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Novel 3 - Highlander Meets AF And AI

The first novel that brings Akademi Fantasia winners into the Idol Fellowship.


The Idol Fellowship (IF) is a fictitious, informal gathering of American and Malaysian Idols. The top threes of each American Idol (AI) season and the
final 12 of the coming Malaysian Idol (MI) are automatic members.
Likewise with the 12 members of each Akademi Fantasia (AF) season.
Akademi Fantasia is Malaysia’s very own pop talent show. One season has
finished, and the second season is about to see its top winners emerge.
At this moment there are nine members in the IF from the American Idols.
That is three from each season.
There are two members from AF and they are Vince Chong and Khai (Khairul
Nizam) Wahi.
Vince Chong is the number two of the IF, since he is the very first Malaysian Pop
Idol to emerge. He is the champion of AF’s first season.
The IF’s number one is Kelly Clarkson, the attractive champion of AI’s first
season, who is somewhat like a foster sister to Vince in the US.
Khai’s Persian cat, Nemo, is the most important character in the IF, because
it is through this magical, teleporter cat that the Idols meet each other at
different meeting places around the planet.
There are 10 simple rules to follow in the IF, and one of the most important
is nobody gets romantically involved (whether same sex or otherwise) with
fellow Idols.

The novel

Vince Chong and Khai Wahi are anxiously waiting for the winners of the second
season of Akademi Fantasia.
There are seven finalists who will make it into the IF. They are
Zahid Baharuddin, Bob Yusop, Linda Nanuwil, Farah Anuar, Adam Saman, Kaer
Azami and Mas Ghani.
Vince and Khai suffer body aches and nose bleeds each time they meet up with
their fellow Idols, because they are worried that two of the seven, Bob and
Zahid, will challenge Vince as number two of the fellowship.
Vince and Khai once overheard Bob and Zahid joke about knocking Vince off his
position as number two of the Idol Fellowship if they won Akademi Fantasia
season two.
Zahid and Bob both believe that the position of the IF’s president, reserved
for the Americans, and the deputy president, reserved for the Malaysians,
should be challengeable every time a new bunch of winners comes in.
The other five finalists have pledged their support for Vince’s leadership.
Vince believes that the posts of president and deputy president are not
negotiable and should be the preserve of the very first American Idol and
Malaysian Idol (including Akademi Fantasia Idol) respectively.
In his moments of pain and anguish, Vince is comforted and cared for by IF
number one Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia Barrino, who is the reigning American
Both Clarkson and Barrino are Vince’s foster sisters in America.
The beautiful Clarkson bears an uncanny resemblance to Vince’s elder sister
and manager, Vanessa Chong.
Both Clarkson and Barrino tell Vince not to worry about Zahid and Bob,
because they will always stand by Vince.
In his moments of pain and anguish, Khai is comforted and cared for by
his “distant relative” Jasmine Trias, the sweet Filipino-Hawaiian who is the
third placer of the third season of American Idol, and by feisty Mexican
Diana DeGarmo, who is the second placer of the same season.
DeGarmo is the best friend of Khai’s pet cat in America, and she takes care
of Nemo much better than Khai does.
Both Trias and DeGarmo are Khai’s foster sisters in the US.
They assure Khai that they will always be on his side, supporting his best
friend Vince as the deputy president of the IF.
Other members of the IF are Ruben Studdard (AI’s second season’s winner),
Justin Guarini (AI’s first season’s number two), Clay Aiken (AI’s second
season’s number two), Nicole McKibbin (AI’s first season’s number three) and
Kimberley Locke (AI’s second season’s number three).
One night, when Vince and Khai are sleeping in their respective homes, they
have a dream. This dream is also shared by all members of the IF and the
seven AF season two finalists.

