaer).”
Sufiah berkata: “Kaer, bolehkah I cium U?”
“Tolong!” jerit Kaer.

Member IF memasuki dunia Thundercats.
“Hebat,” kata Andrew. “Saya suka kartun ini.”
Si jahat Mum-Ra muncul, dan mengaum macam singa.
QM bertanya: “Mum-Ra, macam mana kita boleh melintasi duniamu?”
Mum-Ra berkata: “Pertama, anda mesti menahan kesejukan. Kedua, menahan kepanasan. Ketiga, aku mesti mencengkam orang yang terkuat di kalangan kamu.”
Edlin, Zarina, Nija dan Liza menyentuh sebuah batu. Mereka menyuruh semua member IF menyentuh batu itu untuk mengekalkan panas badan sewaktu menahan sejuk.
“U memang gadis yang hot,” kata Jien.
Edlin, Zarina, Nija dan Liza mempunyai kuasa untuk memanaskan badan orang lain dengan hanya menyentuh seseorang ataupun dengan menyentuh sebuah batu.
Mum-Ra kemudiannya menghasilkan sebuah bulatan api yang mengelilingi member IF.
Vick, Azizi, Victor, Fitri, Anding, Adi Fashla, Sahri, Zamil, Fazly, Fahmy, Nicole dan Kimberley memberitahu member IF bahawa mereka ada kuasa untuk menghasilkan ais dan salji.
Kumpulan 12 orang yang digelar Group Azizi itu menghasilkan ribut salji.
Mum-Ra berasa marah lalu berkata: “Azizi, aku mahu tangkap kamu. Aku juga mahu tangkap kamu, Vick.”
Vince berkata: “Jangan pergi, Vick dan Azizi.”
Azizi berkata: “Jangan risau. Vick dan saya ada power menjadi singa.”
Mum-Ra mencengkam Vick dan Azizi dengan tangannya. Mereka berdua menjadi singa, dan terus mengaum.
Victor menjadi harimau, dan terus mengaum.
Lion-O dan member Thundercats muncul.
“Jangan risau. Kami akan lawan Mum-Ra,” kata Lion-O.
Lion-O membuka sebuah pintu ajaib dan member IF memasuki pintu itu.

Member IF berjumpa Captain Scarlet, watak boneka ciptaan produser TV British Gerry Anderson.
QM berkata: “Captain Scarlet kebal. Dia juga boleh menenangkan orang yang sedang marah.
“Namakan musuhnya.”
Kaer, yang semacam Captain Scarlet kerana kebolehannya menenangkan Kelly Clarkson dan Diana DeGarmo dengan hanya muncul di depan mata mereka, berkata: “The Mysterons”.
QM berkata: “Syabas, Kaer. Nana, tolong namakan sebuah lagi rancangan TV terbitan Gerry Anderson.”
Nana menelefon Noraniza Idris, dan Kak Ani memberikan jawapannya, iaitu Thunderbirds.

QM membawa member IF kembali ke rumah Elmer.
Elmer muncul dan meminta maaf kepada Adam.
“I’m sorry for shooting U, Sugar Bun Wabbit,” katanya.
Adam memberikan Elmer sebotol air dari alam nyata. Air itu dibawa oleh Nemo ke dalam dunia kartun.
Elmer meminum air itu, dan badannya menjadi merah dan panas.
Bugs Bunny muncul dengan sebaldi air dari dunia kartun. Dia menuangkan air itu ke atas badan Elmer.
“Thanks, Adam,” kata Bugs. “Thank you, Bugs,” kata Adam.
Elmer akhirnya pulih dari panas badannya dan berjabat tangan dengan member IF, Aleya, Amani, Jien, Amir, Aznil dan QM.

QM berkata: “Saya akan hantar anda semua kembali ke alam nyata. Anda mesti melihat ke dalam mataku.”
Nana berkata: “QM, I ada hadiah untuk U. Ini dia Seelan Paul, DJ ERA FM dan kawan karibku.”
Seelan muncul, dan menjadi seekor seal yang menjilat QM.
“Tolong!” kata QM.
Seelan menjadi manusia semula.
“Nasib baik aku tak jadi Navy Seal. Jika saya jadi Navy Seal, kau akan jadi makananku,” kata Seelan.

QM menjadi seekor ular. Dengan matanya, ular itu menghipnosis member IF, Amir, Jien, Aleya, Amani dan Aznil. Mereka semua tertidur.

