Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zila To Tie The Knot With Comedian Cham Ahmad Soon

Lovely Zila Seeron was recently engaged to her longtime sweetheart, comedian Cham Ahmad of the Astro TV comedy contest Raja Lawak (Kings of Comedy).

Cham is also a good friend of Nubhan Ahamad.

Two other popular Raja Lawak finalists are reigning champion Nabil Ahmad who is a good friend of Farhan Azizan, and Zizan Razak of Kuala Terengganu, an old friend of Faizal Ramly.

Zila Bertunang Dengan Cham Raja Lawak

Jelitawan manis Zila Seeron baru-baru ini telah bertunang dengan pelawak popular Cham Ahmad dari pertandingan komedi Astro Raja Lawak.

Cham juga adalah kawan baik Nubhan Ahamad.

Dua lagi finalis Raja Lawak yang popular ialah juara bertahan Nabil Ahmad, kawan baik Farhan Azizan, dan Zizan Razak dari Kuala Terengganu, kawan lama Faizal Ramly.