Vince’s and Khai’s dream

Khai is a mysterious Polynesian warrior known as the Kahuna. He is sitting on
some boulders by the sea somewhere in the Pacific.
Vince emerges from the sea, Ursula Andress and Halle Berry style, and tells Khai: “Hey! I
know you. We must talk.”
Vince introduces himself as the Briton. He tells Khai that both of them are
members of the community of Immortals.
The time has come for them to vanquish two other Immortals who “want to wreck
havoc on the planet”.
Immortals can only kill each other by beheading.
The two other Immortals, are known as the Balinese (Zahid) and the Pangiran
(Bob). Pangiran is a Bruneian title meaning Prince.
Actually, the Balinese and the Pangiran are not evil, but they think that
Vince is a cruel British colonialist who wants to enslave all people of the
non-British world.
Khai and Vince confront the Balinese on the island of Komodo, and the
Balinese unleashes his pet komodo dragons which spit and badly burn the
Kahuna and the Briton.
Vince thinks of the Mulu Caves, the largest cave complex in the world. He is
teleported there instantly, and meets mighty Keling (Kaer), the ideal Iban
Keling tells Vince that he will help the Briton defeat the baddies.
Khai thinks of the prairies of North America, and ends up there. He meets the
Cherokee Wind Spirit, in the form of attractive Texan Nicole McKibbin.
Kibbin pledges support to Khai in his fight. But she makes him promise that
nobody should be killed.
The Pangiran tracks down Khai, and teleports him to Pontianak, a city in
Indonesian Borneo.
The Pangiran summons his army of Pontianaks who pounce on Khai and try to
suck his blood.
“Santubong. Calling Santubong,” Khai mumbles.
One of the Pontianaks transforms herself into the Princess of Mount
Santubong, and pledges her support for Khai. She is none other than Farah.
Another Pontianak becomes Princess Santubong’s elder sister Princess
Sejinjang, who was once her enemy but has since made peace with Santubong.
She is in the form of Nurul Hamid, Farah’s closest friend in Akademi
Fantasia, who won the eighth place in AF season two.
The Santubong and Sejinjang princesses use their magic to turn the other
Pontianaks into frozen bats.
The Balinese tracks down Vince, and teleports him to the Amazon region.
He unleashes a giant anaconda which proceeds to crush Vince in its death
“Any Amazonians around?” Vince mumbles.
Just then, one of them emerges.
Attractive Kelly Clarkson is the Amazon Queen. She pledges support for Vince.
The Amazon Queen gives Vince the power to melt metal, cause tidal waves, and
shatter the ground.
She also uses her healing touch to heal a nasty stab wound Zahid inflicted on
Vince’s back and abdomen.
Vince proceeds to hunt down the Balinese, and thinks of Africa.
In the heart of Africa, the Balinese stands with his pair of swords. Vince
tells Zahid, “Are you ready?”
Both of them fight it out with their swords, and Vince tries to behead Zahid.
Zahid however, cannot get hurt.
Vince thinks of an African warrior king, the Kabaka. He appears in the form
of Ruben Studdard.
The Kabaka pledges support for Vince, and gives him a sword to fight
“No killing, please,” says the Kabaka.
Khai has tracked down the Bruneian to Egypt. Bob emerges from the sands of
the desert as Imhotep.
Bob causes a sandstorm laced with a plague, to attack Khai.
“Oh, mighty Isis,” says Khai.
Just then, Isis appears, in the form of honey-coloured babe Kimberley Locke.
“I’m with you, Kahuna,” she says. Isis provides Khai with the power of
causing sandstorms and plagues, to attack Bob.
Vince tracks down Zahid to the summit of South East Asia’s highest mountain,
Atop the peak, Zahid roars and threatens Vince, calling him a sacrificial
white chicken of the Dayaks.
Just then, Kadazan fairy Sumandak appears in the form of Linda Nanuwil. She
tells the Balinese: “No foul mouths on the sacred mountain.”
Zahid’s mouth is sealed by Sumandak.
Bob suddenly finds Khai on the Cocos Islands in Australia. He transforms
himself into a giant robber crab.
The crab plans to chop off Khai’s head with its giant claw.
“Flood us, Queen of the South Seas,” Khai says.
Just then, the Javanese Queen of the South Seas emerges. She is in the form
of sweet Jasmine Trias.
“Help me, Nyai Roro Kidul,” says Khai.
“Only if you do not kill anyone,” the queen replies.
The queen uses her magical plaster made from the waves to heal a bloody spear
wound inflicted on Khai’s back and abdomen by Bob.
Khai is given the power of causing tidal waves and the power of freezing the