Di alam nyata, Vince terjaga di bilik Kelly, dengan perutnya di atas katil.
Jac dan Linda terjaga lebih awal dari Vince, dan mengejutkannya dari tidur.
Mereka berdua terkejut kerana telah terpeluk Vince semacam memeluk seekor teddy bear besar malam tadi.
Kelly pula memeluk Linda, dan Fantasia memeluk Jac.
Tidak jauh dari Vince, Mas dan Burn terjaga dari tidur.
Burn berada dalam posisi Vince dan Mas dalam posisi Linda dan Jac.
“Aku sangka aku memeluk teddy bear ataupun Alicia Keys,” kata Jaclyn.
“Aku pula sangka aku memeluk teddy bear atau Celine Dion,” kata Linda.
Vince berkata: “Thanks. Mungkin aku jual terlalu banyak Kotex sehingga U semua ingat saya ni wanita.”
Kelly memuji Vince: “Vincey, U R cool. I’m glad to have known U. U too, Jac. U R simply great.”
Fantasia berkata: “Jac and Vince, U R real Asian heroes.”
Linda berkata: “U will always be Kor Vince and Kak Jac to me.”
Burn berkata kepada Vince: “Saya respect sama lu punya posing, Vince.”
Vince berkata: “No, Burn. Saya respect sama lu punya posing. U ni hero semua ibu tunggal di Malaysia.”
Mas berkata: "Burn ni saya undi sebagai Penyanyi Lelaki Terbaik 2004. Jac pula Penyanyi Wanita Terbaik 2004."

Zahid dan Dina terjaga dalam pelukan Ruben di bilik Ruben.
Justin dan Clay pula terjaga berdekatan dengan Ruben.
Zahid berkata: “Ini betul-betul pesta teddy bear. Saya ni beruang oren. Dina beruang hijau. Ruben beruang coklat.”
Dina berkata: “Saya ni bermimpi memeluk seekor beruang teddy bear berperisa coklat.”
Ruben berkata: “I wish it was me.”
Bob terjaga di bilik yang sama dan terkejut berada dalam pelukan Amir. Amir pula berada dalam pelukan Rosma.
“Oh, my God!” kata Amir.
“Mesra, Amir dan Rosma. Rakan sekampung ma,” kata Bob.
“Amir ni tak mandi lah,” Rosma berkata kepada Amir dan Bob, sambil mencucuk pusat Amir dengan jarinya.

Di bilik Diana, Khai dikejutkan dari tidur oleh Jasmine.
Khai berada dalam posisi Vince manakala Jasmine berada dalam posisi Jac dan Linda.
Nikki dan Diana terjaga dari tidur berdekatan dengan Khai dan Jasmine.
Nikki mendapati bahawa dia telah memeluk Diana malam tadi.
Jasmine berkata: “I thought I was sleeping with Uma Thurman.”
Khai berkata: “I sangka dipeluk oleh Uma.”
Jasmine berkata kepada Khai, sambil memukul tangan Khai dengan lembutnya: “Hey, looks like we R both Uma Thurman fans. I’ll introduce her to U next year. She’s wonderful. She would love to hug U.”
Diana berkata kepada Nikki: “Get off my back, Nicolette.”
Nikki berkata: “No, U get back in, Diana.”
Diana punya tali bikini yang kelihatan di tepi kolar bulat T-shirtnya memasuki T-shirtnya semula.
Adam dikejutkan dari tidur oleh Rydee, dan mereka berada dalam posisi yang sama dengan Khai dan Jasmine.
Rydee berkata kepada Adam: “Yang, kak minta maaf kerana agak strict dengan Adam. Tapi ingat. Kak ni amat sayang sama Adam dan selalu bangga dengan Adam. U macam adikku sendiri.”
Adam berkata: “Maaf jikalau Adam ni kadangkala banyak trouble. Adam tak sengaja buat.”
Rydee berkata: “Darling, it’s OK.”
Rydee memeluk Adam.
Kaer, Nana dan Sufiah terjaga dari tidur.
Sufiah berada dalam posisi Rosma. Nana dalam posisi Amir. Kaer dalam posisi Bob.
Nana melap pipi Kaer dengan tisunya.
“Maaf, yang. Kak punya bibir terkena U punya pipi malam tadi,” kata Nana.
Sufiah berkata: “Eh! Eh! Betulkah itu satu accident?”