He proceeds to cause a tidal wave that sweeps Bob the crab down to Antartica.
In Antartica, Bob is frozen. Keling (Kaer) the Iban warrior tracks him down
and proceeds to drill a hole in the ice and bury Bob.
Vince gets lost in a dark forest somewhere in the Philippines. He looks at
the stars, and thinks “Is there any spirit up there?”
Suddenly, the celestial Sulu princess Alitaptap, in the form of Mas Ghani,
“I’m with you, Briton. Take this dust. It blinds,” she says.
The dust is really a million magical fireflies. Alitaptap is also called the
Queen of the Fireflies.
Suddenly, a 10-headed dragon appears. The dragon is none other than the
Balinese, Zahid.
Vince tries to slice off the dragon’s heads, but it is invincible.
Just then, Sulu warrior god Khanlaon emerges, in the form of Adam Saman.
Khanlaon battles the dragon, and slices all of its heads off.
However, the heads re-emerge. Khanlaon summons his pet eagles, and they pluck
out the dragon’s eyes.
He tries to behead the dragon again, unsuccessfully.
"This is not a demon. It's an immortal," he says.
Vince throws the packet he received from Alitaptap at the dragon’s head.
The fireflies swarm out and cover the dragon. The dragon catches fire and
vanishes without a trace.
Bob leaps out of his prison in Antartica and picks Khai up from China’s
Yangzi River. He flings Khai up to the sun.
Along the way, Khai thinks of Jimi Hendrix.
The Roman sun god Apollo emerges, in the form of Justin Guarini.
“Brave Maori, I am with you. You have fire in your belly, and I’ll give you
extra power,” Apollo says.
Vince is now in the forests of England. He has tracked Zahid down to Britain.
Zahid fires a golden arrow and it hits Vince.
Vince falls and faints. “Is this Merlin’s forest?” he mumbles.
Just then, Merlin appears in the form of Clay Aiken.
“These arrows do not kill, but they stun you for a while. Dodge them with my
power of turning invisible,” he says.
Khai tracks Bob down to the Greek islands. Bob transforms himself into the
Kraken, the sea beast.
The Kraken flings Khai across the Mediterranean into the Bermuda Triangle.
“I’m lost,” Khai says.
“No, you are not. You are only lost if you think you are,” says a stranger.
The stranger turns out to be Diana, the Greek spirit of the moon and the
hunt. She comes in the form of, who else, Diana DeGarmo.
“Listen, Kahuna. Within you is the power to change lives. You can control the
emotions of your enemy. Use this power and do not kill.”
Diana sends forth the celestial cat, Nemo, to assist Khai. Nemo has the power
of seeing evil in every corner of the planet.
Vince tracks Zahid down to Mauritius, a peaceful island in the Indian Ocean.
“I hope he is himself and not any other creature,” he says.
Zahid emerges as a giant crocodile from a river.
The crocodile swings Vince into the sky with its tail. Vince catches hold of
a cliff, and uses his melting powers to melt the crocodile’s teeth.
But the crocodile sees its teeth grow again.
“Is Gaia around in Africa?” says Vince.
Gaia, the African earth spirit, appears in the form of Fantasia Barrino.
“Briton, we are like ebony and ivory. Proceed with your new found strength,”
Gaia says.
Vince goes on to stun the crocodile with deadly poison from the palms of his
After a while, the crocodile emerges from its sleep, and tries to attack
Vince again.
The Kabaka (Ruben), Gaia (Fantasia) and the Amazon Queen (Kelly) emerge. They
tell Vince that the greatest power is forgiveness.
Vince tells the crocodile, “You are part of me and I forgive you. If you
insist on becoming the one Immortal, you will lose your immortality.”
Zahid transforms back into the Balinese. He says, “Forgive me, brother. I am
with you. This is our planet.”
Khai tracks Bob down into the centre of the Earth. It is a very fiery place.
Khai is now using Nemo to find his way around.
Bob emerges as a fiery demon. Khai says: “Freeze!”
Bob is frozen, again.
But Khai sees his body deteriorating. “I’m melting down here,” he says.
The spirits who helped him, namely moon spirit Diana (DeGarmo), Javanese
Queen of the South Seas (Trias), Cherokee Wind Spirit (Kibbin), Isis (Locke),
Apollo (Guarini), and Merlin (Aiken) appear before him.
They tell him that the only way to defeat the enemy is to save him.
“His heart knows no goodness. You can only vanquish him by being kind to
him,” says Locke.
Khai says: “Come back to our world, Bob. I forgive you.”
He proceeds to pull Bob in a block of ice back to Sarawak.

Peace at last
Vince and Khai shake hands with Zahid and Bob inside the majestic Mulu Caves.
The Malaysian spirits, Keling (Kaer), Princess Santubong (Farah), Princess
Sejinjang (Nurul), Khanlaon (Adam), Alitaptap (Mas), and Sumandak (Linda)
surround them.
Zahid and Bob pledge loyalty to Vince as the lord of all Immortals.


Cerpen Ketiga - Highlander Berjumpa IF Dalam Dunia Fantasi

Idol Fellowship (IF) atau Kekawan Idola adalah persatuan informal pemenang
AF, AI dan MI.
Pemenang pertama, kedua dan ketiga AF, AI dan MI akan menjadi ahli secara
Kini ada 2 ahli AF dalam IF iaitu Vince dan Khai. Ada 9 ahli AI dalam IF (3
untuk setiap musim).

Vince adalah timbalan presiden IF, manakala Kelly Clarkson adalah
Kelly merupakan kakak angkat Vince sewaktu berada di US, dan kebetulannya,
kakak Vince sendiri iaitu Vanessa, ada sedikit persamaan wajah dengan
Kucing Persian Khai, iaitu Nemo, mempunyai kuasa sakti.
Jikalau ahli IF membelai Nemo, Nemo boleh membawa ahli IF ke semua destinasi
impian mereka.
Semua ahli IF kena berkelakuan baik, dan tidak boleh bercinta dengan ahli
yang lain.

Vince dan Khai sibuk menunggu pemenang AF2. Ada 7 finalis AF2 iaitu Zahid
Baharuddin, Bob Usop, Linda Nanuwil, Farah Anuar, Adam Saman, Kaer Azami dan
Mas Ghani.
Vince dan Khai kerap berasa sakit serta mengalami pendarahan hidung sewaktu
menunggu 3 pemenang AF2.
Mereka khuatir jikalau Zahid atau Bob menjadi juara, kedudukan Vince sebagai
TP IF akan dicabar.
Vince dan Khai pernah terdengar Zahid dan Bob berkata secara lawak bahawa
jikalau menang AF2, mereka akan merebut jawatan TP IF.
Zahid dan Bob berpendapat jawatan Presiden dan TP IF harus dipertandingkan.
Vince dan Khai pula berpendapat jawatan Presiden dan TP adalah hak pemenang
AI1 dan pemenang AF1.
Finalis yang lain menyokong Vince.
Ketika sakit teruk, Vince dijaga oleh Kelly dan Fantasia, dua kakak angkatnya.
Ketika sakit teruk, Khai dijaga oleh Jasmine dan Diana, dua kakak angkatnya.
Kelly dan Fantasia memberitahu Vince bahawa mereka akan sentiasa
menyokongnya dan Vince tak seharusnya takuti kemenangan Bob atau
Jasmine dan Diana memberitahu Khai bahawa kemenangan Bob atau Zahid tidak
akan menjadi masalah sebab semua ahli IF yang lain menyokong Vince sebagai
Pada suatu malam, sebelum keputusan AF2 diumumkan, Vince dan Khai bermimpi
bersama dengan semua ahli IF dan 7 finalis AF2.
Inilah mimpi mereka.