Azizi, Vick, Victor, Fitri, Anding, Adi Fashla, Sahri, Zamil, Fazly, Fahmy, Nicole dan Kimberley terjaga di chalet Azizi di Pulau Tioman.
Azizi berkata: “Happy New Year, guys. Mari kita makan saya punya ais krim perisa butterscotch.”
Nicole berkata: “U guys must have had a great encounter with Sophie Dahl in the peach tea.”
Vick berkata: “Yes, that was a real close encounter.”
Anding berkata: “Kawan kita John Tiong dari The Malay Mail baru telefon saya. Dia amat bersyukur kerana terselamat dari tsunami yang melanda Thailand, Indonesia, India dan utara Malaysia.
“Mari kita sama-sama berdoa untuk semua yang mati akibat tsunami dan gempa bumi itu, dan juga untuk mereka yang terselamat.”

Saipul, Nurul, Farah, Atie dan Azza terjaga di bilik Farah.
Saipul berada dalam posisi Vince. Nurul berada dalam posisi Linda. Atie berada dalam posisi Jaclyn. Farah berada dalam posisi Kelly. Azza berada dalam posisi Fantasia.
“Yang, kak amat bangga dengan kitak. U memang berani, Saipul,” kata Nurul kepada Saipul.
Saipul berkata: “Terima kasih kerana banyak membantu Saipul, kak.”
Atie berkata: “U memang bagus, Saipul. Keep it up.”
Farah berkata: “Tengok! Jien, Aleya, Amani dan Aznil dah datang.”
Azza berkata: “Selamat Tahun Baru, semua.”
Jien berkata kepada Farah: “Excuse me, Farah Diana. Could I use your washroom?”
Farah membunyikan HPnya. “Breeeep!”
Aleya dan Amani memberitahu Jien: “Maksudnya, yes.”
Aznil pun mahu menggunakan tandas bersama Jien.
Jien berkata: “Sorry, it’s not Gents now, but Jien’s.”

Andrew terjaga di bilik Edlin.
Duduk berdekatan dengannya ialah Edlin, Zarina, Nija dan Liza.
Edlin berkata: “How are U, Ronan?”
Andrew menjawab: “Gotta slight headache, LeAnn.”
Nija berkata: “Liza, mungkin U banyak memusingkan Roda Impian hingga Andrew jadi pening.”
Liza berkata: “Sebenarnya, Andrew pening sebab U selalu intip dia.”
Zarina berkata: “Gunakan U punya panadol power, LeAnn.”
Edlin menyentuh dahi Andrew. Nija, Liza dan Zarina turut berbuat begitu.
Andrew berkata: “With U folks around, I don’t need Panadol.”
Andrew mendapat panggilan HP dari kakaknya, Michelle, juga seorang penyanyi.
Michelle mengirim salam tahun baru kepada Edlin, Zarina, Nija dan Liza.
Edlin berkata: “Harap Ronan boleh duet “Last Thing On My Mind” dengan saya.”
Andrew berkata: “I’d love to, LeAnn, if I’ve got the time.”

Vanessa Chong menelefon adiknya, Vince.
Pembantunya Daphne Woon turut menelefon Vince.
Vince memberitahu Vanessa dan Daphne bahawa pengalamannya dalam dunia kartun sungguh menyeronokkan.
Vince memberikan HPnya kepada Kelly, atas arahan Vanessa.
Vanessa memberitahu Kelly bahawa semua member IF harus diam untuk seminit sebagai tanda menghormati kesemua orang yang terkorban akibat gempa bumi dan tsunami di Indonesia pada Dec 26, 2004.
Kelly mencadangkan bahawa member IF harus diam untuk seminit lagi sebagai tanda menghormati kesemua orang yang mati akibat perang, kezaliman dan keganasan.
Kelly menelefon John Tiong dan berkata bahawa kesemua member IF amat gembira dan bersyukur kerana John terselamat dari tsunami.
Kelly berkata: “Folks, let’s all observe 2 minutes of silence to mark the coming of the new year.”
Kelly menghubungi semua member IF dan mereka semua bersetuju untuk berdiam selama 2 minit.
Kelly, Fantasia, Jaclyn, Linda, Vince, Mas dan Burn berdiri berjauhan antara satu sama lain di bilik Kelly.
Mereka bertujuh kelihatan segar, sihat dan tenang.
Mereka bertujuh menundukkan kepala dan diam selama 2 minit.
Selepas 2 minit, Kelly berkata: “Folks, let’s all look forward to a kinder and happier 2005. God bless us all.”


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