Khai adalah seorang wira misteri Polynesia bergelar Kahuna. Dia sedang duduk
di atas sebuah batu besar di sebuah pulau di Lautan Pasifik.
Vince muncul dari laut semacam Ursula Andress dan Halle Berry, serta berkata
kepada Khai: “Hey! I know you. Kita kena berbincang.”
Vince adalah wira misteri dari Britain bergelar The Briton. Dia memberitahu
Khai bahawa mereka berdua adalah Immortal.
Mereka kena bersatu untuk melawan dua lagi Immortal yang dikatakan
Seorang Immortal tak akan mati melainkan dipancung kepalanya oleh Immortal
Dua orang Immortal yang sedang dicari oleh Vince dan Khai adalah The
Balinese (Zahid) dan The Pengiran (Bob).
Sebenarnya, Zahid dan Bob adalah orang yang baik hati. Tetapi mereka ingat
Vince adalah penjajah British yang zalim, yang harus dihapuskan.
Khai dan Vince bertemu Zahid di Pulau Komodo.
Zahid melepaskan beberapa cicak naga Komodo dari kurungan. Cicak komodo itu
meludah ke arah Vince dan Khai.
Ludah cicak yang berbisa itu membakar kulit Vince dan Khai. Mereka berdua
terus pengsan.
Vince bermimpi pasal Gua Mulu. Dia dengan serta-merta muncul di gua tersebut
dan berjumpa dengan Keling (Kaer), dewa pahlawan Iban.
Kaer memberi sokongan kepada Vince.
Khai pula bermimpi pasal Prairie dan Pergunungan Rocky di US.
Dia muncul di Pergunungan Rocky dan bertemu dengan Dewi Angin Kaum Cherokee
(Nicole Kibbin).
Nicole memberikan kuasa angin kepada Khai dengan syarat Khai tidak boleh
membunuh sesiapa.
Bob menjumpai Khai dan membawanya ke Pontianak, Kalimantan.
Di sana, Bob mengarahkan askarnya iaitu pontianak-pontianak untuk menyerang
dan menghisap darah Khai.
Khai berkata: “Hello, Santubong.”
Tiba-tiba, dua pontianak bertukar menjadi Puteri Santubong (Farah) dan
kakaknya Puteri Sejinjang (Nurul Hamid pemenang tempat kelapan AF2).
Dahulunya Sejinjang dan Santubong bermusuhan tetapi kini telah berbaik
Santubong dan Sejinjang menggunakan kuasa sakti mereka untuk menukarkan
pontianak yang lain menjadi keluang yang dibekukan ais.
Zahid menjumpai Vince dan membawanya ke lembangan Amazon di Brazil.
Di sana Zahid menjadi ular anaconda besar yang mengikat badan Vince kuat-
“Tolong!” teriak Vince.
Tiba-tiba, Dewi Kaum Bumiputera Amazon (Kelly Clarkson) muncul dan
menggunakan rantai boomerang saktinya untuk memukul kepala Zahid sampai
Kelly memberikan Vince kuasa untuk meleburkan logam, menghasilkan ombak, dan
memecahkan batu.
Dia juga menggunakan kuasa sentuhannya untuk menyembuhkan luka di abdomen
Vince akibat tikaman pedang Zahid.
Vince seterusnya pergi ke Afrika untuk berlawan pedang dengan Zahid.
Zahid muncul dengan dua bilah pedang. Vince berkata: “Anda sudah
Ketika berlawan pedang, Vince cuba memancung kepala Zahid tetapi Zahid betul-
betul “invincible”.
Vince memanggil Kabaka, dewa pahlawan Afrika, untuk bantuan. Kabaka muncul
sebagai Ruben Studdard.
Ruben memberikan Vince sebilah pedang sakti untuk melawan Zahid, dengan
syarat pedang itu tidak boleh digunakan untuk membunuh sesiapa.
Khai mengesan Bob di Mesir. Bob menjelma sebagai Imhotep atau The Mummy.
Bob menghasilkan ribut pasir berserta penyakit serius untuk melemahkan Khai.
Khai berteriak: “Tolong aku, Isis!”.
Isis (Kimberley Locke) muncul dan memberikan Khai kuasa yang sama dengan
Serangan Bob berjaya ditangkis oleh Khai.
Vince menjumpai Zahid di puncak Gunung Kinabalu.
Zahid menyindir Vince, dan mengatakan bahawa Vince adalah semacam ayam putih
yang dikorbankan oleh kaum bumiputera Sabah.
Penjaga gunung iaitu Sumandak (Linda) muncul dan menegur Zahid kerana
bercakap kasar.
Linda menggunakan kuasa saktinya untuk memplaster mulut Zahid.
Bob menjumpai Khai di Pulau Cocos, Australia. Bob menjelma sebagai ketam
gergasi atau “robber crab”.
Bob cuba memancung kepala Khai dengan kepitnya.
Khai berkata: “Tolong aku, Nyai Roro Kidul, Ratu Jawa Lautan Selatan!”
Nyai Roro Kidul muncul sebagai Jasmine Trias. Jasmine menggunakan rantai
saktinya untuk memukul kepala Bob sampai pengsan.
Jasmine kemudiannya menggunakan plaster saktinya yang diperbuat daripada
ombak laut untuk membalut dan menyembuhkan luka di abdomen Khai akibat
tikaman tombak Bob.
Khai diberikan kuasa untuk menghasilkan ombak dan membekukan musuhnya,
dengan syarat iaitu musuhnya tidak boleh dibunuh.
Khai seterusnya menghasilkan ombak kuat yang menghanyutkan Bob ke Antartika.
Di sana, Kaer (Keling) menggerudi sebuah lubang besar di dalam ais dan
memenjarakan Bob.
Vince hilang di sebuah hutan tebal di Filipina. Dia memandang ke arah
bintang-bintang di langit dan berkata: “Adakah sesiapa berada di sini?”
Tiba-tiba, Puteri Alitaptap, dewi bintang dan kelip-kelip dalam mitos Bajau,
Sulu dan Filipina (Mas) muncul.
Mas berkata: “Mas beri Vince pekej ini. Ia boleh menakutkan
Pekej itu mengandungi sejuta ekor kelip-kelip sakti.
Zahid muncul kembali sebagai seekor naga berkepala 10.
Vince cuba memancung kepala naga itu tetapi naga itu tidak dapat dicederakan.
Dewa Kanloan, iaitu dewa pemusnah raksaksa dalam mitos Bajau, Sulu dan
Filipina (Adam), muncul untuk berlawan dengan Zahid.
Adam memanggil seratus ekor helang emas untuk mematuk mata Zahid. Setelah
naga itu dibutakan oleh sang helang, Adam memancung kepala Zahid.
Tetapi kepala Zahid tumbuh semula dengan cepatnya.
“Ini bukan raksaksa. Ini Immortal,” kata Adam.
Vince membaling pekejnya ke arah kepala Zahid. Kelip-kelip itu menyerang
badan Zahid. Zahid terbakar dan terus ghaib.
Bob menyerbu keluar dari penjaranya di Antartika dan mengangkat Khai keluar
dari Sungai Yangzi di China.
Khai dibaling ke arah matahari.
Ketika di udara, Khai membayangkan Jimi Hendrix di depan matanya.
Tiba-tiba, Apollo iaitu dewa matahari dalam mitos Rom, muncul sebagai Justin
Justin berkata: “Khai, kamu sungguh gagah perkasa. Aku akan
menambahkan kuasa pemusnah di tanganmu.”
Vince muncul di sebuah hutan tebal di Britain. Zahid dengan tiba-tiba
memanah Vince dengan anak panah emasnya. Vince terus pengsan.
Setelah sedar, Vince berkata: “Ini tempat Merlinkah?”
Merlin (Clay Aiken) muncul di depan mata Vince.
Clay berkata: “Anak panah ini berbisa tetapi Immortal tak boleh
dicederakan olehnya. Saya akan memberi Vince kuasa untuk menjadi orang halimunan,
seperti lagu saya Invisible.”
Khai mengesan Bob di kawasan kepulauan Greece. Bob dengan tiba-tiba muncul
sebagai raksaksa laut iaitu Kraken.
Bob membaling Khai dari Laut Mediterranean ke Lautan Atlantik. Khai
seterusnya hilang dalam Segitiga Bermuda.
Khai berkata: “Khai dah hilang rupanya!”
Diana (DeGarmo), dewi bulan dalam mitos Greek muncul di depan Khai.
Dia berkata: “Khai tak akan hilang kecuali berfikiran negatif.
Terimalah kuasa yang paling power ini, iaitu kuasa untuk menukar yang jahat kepada
yang baik.”
Diana memberikan kucing sakti, Nemo, kepada Khai. Nemo boleh membantu Khai
mengesan Bob.
Vince mengesan Zahid di Pulau Mauritius yang aman damai.
“Harap-harap dia takkan jadi monster,” kata Vince.
Zahid muncul sebagai seekor buaya besar di dalam sungai.
Buaya itu melontarkan Vince ke langit dengan ekornya.
Vince sempat menangkap tepi sebuah bukit berbatu, dan seterusnya menggunakan
kuasanya untuk meleburkan gigi Zahid.
“Tolong aku, dewi Gaia!” teriak Vince.
Gaia, dewi bumi dalam mitos Afrika (Fantasia Barrino) muncul di depan mata
Fantasia berkata: “Kita kan kawan karib, Vince. Terimalah kuasa ini
sebagai hadiah dariku.”
Dengan kuasanya yang baru, Vince menggunakan taktik Spider-Man untuk
menembak Zahid dengan racun yang keluar dari tapak tangannya.
Tetapi Zahid bangun dari tidurnya dengan cepat, dan menerkam ke arah Vince.
Ruben, Kelly dan Fantasia memberitahu Vince bahawa Zahid hanya boleh
dikalahkan dengan pengampunan.
Vince memberitahu Zahid: “Saudaraku, aku sudah bosan dengan pergaduhan
kecil macam ini. Maafkan aku, lebih baik kita bersatu. Jika kau mahu menjadi
Immortal yang satu, kau akan menjadi manusia biasa macam orang lain.”
Zahid bertukar menjadi manusia semula dan berkata: “Maafkan aku,
Kita adalah saudara sedarah.”
Khai menjumpai Bob di pusat bumi yang penuh dengan api, logam panas dan
Bob menjelma sebagai seekor raksaksa. Khai berkata: “Freeze!” dan
membekukan Bob.
Khai dengan tiba-tiba menjadi lemah dan sesak nafas. Dia berkata: “Tolong!”.
Diana, Jasmine, Nicole, Kimberley, Justin, dan Clay muncul di depannya.
Kimberley memberitahu Khai bahawa Bob perlu dimaafkan oleh Khai, jika Khai
mahu selamat.
“Khai kena tunjukkan kepada Bob yang Khai adalah seorang Immortal yang
baik hati dan penyayang,” kata Kimberley.
Khai pun memberitahu Bob: “Bob, maafkan aku. Khai akan bawa Bob pulang
ke Sarawak.”
Pada keesokan harinya di Gua Mulu, Vince dan Khai berjabat tangan dengan
Zahid dan Bob sambil diperhatikan oleh Kaer, Farah, Nurul, Linda, Adam dan
Zahid dan Bob mengaku taat setia kepada Vince yang menjadi ketua segala


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